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07/Jul/22 3:29 pm     #16834  
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im in too.
07/Jul/22 10:28 am     #16833  
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Hoofhearted's Avatar
Count me in for the Woky ride, I havent rode this area with you crusties but I do have some tracks east of Woky in the hills, so can help with open/single tracks and leading where required.
07/Jul/22 8:33 am     #16832  
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You're welcome to come Gareth as long as you get thoroughly pissed & start blasting teenager music again at 2am.
07/Jul/22 7:53 am     #16831  
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Gareth's Avatar
Im in for woky
If you need a hand to scope out some tracks
I live in collie now
06/Jul/22 8:46 pm     #16830  
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Hooters's Avatar
Camping sounds good
06/Jul/22 12:54 pm     #16829  
313 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Bad luck Dazz hope you heal up soon mate
06/Jul/22 9:43 am     #16828  
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Slates's Avatar
I'm in for the Woky camp out. Thanks Pounce & husky mike
05/Jul/22 9:45 pm     #16827  
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Hi Guys wish i could make to the Woky ride but unfortunately not able to.
HM there are new tracks out there as i was starting to piece them together before i left, all i can say is that they are out in the far back left hand corner and one of the tracks ends up crossing over Mornington rd.
You could try heading towards Collie on Mornington Rd and start taking tracks to your right after the bridge and it would be process of elimination. Would be a few weekends involved putting it all together as you would know as lots of gravel roads out that way.
Been setting myself some new goals up here and ernt myself a RFD plane flight the other weekend after having a big get off, still for an older guy i still bounce pretty well and no broken bones, just a very sore head and bruising down LHD side of body, Docs where concerned about my head and kidneys/spleen hence the plane flight to Port headland hospital as they have the gear for scans, but moving ok now and not to long before being back on the bike. I will be sticking to the more technical rides going up and down the ranges for a bit. Have cut in a really good 30km so far with a couple of other guys hopefully get some footage. For those that love the harder stuff you wouldn't be disappointed :)
Anyway have a good one guys and hopefully see you on the tracks later on in the year
05/Jul/22 7:19 pm     #16826  
147 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
For Wokky ride: Time permitting, lets try and find some new stuff or at least old stuff not ridden for a while.
05/Jul/22 6:52 pm     #16825  
313 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
I'm in for the campout at Woky
05/Jul/22 6:32 pm     #16824  
113 rides: Two Stroke Todd
KatoTodd's Avatar
Woky sounds good
05/Jul/22 4:36 pm     #16823  
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Bunga's Avatar
Iím in for Woky, cheers Pounce and Mike.
05/Jul/22 11:37 am     #16822  
237 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Woky overnight camp at usual camping spot.

August 19th-20th.

Friday night night ride.
Saturday day ride.
Sunday morning ride.

Chatting to Mike, we can lead bits of it but others may need to help.

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05/Jul/22 8:16 am     #16821  
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Ride Report
25th June 2022 - Capel 200
Riders: Jason, HuskyDan, Gareth

Unfortunately no camping this year due to work commitments so drove down early Saturday AM.
We were welcomed by absolutely perfect riding weather.
A full field this year with entries closed weeks out from the event, just ask Slates! :-)
As we were getting ready in the pits we bumped into Gareth who had a mate riding for the first time.
The 80km course was a great mix of old and new tracks with the highlight the track around and through the pine forrest. Unfortunately I learnt early in the ride I should have made time to get to Tyres for Bikes that week as the rear on my bike was more like a motard tyre so really couldn't push as hard as I would have liked. Probably a good thing!
For the first time there was a massive vintage bike show on the ground which made getting out a bit of a task and there were cars and bikes everywhere.
All in all another great Capel event.

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04/Jul/22 9:39 pm     #16820  
91 rides: Jack of all bikes
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Finke Spectator Ride to Alice
Players: Pounce, Tommy, Husq Mike, Jacko, Collin, Martin, Biggsy and Jack

Are you tough enough to race the Finke ?
Maybe yes or maybe no, until you see it first hand you will never know ! So we, a group of 8 rode to Finke and back in 15 days. Traversed 6900km across the Great Central Road and detoured on the return leg via the Gun Barrel Hwy

Day 1, Hyden was the meeting point where we all came together. 1x KTM 690, x4 Suzukiís and x3 Husky701ís. All prepared and loaded for remote travel and camping.

Day2, Adventure came to us quickly, we had rain, abandoned the bike trailer, shared a beer in a pub with a horse and over indulged in booze by the camp fire.

Day 3, Brought us more challenges with the 701ís rolling into Tjukayirla Roadhouse on fumes. Opel fuel from BP @ Laverton reduced our range by 30%. Roadhouse was already closed by 2pm on this public holiday . Fortunately for a small fee we coaxed the owner to open the bowser and fill us up. $480 later 8 bikes continued on their journey.

Day 4 - Onwards, We lost track of time and just rode, camped, talked bullshit around the campfire and had a fat time until we made it to Alice Springs. Jackoís bike was particularly happy to get to Alice for some urgently needed TLC.

At Alice we rested up and got into the spirit of the Finke race by attending the Street Party, Machine Examinations and Prologue.

Day 8, we packed our bikes, stocked up on food, booze and headed out to the 40km mark to camp and watch the Finke Race.

Day 9 and 10 was spent on the track watching the cars and bikes blast at full throttle to Finke and back. This was when most of us had the realisation of just how crazy you have to be to race a bike on this track.

Day 11, was the death of Mikes bike due to electrical dramaís. After limping into Curtin Springs just at the right time an opportunity presented itself to load his bike onto a truck heading back to Perth and avoid any further delays through track side repairs. So decision was made by Mike to call it quits, load the bike onto the truck and fly himself the long way back to Perth via Melbourne.

The rest of us were now focused on making up for some lost time and pushed hard to Warburton.

Day 12, We made it to Warburton at lunchtime, fuelled up with +30 litres each to tackle the Gun Barrel Hwy and head out into the unknown via Heather Hwy.

The remoteness and vast emptiness come upon us quickly as soon as we pointed our noses heading North on the Heather Hwy. Pushing hard through the sand and corrugation into the late afternoon we made it to the Gun Barrel Hwy and set up camp for the night. It ainít a Highway but an overgrown twin track.

Day 13, Exhausted from the previous days ride the focus was on 450km that lay ahead of us to Carnegie Homestead. Each rider rode at his chosen pace, some pushing hard and others taking their time to smell the spinifex and embrace the remoteness. All in all, we made it safely to the homestead by 2pm with zero dramaís.

Day14, Was the beginning of a two day Cannonball Run back to Perth. The gravel roads were spectacular and fast flowing so the focus was on munching through the miles with some riding into the night to get that little bit closer to home.

Day15, We all made it home

Big thanks to Pounce for thinking up this ride, planning it and leading us on a great adventure So many great memories and stories shared around the campfire

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04/Jul/22 8:51 am     #16819  
91 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Hey Gareth,
Donít forget to mention me on your report.
No report = No ride point 😉
04/Jul/22 8:35 am     #16818  
237 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
I can't see you Capel report Gareth?
03/Jul/22 8:34 pm     #16817  
50 rides: Fluro Legend
Gareth's Avatar
Hi Pounce im up for the woky ride
I see no mention of capel crustys ?
03/Jul/22 3:39 pm     #16816  
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Bunga's Avatar
Probably easier to give you available dates I can attend Woky
August 12/13, 19/20, 26/27
03/Jul/22 2:38 pm     #16815  
237 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Woky overnighter is being planned, what dates AREN'T you available.
03/Jul/22 1:41 pm     #16814  
113 rides: Two Stroke Todd
KatoTodd's Avatar
Another great ride lead by Mick,, excellent mix of tracks,, good to see those 690s being thrown around,,nice report Jack,, great day out,,had a ball,,cheers
PS,,,no 450,, this is 500 country ;-)

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03/Jul/22 1:38 pm     #16813  
237 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Mick led a good bike specific ride yesterday with just enough single & hills to keep the 690 guys in their place, even though they still showed us all how it's done.
Make sure you plug everything back in when you pull your bike apart the night before a ride
Todd on a 500 4 stroke proved that 2 strokes aren't the kings of the hills.
We all hit that log across the road at speed on the final run home.
Thanks to all for a good fast ride with nay dramas, the way it should be.

Easiest ride report I ever had to write, thanks Jack.

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03/Jul/22 11:35 am     #16812  
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Slates's Avatar
Sorry Jack, forgot to mention your brilliant ride report!! Good stuff.
03/Jul/22 9:52 am     #16811  
29 rides: Diehard
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Thanks Mick for putting on a great ride & leading yesterday, he was ably assisted by Hamish who executed a polished ride as sweep. I keep repeating myself every post but the rides put on by the Crusty Boys are second to none! It was great to see some old mugs and some new faces out yesterday and considering we had 11 starters it looks like it's good for the future for the CQs. Name and shame.......yep it was me who started the camel train carnage on Pig Shooters Hill, shout out to Franky for getting me out of there. As Jed mentioned to me I was picking lines like a blind coke addict, I need some practice there. Great ride by Todd on the 500 to snatch the ROTD award, special mention to Shaun & Mitch on the 690s, man, those dudes have some skills. Overall a top day with a great bunch of blokes and we finished up with a couple of sherbets outside the pub with no beer!

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03/Jul/22 8:20 am     #16810  
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Thanks for the report Jack and also to Hamish for being the trusty sweep. Todd was king of the hills, and was the only one that smashed both of the major hills for the day. Perfect grip on most trails, and those central single tracks were great fun. Pub was closed but the rumour is that with new owners it might be reopening.
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