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20/Sep/20 8:14 pm     #15453  
24 rides: Diehard
Jed77's Avatar
Cheers for the ride today Mickkal
First time up that way and some very nice single, seemed to dodge the showers well too
Great report Jack and thanks to Rothy sweeping
20/Sep/20 6:21 pm     #15452  
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DazzaM's Avatar
Thanks to Cogers,Jinxy,Woody and mate Glin for turning up yesterday for a Woky ride. Wasn’t to sure what the weather was going to do but we didn’t cop too much rain while out on the bikes, got more wet from overgrown bushes. Thankfully it was just the the local Crusty guys as I had to cut the ride short after loosing the front end on slippery logs and tweaking the knee. Luckily we pick up a local rider at the parking spot and he was able to take the Jinxy and Cogers out and get a few more km in.
Thanks again 👍and all being well see you at Northcliff😁
20/Sep/20 5:25 pm     #15451  
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MickKal's Avatar
Good job on the report Jack and thanks for organising the tow back for the berg and also thanks to Rothy for the sweep. It was a tricky rescue job when the tow involved hopping over lots of logs and rocks and we did manage to get the strap wrapped around the rear wheel and sprocket a few times.
In the end we only managed about 50klms for the day but we got some quality new single trax mapped and being a Sunday it was nice to be home nice and early to hit the couch.
20/Sep/20 5:21 pm     #15450  
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JackRussell's Avatar
Hey Mikekal

Great ride, thourally enjoyed, i and the bike both need to get a bit of match fitness which will happen, great stuff.
20/Sep/20 4:55 pm     #15449  
66 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
“Start u Basterd”
Players: MicKal, Jed, Jaden, Rothy, Bruce, Jack.

Second day of gusterly conditions kept many riders at home, but there’s always a few that need that weekly fix of adrenalin rush and clear the head. MicKal called an explore ride, so being a no pressure cruise and look around Bruce returned to the scene after a few years in hiatus with his 70degree Berg (magic bikes back in their day).

After a short G’day in the carpark with Bruce and reminisce on which CQ’s still ride Jacko got a mention and his mechanical prowess on getting Bruce out of the shit last ride he did with CQ’s. Dark clouds gathered and the sky started to precipitate, so quickly we geared up and hit the trails.

Hang on ! Bruce has got his seat off and squirting Start U Basterd spray down the throat of the Berg. “ Hey Bruce doesn’t she want to go? Nah I start her like this all the time”

MicKal leads through some new single, gullies, logs and a bit of everything. Jed and Jaden ride on MicKal’s coat tails as the two smokers like to keep together because they are a stinky bunch and us cruisers on the four bangers come up the rear.

30km in Bruce sits out a gnarly hill climb whilst Rothy wishes he had too. A new Erzberg section was found and Rothy retreated after he conquered the hardest part in case it got gnarlier. This was not to be and we eventually regrouped with Bruce and Rothy to explore more new single. By now Bruce and his Berg were exhausted and when the Berg conked out on a log that was it and just would not start.

First we look around to see where Jacko is, “oh bugger he’s not riding today”, so we dismantle the kill switch incase it’s jammed - no joy. Then wish we brought that can of “Start u Basterd” with us and crank the starter until battery goes dead.

Out with the tow rope and we commence the 1km recover mission back to the vehicles on single track. Both MicKal and Rothy share the duties to muscle the Berg whilst being towed by Jack and Bruce had taken up the offer to go ahead and ride Rothy’s bike as that was the only safe way to get everybody back to the vehicles at the same time and avoid further misfortune.

Finally we get back to the cars, quickly load up the bikes, have a short yarn with new CQ’s members that were meant to ride today but came late and “ bloody hell the dark clouds gathered and the sky started to precipitate again “.

End of Ride !
19/Sep/20 11:17 am     #15448  
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MickKal's Avatar
Hi Bruce I have emailed you the location. If you have any probs my number is listed under my profile, you want to be there at 8:00 ready to ride at 8:30
19/Sep/20 10:13 am     #15447  
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JackRussell's Avatar
Hi Mickkal

I am just coming back to Crustys after a few years away.

To join you on Sunday, where is the gravel pit to meet?
19/Sep/20 8:53 am     #15446  
149 rides: Sleeping Beauty 😴
WR Ross's Avatar
MickKal Leanne is keen on the wine tour
18/Sep/20 8:36 pm     #15445  
18 rides: Regular
cogers's Avatar
See you there Dazza!! Will be a good one :-)
18/Sep/20 7:22 pm     #15444  
66 rides: 🚚
Rothy's Avatar
Hey Bunga sorry to hear about your knee leg .. good thing is summer is coming up and your be good for the new season , and tell you boss to Foff what you do in your time is your business. Thanks heaps for the room there was nothing left And I was going to swag it down at the caravan park . Stay positive mate
18/Sep/20 5:54 pm     #15443  
281 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Which one do you think will be wearing the lippy
18/Sep/20 2:27 pm     #15442  
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Bunga's Avatar
Looks like I can leave the lippy and make up at home as Todd and Rothy are chasing my accomodation
18/Sep/20 2:00 pm     #15441  
76 rides: Your GOD
Acid Gloves Eddy's Avatar
Lipstick and skirts required for the wine tour Bunga I’m sure you will have some stashed away somewhere 😂

This post was edited on: 18/Sep/20 2:01 pm
18/Sep/20 10:33 am     #15440  
49 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Hi Inver
Mate I agree but I have to work to pay the bills and I guess I have used my sick leave with other injuries and sooner or late the business has to decide if they want me to continue paying me.
I will see what the surgeon has to say on Tuesday and maybe I could be lucky enough to dodge an operation. Time will tell
Cheers mate 👍
17/Sep/20 11:19 pm     #15439  
49 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
If I make it down I will do the wine tour
17/Sep/20 9:18 pm     #15438  
115 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
MickKal Amanda is wining already for it 🍷
17/Sep/20 8:03 pm     #15437  
281 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Mickkal Louise is up for the wine tour 🥂

This post was edited on: 17/Sep/20 8:03 pm
17/Sep/20 7:54 pm     #15436  
115 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Heading out on Saturday at Woky. They forecast rain but who knows how much and when....if any
Be at the normal parking spot on big tree Rd by 8:30
Going to check out some new stuff but will be doing single tracks and hills and rocks 😁

Anyone keen on doing the Kalgoorlie Desert Race best get online and enter. Not too many spots left.
17/Sep/20 7:20 pm     #15435  
199 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Silly question, of course Michelle will go.
17/Sep/20 6:53 pm     #15434  
106 rides: Superstar
MickKal's Avatar
If any of the partners are going to Northcliffe Sandy was thinking of booking a wine tour for the Saturday and she want to know if anyone is interested?
17/Sep/20 1:56 pm     #15433  
65 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar
Bad luck Bunga
It makes me laugh when an employee says you can’t ride bikes any more as a hobby
They always encourage us to be more active because employees know siting on your Arse for 12 hour A shift is not good for your health either
Just tell them you sold all the bikes and just do yoga now
All the best with the recovery
Hope to see u at the OVT 20 years drinks

This post was edited on: 17/Sep/20 1:56 pm
17/Sep/20 11:48 am     #15432  
199 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Bunga, it's not as bad as you think. I had partial tear of the acl and full tear of mcl. No operation just time. Two months later all I had was a slight limp. Riding a bicycle when it's good enough will strengthen it up. After six months it's as if it never happened. As my surgeon said you don't really need them. I wear proper braces now.
17/Sep/20 9:29 am     #15431  
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MickKal's Avatar
Ouch! sounds nasty Bunga, good luck with the surgery.
17/Sep/20 9:24 am     #15430  
5 rides: Regular
Jase400's Avatar
Thanks for everyone involved in running JB500, it was seamless operation. My maiden voyage but won't be the last!

Inver I will be both thanks mate for OVT Oct 10th.

This post was edited on: 17/Sep/20 9:24 am
17/Sep/20 9:07 am     #15429  
49 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Hey Mick
It’s a partial tear of the ACL and a minor fracture to the Femur but I’m sure the surgeon will confirm the extent of damage on Tuesdays appointment. My days of riding skinny bikes have come to an end unfortunately. The boss isn’t happy at all and my job comes first from what I’m hearing.
I will find out Tuesday when the surgery will take place. I’m hoping after Northcliffe or I will be up for $300 for a room at the pub I can’t use
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