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28/Sep/23 7:24 pm     #17449  
163 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
I am out for Sunday now.
28/Sep/23 12:15 pm     #17448  
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Bunga's Avatar
No worries Mick, Iíll be back at work in October Mike
28/Sep/23 12:09 pm     #17447  
158 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
If anyone keen for sweep duty for the ADV rally in Oct let me know.Probably only need a couple.
28/Sep/23 11:13 am     #17446  
163 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
I will be away in the van on tuesday Bunga.
28/Sep/23 9:18 am     #17445  
69 rides: 👨‍🦽
Bunga's Avatar
Will give this weekend a miss but could be up for an ADV ride on Tuesday if we get a decent bit of rain on Monday
27/Sep/23 8:12 pm     #17444  
163 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
Anyone up for a ride on Sunday? Might be a bit of rain hopefully, could do a karragulan to York adv or a sawyers enduro ride maybe.
24/Sep/23 10:33 am     #17443  
337 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Anyone up for an adventure ride tomorrow Sawyers to Jarrahdale for a counter meal
22/Sep/23 4:29 am     #17442  
79 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
JB 500 2023 10 year anniversary
Itís a little late but thank everyone that attended this year JB500. It true many hands make light work good group of rides helping out when ever needed from directions to cooking BBQ.
Jack and Todd for sweep dutyís it not easy following 13 rides in the sand the track are definitely chopped up by then.
Jack for making the effort to right ripper of ride report.
Adam and Helen for organising the support vehicle there no way I could have replaced wheel bearings mid ride without you guys carrying my spares box.
This year JB lived up to reputation as a tuff ride, with little rain beforehand definitely made it one of the hardest one yet, well at lest there was no water crossing this year.
As always u get a couple small dramas a long way flat tyres oil leaks and so on
but everyone make it home in one piece.
Cheers Inver

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21/Sep/23 9:53 pm     #17441  
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phildo's Avatar
Joemc: Trail & Enduro Club - State Championship Round this weekend.
21/Sep/23 5:25 pm     #17440  
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Joemc's Avatar
BMW what is the Grimwade ride? I canít see anything below on it.

Edit from Pounce:
Joe, try here.

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20/Sep/23 9:31 am     #17439  
23 rides: Chuck Norris, the Legend
BMWbeej's Avatar
Still looking for a few more sweep riders for Grimwade this weekend! If anyone is keen for a good ride..Sunday,Monday or both. Cheers
18/Sep/23 9:50 pm     #17438  
69 rides: 👨‍🦽
Bunga's Avatar
Yes great ride with the lads. 3 falls for the day and body was very tired and sore. Lots of close calls along the way.
Thanks Mick and Jacko always a great day out with the veterans and of course everyone else that makes up Crustyís.
17/Sep/23 1:08 pm     #17437  
53 rides: White Van Man
2slow's Avatar
Thanks again Mick for the lead and Jacko for sweeping and everyone else for a good ride. Fun had by all.
I had quite a few unco moments to keep the troops entertained.
I hope we get a few more good ones in before the dust increases.
17/Sep/23 9:05 am     #17436  
337 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Thanks Mickkal for another great ride also thanks to Jacko for sweep-duties like Jacko said no breakdowns so a good steady ride some new tracks thrown in there are so many tracks up there to explore
17/Sep/23 8:17 am     #17435  
226 rides: Poster Boy
Jacko's Avatar
Another great lakes ride by Mickal. 80 is of choice single trail. Quite a lot of small offs, me included but I didnít have to get the tools out so all was good.
15/Sep/23 6:02 am     #17434  
125 rides: Flat Lander
KatoTodd's Avatar
Bad luck Jack,,was a good weekend,,truth be known,,you done it while belting those 10 blokes that were hassling us at the Pub 👍
15/Sep/23 5:24 am     #17433  
254 rides: ...more like bounce
Pounce's Avatar
That's nay good Jack.
Come on, how'd you do it?
14/Sep/23 10:21 pm     #17432  
69 rides: 👨‍🦽
Bunga's Avatar
The joys of dirt bikes all the best recovering mate.
14/Sep/23 9:47 pm     #17431  
337 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Bad luck Jack hope you have a speedy recovery mate
14/Sep/23 7:53 pm     #17430  
104 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Iím out for 8 weeks.
Crushed my foot in a small off at JB500 thinking itís just a muscle tear.
Xrays came back with x5 fractured bones in my foot.
Next week surgeon decided best course of action going forward.
Weather permitting, may just get one or two rides with you boys before the end of this year.
13/Sep/23 4:06 pm     #17429  
337 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
I'll see you on Saturday at the lakes Roadhouse Mickkal
13/Sep/23 10:04 am     #17428  
163 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar

A Lakes Enduro Ride is on for Saturday, Meet at the lakes BP Roadhouse at 8:00 and then drive to carpark. Need fuel for 82 klms and there will be a couple of medium hills and plenty of single. Bush park up so bring a beer for after.
11/Sep/23 10:59 am     #17424  
22 rides: Diehard
xradam's Avatar
Great ride report jack cheers
10/Sep/23 8:14 pm     #17423  
104 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
JB500 2023 - (10th Anniversary)

Riders: Inver, KatoTodd, Jersyboy, XRAdam,
Bigal+ Adam, Jack, Mark E - guests (Buzz, JP, Gracey, Brad, Josh)

Day 1:
We gathered bright and early at Inver's to load our overnight bags onto the trailer. With the spirit of adventure coursing through our veins, we brapped our bikes and hit the streets, feeling like true 1%ERS. Our destination? The sand trails that awaited us to Jurien Bay.

The first 20 kilometers set the tone for the next two days. If you weren't a fan of sand, you quickly found out, as one rider took a tumble, experiencing their first taste of dirt. Soon after the black DR400z began spewing oil from its head cover. Both DRz's had to break away from the group to fix the issue, rejoining us later at Moore River. It seemed like Team Suzuki was in for a rough weekend.

The sand tracks continued to challenge us, draining our energy as we made our way to Moore River. The recent rain hadn't reached our coastal communities, leaving the trails dry and dusty.

As we approached Seabird, the black DR400z once again had an oil mishap, this time from a hose connection. We quickly resolved the issue on the trail, but another rider found themselves flying over the handlebars due to a front wheel washout.

After Ledge Point, the tracks opened up to fire trails, allowing us to find our rhythm. At the Lancelin stop, we had to tackle some serious repairs. Rear wheel bearings were replaced, carburetor was retuned, gear shifter was fixed, and we delved deeper into the electrical issues plaguing the yellow DR400z.

With time slipping away and the afternoon wearing on, we made the decision to change our route to Jurien, hoping to make up for lost time by riding along the beach all the way to Cervantes.

It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating beach runs we had ever experienced. The ocean was calm, resembling a smooth milk pond, and at low tide, we were able to venture further than expected, navigating a tricky rock section that led us right into Hangover Bay. From there, we rode on the asphalt to Jurien, where cold beers awaited us as the sun had set.

We enjoyed our dinner at the hotel and continued the festivities back at the house, partying well into the night. Some riders found themselves hydrating more than they had anticipated.

Day 2:
We started the day with a delicious BBQ breakfast, serviced our bikes and ensured the house was left spotless. With our race faces on, we embarked on the journey back to Perth, riding the fire trails.

Along the way, we encountered a few bike issues. The Beta's rear wheel nut came loose, one rider had to deal with a flat front tire, going through two tubes before getting it right. The yellow DR400z continued to struggle with battery charging problems, forcing Adam to break away from the group at Wilbinga. The rest of us battled through whoops and rough sand tracks, eventually making our way back to Quinn's late in the afternoon. As we crossed the finish line, XRCass was there to greet us with cold beers, solidifying his status as a true legend of the CQís.

Big thanks to Inver, XRAdam, and Helen for their unwavering support and organization of the 10th JB500. It was yet another fantastic ride.

ROTD goes to Inver for leading the ride for two days at race pace.

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10/Sep/23 5:41 pm     #17422  
125 rides: Flat Lander
KatoTodd's Avatar
Yeah another tough ride the old JB500,,,dust ,,whoops and attacking Bees 😁 ,,thanks Inver,,Adam and Helen for organising it ,,,perfect weather,,,great ride,,,great people,,,,great weekend,,,cheers
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