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26/Jun/19 8:23 am     #13801  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Dazza - My sentiments all the way. Me and the Bros gave it a crack way back in 2007. While the whole experience was awesome the ride/race was not a lot of fun. I'm glad I got the chance to do it once and tick the box but I wouldn't contemplate it again.
26/Jun/19 8:00 am     #13800  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Great report Darren and humble as always, congratulations to both you and Inver on a tough ride.
25/Jun/19 8:52 pm     #13799  
87 rides: B2: Partner in crime
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25/Jun/19 8:27 pm     #13798  
91 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Cheers for the heads up Colin Iím all about following partner in crime (junior) how ever is a serial rule breaker an I better ride beside him to make sure he toes the line

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25/Jun/19 8:20 pm     #13797  
102 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Finke 2019

Any year that you get to do the Finke you know that you're going to be in for one tough ride.
This year's was no exception... with hardly any rain since last year's Finke and the track copping an absolute flogging with bikes pre running, this year the track was certainly rough. Inver might be able to back me up on this one, and I'm sure he has his take on this year's Finke.
Generally the first 40kms of the track isn't too bad, not so this year. A lot more square edged bumps and just overall rough. With no rain, and the wind not blowing the dust across the track, the middle section was shocking for dust, on the race day's it was so hard to see and pass and get stuck behind a quad and you start to question yourself why are you doing this race again .... and if it wasn't bad enough dealing with the competitors dust you then had to deal with the 4WD's driving along the service road sending even more dust onto the track.
The 160km mark was no different with the biggest whooped sections and they graded a new section in which I thought was pretty good with whoops that you could get through at a descent pace and fast open sections where I could open up the 500.
Camping at the Finke was better this year, as the guys that were looking after us, picking a better spot and it had a lot less prickles. The boys did an awesome job of setting up camp, cooking our food and supplying a hot shower and fuelling our bike while us riders sat back resting and having a drink talking about the days ride and who made it in and who didn't.
In the group, myself and Inver were with I think out of about 25 riders only about 10 finished with the rest not making it due to broken legs, ribs, smashed teeth, running off the track and hitting trees and bike failure.
This year crossing the finishing line for me was more of a sense of relief than accomplishment like last year. With the way the track was and the dust and the risk verses reward thing, I'm pretty much done with the Finke. I'm glad I did it again, and I accomplished what I set out to do and that was to better my times from last year, but will go out and try other desert races and events.
Best part about the Finke Desert Race was spending time with the family and friends and travelling to and from Alice Springs and seeing a bit more of this wonderful country we live in. Also being able to do this race with Inver and spend time with his parents and father-in-law, lots of fun to be around and offered a lot of support, hope to catch up with them at the next desert race. Inver did an awesome job as well with finishing the race and collecting another Finke Survivor spike. Lots of riders turn up year after year to ride the Finke and don't finish, so for us to walk away with another Finke spike is awesome.
Thanks again to Inver for doing the Finke with me this year and his family Colin, Thelma and Noel and mine, Marisa and Dylan and my mate Glin and wife Vanessa thank you so much for all your support and fantastic 2019 Finke race and holiday.

Thanks again, to all the Crusties that posted support and the txt msg and phone calls for us both, Cheers
25/Jun/19 6:11 pm     #13796  
102 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Well done Tommy on your 250th ride
Awesome effort :)
25/Jun/19 1:03 pm     #13795  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Hooters - Please be aware. There are new rules for this years Capel and passing is not allowed!!!
22/Jun/19 8:14 pm     #13794  
76 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
Iím booked for Capel
Camping Friday night

Also donít forget quindanning night day enduro on 20th July
Who wants to ride , Iíll be riding the trail class
Done it the last couple of years awesome event
Lots of km with no transport sections

Hoping to make wobbles campout (havenít asked / told the misses yet)
22/Jun/19 5:23 am     #13793  
91 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Hope youíre all resting up for Capel ;)
19/Jun/19 7:02 pm     #13792  
79 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Wobbles it sounds good so count me in for Balingup

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19/Jun/19 3:56 pm     #13791  
198 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
Go on, I'll wait 'till me knee heals some more.

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19/Jun/19 4:35 am     #13790  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Wobbles Iím looking good for the camp out at your farm.
18/Jun/19 9:47 am     #13789  
4 rides: Player
WOBBLES's Avatar
They don't have wool so you might have a struggle on your hands Hooters...
But I'm sure being a kiwi you know the tricks.
18/Jun/19 8:59 am     #13788  
91 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
I'm in wobbles do I get some alone time with the lamb before you cook it...Ö.
17/Jun/19 9:01 pm     #13787  
120 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Tommy,Sorry i missed the big 250.Congratulations.
17/Jun/19 7:51 pm     #13786  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Wobbles mate I am returning to work in the Pilbara tomorrow and as soon as I find out if I can get that week off on holidays for your farm camp out I will let you know. I will give a heads up or down before the end of the week, fingers crossed I will be there.
17/Jun/19 7:03 pm     #13785  
4 rides: Player
WOBBLES's Avatar
So camp out discussed over weekend and I'm locking in 27th/28th of July at my farm in Balingup...
Myself and Pete450 are going to do a ride before hand to see where and how extreme we want it..
So pending on riding ability and numbers who camp...
I have 16 by 8m old shed unpowered which is good enough to keep out of weather..I'll sort a big bonfire and will do lamb either as roasts or stew style..could try cooking underground for kiwis..Hooters...
Ride out my driveway about 400m into bush...
So stay tuned and if I can have approx numbers to plan ,that would be awesome...
Either way it will be an awesome camp and ride...
Will keep posting details as we get closer
17/Jun/19 6:50 pm     #13784  
4 rides: Player
WOBBLES's Avatar
Well out of retirement and straight into Nannup country,what an awesome day with Pete450,Hooters,coger and Dave leading into new territory for me and will not forget this tracks,rocks,hills,mud,logs,roots,the Erzberg of wa I reckon...
Riding with top blokes and having fun as always...
By the end of it a am battered and sore but worth every come off...
Perfect conditions with abit of drizzle but off with the goggles and sorted..

Cheers fellas
17/Jun/19 11:12 am     #13783  
9 rides: Regular
Jed77's Avatar
First ride with the Crustys in almost a year and what a cracker!
Perfect conditions and had a mix of everything, big thanks to Mickkal for the lead and super sweep Jack
Great crew and great trails, awesome day!
Thumbs up :)
17/Jun/19 10:40 am     #13782  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Well done Tommy - 250 rides - That's a lot of tyres, chains and sprockets, fuel, beer and sore muscles.
17/Jun/19 9:13 am     #13781  
40 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
Yeah was great day out nannup,about as slippery as it gets but good fun.Thanks everyone for coming along,itís a big effort coming down this way so Iím glad you enjoyed. See you all on the next one.
17/Jun/19 7:56 am     #13780  
79 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Good job on the report JNR and well done Tommy.
17/Jun/19 7:29 am     #13779  
29 rides: White Van Man
2slow's Avatar
Pounce, Jed is Jed77.
17/Jun/19 7:21 am     #13778  
198 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
Tige has done his magic again.

The site wouldn't let me add the report properly because Tommy broke it by getting to 250 rides. It was never envisioned anyone would get that many, big Kudos to you Tommy.

Also Tige fixed the problem of bike choice showing up in your profile. If your bike is missing, post up & it can be added to the list.
16/Jun/19 10:12 pm     #13777  
29 rides: White Van Man
2slow's Avatar
Thanks Pete450 for leading an awesome ride today with Hooters, Cogers, Wobbles and myself along for the ride. Nannup is always worth the drive and was near perfect today, hills, single, rocks, clay, mud, loam and a good crew to ride with FANTASTIC.
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