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19/May/19 6:32 pm     #13641  
85 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Thanks for a great weekend Antt & Eddie conditions were perfect & the loops were %200 better than last year so we’ll done to T & E club.

And as for getting up early for the riders meeting pffft both of us had to go to the toilet side by side & let go of some chilly sausage from the night before & my wingman had to double flush & bail out & leave me with his stench & blame, I was just praying that no one was gonna walk in as I was walking out :( and Antt is over at the car having a chuckle.

Ps for those who go camping with Antt put your swag far far away cause I think a trumpet is quieter than his arse.

See you out there soon.
19/May/19 3:37 pm     #13640  
24 rides: Diehard
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Adventure Rally 2019

JNR and myself loaded up the bikes and camping gear and headed down to Mornington Mills for the 32nd Adventure Rally on Saturday arvo.
We setup camp and got the fire pit blazing. JNR proudly bought it from Bunnings for $40.
We watched as the kids all left from the family day and waited for the influx of Crusty’s and PAR riders, but it wasn’t to be. Not sure what happened to the guys that were coming but good old Eddie rolled in at the last minute and kept us company. We did meet two PAR guys and had a few laughs with them on Sunday.
Plenty of people had fires going this year which made the night a lot more enjoyable.
Chef JNR cooked up a couple of burgers over the fire and I supplied a couple of Creeping Reaper snags. I had warned JNR these were pretty special with a hell of a kick. He didn’t seem convinced until just after his first bite. They supplied the warmth for the rest of the night.
Few beers and tall stories then we hit our swags. Pretty warm in mine as it had reverse cycle and luckily there was no rain.
We were up nice and early for the riders briefing and prize draw. Looks like there was only 130 odd riders so chances of getting a prize was pretty good. Oh yeah, Bunga you won a tyre but weren’t there to collect so it went to the next person. Damn shame.
First loop was about 65km and the second was 45km long. Lots of new tracks due to the logging and fires. It was pretty cold on the hands early on but all good once we warmed up.
JNR took off and I kept a steady pass early on. Eddie left us for dead at the start.
After the lunch Chef JNR cooked us we took off and rode most of the second loop with a bunch of young pommy guys. Great fun and awesome tracks. I binned it near the end chasing one of the poms so took it a bit easier from there.
We were on the road before 3 heading home. Perfect conditions, no dust or heat, great tracks and no chopper this year. Hopefully next year the numbers get back up. Two other events were in on this weekend so that’s hurt them.
18/May/19 2:24 pm     #13639  
24 rides: Diehard
Ant's Avatar
Just added $50 to the kitty.
17/May/19 8:56 pm     #13638  
96 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
... I knew the millionaires would come to play eventually. Onya Colin & Jacek!
17/May/19 10:20 am     #13637  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Sorry Tiger. I only dropped in 200 000 Rp.
16/May/19 9:43 pm     #13636  
47 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Hi Tiger
499,127.58 Indonesian Rupiahs transferred
16/May/19 5:17 pm     #13635  
96 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Onya Andrew.
16/May/19 2:45 pm     #13634  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Yes should be great conditions with the rain, 10ml down that way last night
16/May/19 10:53 am     #13633  
76 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
Just dropped some money in the account.
Hopefully get out on some rides soon.
No adventure rally this year.
Planning to do capel and also the quinndaning night day enduro.
16/May/19 8:54 am     #13632  
20 rides: Chuck Norris, the Legend
BMWbeej's Avatar
Still time to enter the Rally! with the rain making the already awesome trails perfect. Low numbers this year will make this one not to miss!
14/May/19 8:40 pm     #13631  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Looks like me and Hazi are the only Crustys doing the Adventure Rally if there are others let me know and we can set up a camp on Saturday afternoon/evening
14/May/19 8:14 pm     #13630  
96 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Thanks to all those that donated - $300 in the kitty.

Final call for donations:

Welcome Benduro.

Good luck in the Finke Inver & Dazza.
14/May/19 7:01 pm     #13629  
248 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Welcome Benduro like Mickkal said keep an eye on the board for a ride you seem to have all bases covered with those bikes
14/May/19 12:24 pm     #13628  
77 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Welcome on Board Benduro, a very nice selection of bikes there. Usually something happening here for Adventure or Enduro style rides most weekends, jump in and join a ride and or call one around your local trails. I am out for this weekend going to try a Vinduro at Greenbushes for something different.
14/May/19 10:35 am     #13627  
0 rides: Visitor
Benduro's Avatar
G'day everyone,

just thought i would introduce myself, Names Ben, I ride a 2018 KTM 690 enduro R and a 2010 KTM 300 exc. cant wait to get out and hit some trails. currently ride around Jarrahdale most of the time but looking to spread out a bit.

13/May/19 9:27 pm     #13626  
101 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Cheers to Inver for organising Saturday’s Finke Training Ride and XrCass for sucking in several bikes dust while doing sweep duties, also to for BigGee bringing along a few mates.
Inver did a great job of leading us through a 150 odd Kay ride with some sections reminding me of what we are going to expect in 4 weeks time when we line up to have a crack at the Finke again this year.
Sand riding is not everyone’s cup of tea and make it dusty as well and all riders did a great job and pace was up there all day as well
As Cass said, throw is some water and lets do it again:)

Thanks again to Inver, XrCass and BigGee and his three mates
13/May/19 8:16 pm     #13625  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
So who else is going to the Adventure Rally this weekend ?
13/May/19 2:20 pm     #13624  
58 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
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12/May/19 1:51 pm     #13623  
11 rides: Regular
jace's Avatar
Giant loop bag sold thanx
12/May/19 6:48 am     #13622  
57 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar
Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday OVT ride
7 rides in total all we need is some more rain
Cheers Inver
11/May/19 4:10 pm     #13621  
58 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Nicely led Inver ... 150km of very comfortable riding. Took it easy up the back and was able to grab a few photos here and there that will post up. With a bit of rain can do this every weekend !!

This post was edited on: 11/May/19 4:11 pm
11/May/19 12:23 pm     #13620  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
That’s a very good price mate, I got a second hand one that’s the new model for $450 so your price is very good value considering a new one is close to $600.
11/May/19 9:21 am     #13619  
11 rides: Regular
jace's Avatar
Hi guys I am selling a giant loop coyote saddlebag if anyone wants one it's the older model with zipper not roll top was only used twice so fairly new condition after $200 call me on 0414384264 if interested located in Byford thanx
10/May/19 3:45 pm     #13618  
36 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Registered for next weekends Adventure Rally. Hopefully a few Crustys will be coming down for a camp out Saturday and probably a few to many beers around the camp fire.
10/May/19 12:04 pm     #13617  
9 rides: DirtDigglers Brother
BigGee's Avatar
See you gents at the OVT in the morning. Planning a ride park weekend with the kids end of May so won’t make the camp out.
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