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22/Sep/18 11:23 am     #13138  
193 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
I'm in Dazza, just wait another month or two until it warms up some more & gets really dusty.
22/Sep/18 9:08 am     #13137  
96 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Ant it was an fantastic weekend away, riding around i saw lots of new tracks that have been cut in most heading uphill which going to go back and check them out Pretty sure Pounce said he was up for it :)

Have a good ride boys. The Holland track is on my list of to do rides hopefully next time i can make it
21/Sep/18 8:43 am     #13136  
237 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
What is that bike Mike is riding? Is he going to change his CQ name?
20/Sep/18 9:44 pm     #13135  
23 rides: Diehard
Ant's Avatar
Iím touched JNR. Have a great time guys.

Looks like I missed one of the best camp outs ever last week. Spewing!
20/Sep/18 6:44 pm     #13134  
89 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
Haha, laughing at the holland track comments, hopefully you will be able to teach us newbies on the next one. I know I dont need a picture on Ant. Haha.
20/Sep/18 6:35 pm     #13133  
86 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Have fun on the Holland track yíall ;)
20/Sep/18 3:38 pm     #13132  
163 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
mike you forgot to load the jacks.
20/Sep/18 3:36 pm     #13131  
163 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
mikes getting nervous. you should be wearing your cold gear not carrying it. i'm all packed and ready to go, see yas in the morning.
20/Sep/18 3:29 pm     #13130  
115 rides: Bus Pass or Motorbike?
husq mike's Avatar
Holland track prep: Too much gear or too smaller bags.
Too late.
Photo 10074 (apart from bad spelling) is final task.

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20/Sep/18 2:01 pm     #13129  
237 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
If anyone is in Bali next week and wants to go for a two day ride ( 26 and 27 Sept) with 4 others, let me know. Riding late model CRF 250 Rallys - Adventure style ride not enduro - Bikes, fuel, lunch, snacks, lead rider - Two different loops each day - Around $90 US each day.

Call me on 0437 417 703 if you are interested. You can easily extend it a few more days if you wish and do a loop around the island.
20/Sep/18 1:16 pm     #13128  
74 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
C yaís in the morning for the Holland trk ride, I think Iím packed... jocks,dunny roll, stubbie holder & a picture of Antt to put on my tank bag to look at & laugh while heís at work :))

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19/Sep/18 6:57 pm     #13127  
115 rides: Bus Pass or Motorbike?
husq mike's Avatar
Holland ride: Like your first date , I am scared .
My BBQ plate is too big.
My cold weather gear takes all the space ,even though I am still going to get cold no matter I do.
My tent skills are shite.
I need a trailer for the food and drinks and generator.

Sometimes too eager to say yes.
19/Sep/18 12:00 pm     #13126  
86 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Argh hahahaha didnít really think that thru
19/Sep/18 9:10 am     #13125  
135 rides: Sleeping Beauty
WR Ross's Avatar
Hooters Remember what happens in the bush stays in the bush (orgasmic matey experiences?)
18/Sep/18 7:54 pm     #13124  
115 rides: Bus Pass or Motorbike?
husq mike's Avatar
Hooters; It will be dueling gophers then.
18/Sep/18 7:09 pm     #13123  
86 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Iíve got tickets booked to Japan.....where I meet the master, and 25yrs from now youíre gunna be the proud owner of a handmade hand forged ceramic knife...

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18/Sep/18 6:43 pm     #13122  
115 rides: Bus Pass or Motorbike?
husq mike's Avatar
No one has mentioned the demise of the $700, 600 year old genuine samauri ceramic knife.Been in the family for generations.
18/Sep/18 4:42 pm     #13121  
86 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Canít spell awesome without
A- a
W- weekends
E- entertainment
S- super
O- orgasmic
M- matey
E- experiences
18/Sep/18 7:01 am     #13120  
193 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
You can't spell Darren Moore without...

random or
17/Sep/18 9:20 pm     #13119  
96 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
Big thanks to those that turned up for the weekends ride. Cheers to HM for letting us staying at his place, much appreciated as we would have been in big trouble as the normal spot we park at was already taken.
Thanks to Hooters for taking the time to write up the report and a good one at that.
I have lead a few rides over the the years and I would have to say that one was one of the smoothest ones. Considering the number of riders and how many cross sections and tracks running off each other and the pace, everything seemed to click. So a big thumbs up to all riders again.
There was a couple of times especially on the hill climbs I was wondering how many ways my name could be changed into a swear word but after a few beers around the camp fire all was forgiven.

So thanks again to all and hopefully we will all be back again next year. :)
17/Sep/18 4:10 pm     #13117  
16 rides: Regular
Thomas's Avatar
Bikes been sitting a bit to long in the shed for my liking. It's screaming for a run. Wed. coming 9:30 lakes we meet for a 75km run. Back befor 1pm. Any" keeners" post up so we know who to wait for. Can also text to confirm 0431847135
17/Sep/18 12:52 pm     #13116  
86 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
ride report, "The Pikey 2 Day" players: Ashman, Shaun, Tommy, Pounce, Hooters, Marty, HM, Glen, Shane Erickson, Ben Coffey, Dave O'Brian, Dazz, Dave too slow, geordi Bazz, Jacko, KTmike.

After a bit of planning the call was made for a woky ride based at our token pensioner Pikey's very well set up, awesome property. A huge call hosting 16 smelly dirt bikers, thanks bruv, there is a special place in heaven for you. The VIP crew stayed Friday night and the mass unwashed met at the Woky pub 8am Saturday morning and we convoyed up to Pikey's place up the hill. Half hour of meet and greets, a couple of new faces, I dragged a couple of young guns along and Marty escaped his parental duties for a weekend with the boys. Although Pikey was hosting us Dazz was the main man, organising the weekend and leading both days- cheers mate, also a place in heaven for you. So it was a big crew 16 all up, everyone had been briefed that it was a social weekend with no hard stuff just a casual jaunt thru the bush, hehe yeah right. Dazz led us around great trails but there were some harder sections thrown in but everyone stepped up and had a great day. Dazz and Pikey had organised a fuel drop so we had a pretty decent warm up ride and back to the farm for BBQ lunch- grins all round and bullshit being shovelled thick already. The afternoon brought the usual Woky trails with a few spectator hills- one in particular finished me off, red faced and gassed out! said hill remained unconquered apart from shane the mountain goat who jagged it hehe! Even the chicken track was tricky and slick with tears by the time common sense over ruled ego and I went up it tail firmly between my legs, muttering Shane's name and curse words in the same sentence. A few get off's, many laughs and much shit stirring- none by me of course. The arvo ride was a bit shorter and we were back sinking coldies an telling lies shortly after 4pm. The resident pyro's sorted the fire as the cool evening air started to roll in. A few crew couldn't stay and headed home and those staying settled in for a meat and lies session- most of the younger crew sneaking off to bye byes early, and the seniors telling ( yelling actually hehe!! ) lies to the wee hours. Special mention here for mister Pike and Tommy manning up and riding the sunday!! Top effort boys!

Sunday: As usual the herd had thinned, Marty drove up from Bunbury and it was only 7 of us. Hooters, Ben, Dazz, Marty, HM, Tommy, Bazz,

It was sold as a nice easy ride to sucker Tommy, but it turned into a bit of a ball breaker. A couple of tricky sections had the air thick with the pleasant smell of clutch and coolant a few spectator hills a few funny off's, a near drowning- cheers Tommy for saving my arse- ummm sometimes showing off ends badly ;) a couple of ghosties and a nasty bog hole- faaaark how sticky is that clay 30 bucks at car lovers sticky!!! Back at the farm for pack up beers about noon- awesome end to an awesome weekend. Thanks heaps Dazz, Pikey and all the sweeps. Great to see some new faces, hopefully we'll see them again when they are looking for a low key ride or adventure bike run. I'm on the couch battered and pounding voltarine and can't stop grinning thanks everyone another fantastic crusty weekend, Hooters

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17/Sep/18 11:46 am     #13115  
23 rides: Diehard
2slow's Avatar
Thanks Mike for the super hospitality and use of your facilities and sweeping Saturday am, awesome effort putting up 16 smelly dirt bike riders.

Thanks Daz excellent lead as always, I only rode on Saturday but had a great time we started with 16 riders and not once was I on a corner for more than a couple of minutes. Fantastic conditions, excellent range of terrain to suit all, nobody got lost or separated and I think everyone had a great ride.

Thanks everyone else for making it a great ride and good to meet some new people i'll have to be on my A game for the next ride with them.

Thank non Crusty (yet) Dave and DazzaM for letting me ride your 300's.
17/Sep/18 11:41 am     #13114  
12 rides: Regular
KTMike's Avatar
Cheers Dazza and Mike for putting on a great event, look forward to the next one.
17/Sep/18 10:59 am     #13113  
68 rides: Legend
ktmshaun's Avatar
Thanks Dazza and Mike for all your effort over the weekend, it is much appreciated.
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