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21/Oct/19 7:59 am     #14289  
100 rides: Superstar
Nathan's Avatar
Good work Tiger.

Anyone heading to Pinjar his week, let me know.

I need to air out the Yzf.
18/Oct/19 4:57 pm     #14288  
100 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Haha. Cheers Ant. If you crack 100 in 8 years time, you'll beat my "record"...

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18/Oct/19 12:42 pm     #14287  
28 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
Congrats TigeR! Shame I missed out on that one.
I should hit 100 in about ten years. Save the date.
17/Oct/19 9:03 pm     #14286  
171 rides: LOL Crusty to the core
Roley's Avatar
20 yrs and still going strong - great to see. I look forward to celebrating. The ride reports bring back great memories.
17/Oct/19 10:00 am     #14284  
100 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Cheers JNR. Yes Tommy can add baker to the list. You're not too far off yourself from a cake.
16/Oct/19 8:36 am     #14283  
95 rides: WRRob Mk II
JNR's Avatar
Congratulations Tiger you finally got there well done bud & thanks for all your help & support towards keeping the Crustyís alive.
Gotta say Tommy your getting good at pumping those cakes out ;))
15/Oct/19 9:04 pm     #14282  
109 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
At the end of this month myself,Inver and Jinxy are heading to Kalgoorlie to have a bit of fun and give the Kalgoorlie Desert Race ago. Nominations are still open if anyone else is keen. All the info you would be asking or needing is on the KDR website Iím looking forward to it and should be a great ride over two days.
14/Oct/19 12:55 pm     #14281  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
20 years of CC. I remember the 10 year celebration as it was a pretty good size group and Jaw even turned up. Brad suggested a run up the water tanks at Yanchep as that is where it all happened. There were lots of Lano rides, night rides and when we did a Metro Rd ride it was like we were trailing the bikes to another part of the world. The Ocean View Tav was important back in the day and a trip to the pines for a squirt was often on the cards.

I'll be happy to join in what ever comes around. Please check the PAR events when considering dates. We are away on the annual Midwest ride early June for a week.

I reckon Brad could track down Jaw for this anniversary. Without him it would never have happened.
13/Oct/19 7:00 pm     #14280  
109 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Cheers for the ride yesterday guys, I had a great time. Thatís what I enjoy about the Crusties.. being able to ride different places with a great bunch of guys. Reading through the posts not much more I can add other than big thanks to Tommy for leading, awesome effort on the day and Pounce for doing sweep duties. Well done to Tiger on getting to his 100th ride and Todd joined the 10 years and plus Crusty riders group. Thanks again for another enjoyable day out on the bike.

13/Oct/19 11:49 am     #14279  
39 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Thanks everyone for a great ride, as already said a big thanks to Tommy for leading and Pounce for sweeps. Congratulations for entering the 100 club and to a 10 year veteran huge effort guys. Tommy the backbone of the group always out there to help guys you will go down in folk law.
I was told not to change my gearing, apparently itís easier on the sweep rider ha ha thanks for the advice.
Look forward to Christmas drinks see you all there.
13/Oct/19 10:28 am     #14278  
93 rides: After 9pm Layabout Head Kicking Hairdresser
Todd's Avatar
Great ride yesterday,,Outstanding effort by Tommy,, does it all this Bloke, ROTD and congrats to TigeR on the century, well done, thanks to Pounce for sweeping,, I didnt make it up the big hill,, come off on another hill and got Roostered with mud by two 500s,,,
and Loving It,,,cheers
13/Oct/19 9:53 am     #14277  
88 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Thanks for the ride yesterday, nice trails by Tommy and it was good to have a crack at that big hill on the 500, I was very surprised to make to the top and I cant stop saying enough good things about those Shinko Cheater tyres. Other diehards were Dazza, Marty, Tommy and JB who also got to enjoy the view at the top of the mega hill.
Tommy deserves ROTD for doing the 2 tyre changes alone, but I think Tiger just edges him out and gets my ROTD vote for not only clocking up the the 100 rides but for doing a great job of looking after the nuts and bolts of the website for all these years.
Almost forgot SOTD for Todd I was right behind him when he came off a ripper on pig shooter hill, it was a great endorsement for wearing good quality back protection.

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13/Oct/19 6:21 am     #14276  
204 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Whilst we were having a beer it was realised that on July 30th next year, it will be the Crustys 20th year.

There will be an event happening, no clue as to what yet, so it will be posted in the event section for all to see but in the interim, can we have suggestions of what to do?

Any idea will be added to the event, then as it gets closer to the date, we'll put up a poll to see what's the most popular.

13/Oct/19 6:08 am     #14275  
204 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
That was a good ride before the dust season starts.
Good pace set by Tommy & I enjoyed it down the back for a change.
Milestones were met, cake was eaten & beers were drank.
Thanks all.
12/Oct/19 10:10 pm     #14274  
100 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Thanks for the ride today. Yes - good to see the southern sons Marty & Dazza up in the big smoke. Congrats Todd for clocking up 10 years. Thanks Pounce for sweeping the sweep. Thanks Bunga for the pump & tube. JB for finding the right spot in the car park unlike me! MickKal out on the black stealth bomber. I reached my goal of 100 rides before I'm a 100.

But what about Tommy?

Calls the ride.
Leads the ride.
Fixes my two punctures.
Brings a cake to celebrate the century.
CQ Legend.
Thanks Tommy - muchos appreciated.
12/Oct/19 7:22 pm     #14273  
39 rides: Diehard
JB's Avatar
Thanks for the ride today guys, nice to see some of the southern crew making the pilgrimage up north. Thanks Tommy for leading, well done TigeR on the century and Todd for 10 years as a Crusty. Thanks Pounce and TigeR for sharing the sweep duties. See you guys again when we get some rain, if not at the Christmas do, cheers
12/Oct/19 7:02 pm     #14272  
72 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
Great ride out today from the Rock Inne, 110k's all up, 2 flats n no injuries so a good effort. TigeR knocked up the 100 rides and Todd had his 10 year anniversary. Well led by Tommy, big thanks to Pounce for sweeping and TigeR as secondary sweep.
Did I mention the flies?
11/Oct/19 5:07 pm     #14271  
39 rides: Diehard
JB's Avatar
Thanks Mick, I was waiting for that! Don't worry I have learned my lesson. Ha Ha, see you tomorrow
11/Oct/19 4:34 pm     #14270  
88 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Tommy are we parking at rock inn or meeting there and then driving to the parkup? I am asking for JB :)

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11/Oct/19 4:03 pm     #14269  
93 rides: After 9pm Layabout Head Kicking Hairdresser
Todd's Avatar
I'm up for a blast Tommy
11/Oct/19 12:47 pm     #14268  
100 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Nice one Tommy. See you there.
10/Oct/19 6:45 pm     #14267  
39 rides: Diehard
JB's Avatar
See you guys on Saturday, cheers Tommy
10/Oct/19 6:41 pm     #14266  
11 rides: Regular
Slates's Avatar
Just like to thank the crew who turned up for the midweek ride at the lakes. Led by Pounce and Junior sweeping, a group of six which included an eleven year old Crusty demon and the Dubbo flyer enjoyed a spring run! Lotsa laughs and a few cold beers, some ginger were enjoyed back at the bogan car park.

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10/Oct/19 6:11 pm     #14265  
204 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
I'm in for Saturday Mr Tommy
10/Oct/19 11:55 am     #14264  
204 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Fantastic morning yesterday, if the next 20 years is like the first day of retirement... bring it on.

Thanks to those that came & my mate from Sydney for making us take you out.
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