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04/Mar/21 5:13 pm     #15836  
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Macca's Avatar
Cya there.
04/Mar/21 4:06 pm     #15835  
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Jed77's Avatar
Bike starts, see y'all in the morning
02/Mar/21 6:29 pm     #15834  
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MickKal's Avatar
Everyone deserves a second Long weekend, so if you are starting feeling a bit off or have an overdue RDO then...

The ride is on for this Friday, meet point is the Sawyers Valley Tavern. We will be leaving the tavern at 7:30 to drive to the park up spot. Going be lots of single, a few hills, Enduro bikes only, 85 to 95 klms so bring fuel for 100klm
02/Mar/21 4:12 pm     #15833  
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Zane's Avatar
I can do Thursday or Friday. Quarries were a good call the other week, no early start either😉
01/Mar/21 7:37 pm     #15832  
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KTMike's Avatar
Spewing, I'm working this week after taking a few days off. Keen for the weekend if anyone is riding.
01/Mar/21 5:09 pm     #15831  
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Hooters's Avatar
yup I'm in for thurs or fri, if we cant get a crew how bout you me and eddie hit the quarrys

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01/Mar/21 4:56 pm     #15830  
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MickKal's Avatar
Hate to miss weather like this in the off season, is anyone up for a enduro ride on Wed, Thurs or Fri this week?
I cant ride this weekend.
01/Mar/21 10:42 am     #15829  
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Zane's Avatar
Hope this rain is the start of the riding season 🙏✊✊💨
27/Feb/21 10:24 am     #15828  
224 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
I've just added a few more photos for those without the Facebook
26/Feb/21 7:30 pm     #15827  
120 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Yes I have some of the hill 😁 will sort out when Iím hm
26/Feb/21 7:21 pm     #15826  
224 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
I think Jnr said he had his on
26/Feb/21 5:12 pm     #15825  
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MickKal's Avatar
Ride report is up. Top video Pounce, pity we didn't have any footage of that big hill.
24/Feb/21 6:25 pm     #15824  
224 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
20 minutes of some trails down south.

24/Feb/21 6:15 pm     #15823  
113 rides: Emojis r us... 😱
TigeR's Avatar
Big trip!

e-Mountain bikes!!

Good luck with the sale Andy400 - it's on the notice board.
If you get no takers here, I'd say put in on Perth Adventure Riders Buy and Sell on Facebook before putting in on Glumtree etc...
22/Feb/21 2:53 pm     #15822  
120 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Flower boy gotta new bike 😂😂😂

22/Feb/21 2:39 pm     #15821  
113 rides: B1: BANNED (from the pub)
Hooters's Avatar
So Eddie, Mick and I had a sneaky E MTB ride up in Kalamunda. We hit the ground running due to the hot weather so we were on the bikes about 8am not stoopid early, perfect. First time for me running an e- bike on dirt. Both on Giants, me on a reign Mick on a trance. Ummm it was wicked, so much fun, different but same same. Mick has been out a few times but it was basically a couple old gumbies floundering around. Peddle strikes everywhere, trying tweak our skills to suit a 25kg mountain bike. The trails were cool just as much fun uphill as down due to the motor. The basic skills transfer easy, line selection, braking, balance- to a point. We hit one of the black runs, and apart from a couple of man made jumps which looked big an scary they were mint, easy rideable for the average dirt bike rider. Iíve got a long way to go, timing the peddle rotation to avoid the dreaded strike, getting momentum correct and the much lighter braking instead of skid braking everywhere. But fun times ahead, stay tuned for the first big stack cause itís coming I reckon, we were both wearing knee elbow guards gloves an helmets, it was warm towards the end but not too hot wearing all the gear so Iíll be using it for sure. Junior.... you out there.... helloooo... junior?......

Ps cheers mick for being gentle with me on my virgin ride

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22/Feb/21 1:25 pm     #15820  
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MickKal's Avatar

This is Hooters today at Kalamunda just stopping to check if his HBF is up to date.😁
22/Feb/21 11:44 am     #15819  
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Jacko's Avatar
Ouch, that sounds nasty, were you on the road or trails?

Did your boot last the trip tommy?
22/Feb/21 9:46 am     #15818  
224 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Tommy & I got back home safely yesterday, not without incident though
I got a flat rear, which TC changed in record time & I'm pretty sure I'm the first of us to ever loop out a fully loaded 690 with it then landing on top of me.

Big thanks to Tommy for the huge effort setting the ride up & everyone else for the fun bits in between.
21/Feb/21 9:52 am     #15817  
203 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
yea jase, i cant remember when the first one broke but it just over 60,000 now. i checked it last year and it looked ok. its definatly a metal fatigue thing. the same part is in hondas yamahas kawasakis and ktm with the fcr carb. you just ne

ed enough miles on it.
21/Feb/21 8:39 am     #15816  
59 rides: Legend
Andy400's Avatar
Hi Guys,

I made the tough decision that no more riding for me. had a few bone issues and can't risk it.

Selling all my gear including DRZ400 with about 8500ks of crusty riding on it. Been a faithful stead. Gear includes neck brace, body amour, boots, back pack/hydro, spares etc. All the gear we normally get to stay safe and keep moving in the bush. Good starter if you know someone who wants to get started at a budget price. Thinking about $4000 for a crusty associate. Would need oil change, rear shock could do with some fresh oil and back tyre on 50%. Slight fray on clutch cable but all minor tweaks you would check out before a season. been in the garage for 2 years.

Could admin put up notice board. Will proper advertise and price in a few weeks but want to offer to the club first.

Will keep my eye on site as still love this place and enjoy hearing about my comrades adventures. Andy400
20/Feb/21 8:25 pm     #15815  
72 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Tommyís ĒWonder out Younder Covid RideĒ was an absolute blast !

Thank you Tommy for planning, organising and leading us through some of the Best Trials WA has on offer.

Unfortunately, I was the first to retire with a terminally ill KTM690 on day two. An electrical fault rendered my bike dead at the time, so trailering it back to Perth was my only option at the time.

Once back at home I got working on it and cleaned every connection in the wiring harness. The bitter sweet moment came 8 hrs later when I was down to the last connection ďthe mapping switchĒ, and holy behold this was it !
Unplugged it and the dash lights came back to life, plugged it back in and Farrrrrk the bike now runs ! So I conclude the mapping switch developed a fault and shut the computer down. Something neither of us suspected or tried at the time.

Great to hear everybody had a good time and the trails continued to get better the further South you went.
Safe travels to Tommy and Pounce who are still exploring the South West like true adventurers,
20/Feb/21 8:00 pm     #15814  
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Jase400's Avatar
Looks like a great ride down south fellas!

Jacko what kilometres did you see your other failures at? My old DRZ had the clip for the choke fall off and went through the engine, luckily no damage!

PAR group ride today with 11 bikes, dust is still ridiculous in the hills...
20/Feb/21 12:17 pm     #15813  
120 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Yes a HUGE THANKS to Tommy for setting up a great ride with a awesome bunch of blokes & everyone who came along thanks for everything, itís great when something goes wrong & thereís always one person who pipes up & says.... I got that & problem etc is fixed & on we go, or if it doesnít get fixed we sort something to help the person out 👍👍.
All the riding was awesome for me cause whatever it is I just love being on the bike & I wish I could still be there but family first & the Covid thing didnít help the dates line up for everyone but it sounds like everyone enjoyed it while on the ride.
A big thanks to all the partners & wifeís that aloud us very lucky blokes to do what we love when we want & they let us miss Valentineís Day etc with a pinch of salt 👍👍.
We were lucky to get a small spot to stay at the caravan park in Bremer bay as they said we are soooo busy & itís mid February & no school holidays so the future looks difficult to even find a camp over spot in WA & when I was going hm Iíve never seen so many caravans heading out from Perth to get away as no one can go over seas 😔.
Anyway to you all a big thank you from me & see you out there again soon 👊👊
19/Feb/21 9:57 pm     #15812  
114 rides: Superstar
MickKal's Avatar
Thanks to Tommy for organizing a great adventure ride down south, I had planned to just do 4 nights but ended having a phat old time and stayed for 5 nights until we reached Bluff Knoll. For me the forests around Pemberton and Walpole were the highlights with some mint winding tracks along the rivers amongst the massive trees.
It did get a bit hot on the first few days so many beers and rums were needed at the days end that may have resulted in a few sore heads in the morning.
Also there were a few mechanical issues but luckily for me the trusty 500 never missed a beat for the 2000klm I did over the 6 days. So now its probably a good time for an oil change.😃
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