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19/Oct/17 10:01 pm     #11616  
24 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar
I have changed my gearing for adventure riding along with the big tank so looks like Iím an old man rider for the summer.
19/Oct/17 4:02 pm     #11615  
65 rides: Token Kiwi
Hooters's Avatar
Hey tommy, I could have my arm twisted if it was woky, or south somewhere I recon too hot dusty round Perth, or old man big bike ride ;)

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19/Oct/17 3:38 pm     #11614  
14 rides: Regular
MexicanCraig300's Avatar
Thanks 2slow. I should get a changer myself, but for the amount I've been riding lately, its hard to justify.
19/Oct/17 11:46 am     #11613  
14 rides: Regular
2slow's Avatar
Craig i'm in Mandurah so not so familiar with shops in the north so you may have to phone around. I know Peter that owns Tyres For Bikes in Vic Park runs Mousses himself so would probably sell/fit for you.
I bought a tyre changer after years of fumbling on the garage floor mainly so i could keep the Mousses lubed as everyone says heat is the enemy.
19/Oct/17 9:30 am     #11612  
216 rides: Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Anyone want to go for a ride on Saturday
18/Oct/17 8:51 pm     #11611  
14 rides: Regular
MexicanCraig300's Avatar
2slow, Joondalup area.
18/Oct/17 7:35 pm     #11610  
14 rides: Regular
2slow's Avatar
Mexicancraig300 where are you located?
(I have mousses in my 300 and tubliss in my 350)
18/Oct/17 6:29 pm     #11609  
42 rides: Diehard
WrfPaul's Avatar
Important Notice: Park Closure October 19, 20

Parks and Wildlife has advised that the Pinjar Motorcycle Area will be closed on Thursday October 19 and Friday October 19 due to a prescribed burn occurring within the area. The area will re-open on Saturday October 21.
17/Oct/17 6:21 pm     #11608  
42 rides: Diehard
WrfPaul's Avatar
RTRA AGM flyer in photos.

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17/Oct/17 9:15 am     #11607  
14 rides: Regular
MexicanCraig300's Avatar
Thanks guys. I've been camping with the family a lot and my kids have an LT50 now, so focusing on getting their confidence up. I borrowed someones wheel with a mousse at a rally after getting a puncture, this kid i borrowed it off is a good enduro rider and he's pretty pleased with the mousse. Thanks again.

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17/Oct/17 6:30 am     #11606  
74 rides: Die Hard II
Darin's Avatar
I will second the tubliss system, best thing since sliced bread.
17/Oct/17 6:04 am     #11605  
4 rides: Player
Thanks for an awesome ride last Saturday Inver and Cass. Twisting, winding tracks through the Pine Forrest Including a few beach runs, it was a great day out.
16/Oct/17 8:33 pm     #11604  
50 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Hey Craig, its been a while, I thought you may have gone back home to south of the border. Not sure if anyone runs one here, a few of us run the Tubliss system with good results. I remember Roostermick used to run one and he said he used to remove it and apply lube every couple of rides to make last longer.
16/Oct/17 6:34 pm     #11603  
14 rides: Regular
MexicanCraig300's Avatar
G'day riders, I haven't posted on here in quite a while. I'm thinking of running a Mousse tube in the rear. Can anyone recommend where to get one fitted?
15/Oct/17 1:06 pm     #11602  
47 rides: Diehard
Inver's Avatar
Ride report

Lano 250

Riders Cass, Inver, KTMJames and a few new crusty Simo,Chris and Garry
Posted drinkers WRpaul and JNR

The ride was callled Quinn's to Lano and return. It's half of the Jurien bay 2 day ride we do early in the year.

Weather man was saying 30c and sunny with a chance of a thunder storm Friday night before hand.
So just to make sure we have some dust supression Cass performed a rain dance all I can say it worked.

A quick riders meeting and a run down on the corner man system, and we were off by 8:00.

Cass leads us off in the north east duration in pursuit of fast flowing trails.

While sitting on a corner I observed a rider take small stack into a fallen tree sorry Gary but u get SOTD

Conditions were spot on as the rain from the night before was keeping the dust down and ground firm.
100kms later were at Moore River for fuel and food.
Now it's time for me to have a crack at leading and Cass put his hand up to sweep.

After Moore River we found ourselves at the Ledge Point general store, by now the temperature has hit 30c.
So instead of pressing on to Lano we decided to return Seabird for quick pint.
Now with beer on our mind we take the shortest route to seabird as possible. With a couple of runs up the beach to cool down.
Only one pint was the promise, but it's was drunk in time that even Bob Harke would be proud of.

KTMJames and He's mate Siom have other comments so they op to take the black top back to the OVT. I'm not saying anything but I think they were on a promise.

Now this were things start get interesting, that little thing called fatigue is starting to set in. With Nile 200kms on the clock at Moore River fuel stop.
I make a promise to head back to OVT in the shortest route possible with no whoops.
Now this was going to be harder then trying to find a $2 hooker in Thailand without herpes.

It was tough run back to the OVT but with beer on our minds we pushed hard and made it back by 4:00.
Cass was stopping at nothing as he rode the last 5kms with a rear flat for this he gets ROTD
We walk in the bar to be greeted by WRpaual and JNR enjoying a pint in the beer garden.

256 kms all up

Thanks to everyone that attended and Cass and KTMJames for helping out leading and sweeping.
It was always going to be a challenging ride but enjoyable one.
To the riders that are new to Crusty I hope to see you out on the trails again soon.

Big thanks to JNR for giving me and my bike a lift home, I don't think I would of made it.

See you all next time Inver

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15/Oct/17 6:50 am     #11601  
47 rides: Diehard
Inver's Avatar
Big thanks to everyone who attended yesterday Ride ( riders and post ride drinkers )

Ride report to come
14/Oct/17 9:53 pm     #11600  
45 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Cheers Jnr .... got a flat 5 km shy of the pub. Bugger stopping.
14/Oct/17 8:45 pm     #11599  
60 rides: Suspension or just sus
JNR's Avatar
Good to catch up with the boys today at the OVT after their ride & give 2 monkey butts a helping hand on getting their bikes home.
14/Oct/17 7:45 pm     #11598  
24 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar
Thanks Allen,
Always good to hear peopleís thoughts and I have had a few people recommend the 606 but I will take a look at the E09 and maybe get a set later in the week.
14/Oct/17 7:16 pm     #11597  
42 rides: Diehard
WrfPaul's Avatar
Wow, well done cass and inver,
That's a huge ride. Happy to share a pint , boy you guys will in a whole world of hurt tomorrow.
Giddy up.
14/Oct/17 6:55 pm     #11596  
65 rides: Boot Scooting Bobby
WRRob's Avatar
Is anyone interested in VERY cheap Pirelli Scorpian XC Mid Hard tyres?
There's heaps going in an online auction on Grays Online for as little as $19 for a pair (1 front and 1 rear). Auction closes in 3 days.

Size are
80/100-21 51r M S
110/100-18 64m MST
14/Oct/17 6:53 pm     #11595  
118 rides: The one & only
Fueltanker Allen's Avatar

Used them on the back of a DR650 and loved them.
1. Quite expensive
2. Quiet on the road
3. Wears fast for the first half then lasts for ever.

I still agree that a 606 dunlop is the best value rear tyre for an adventure bike that might be used off road.
Don't put a 606 on the front.....bad things happen!

I have tried a Motoz adventure tyre for the rear this time and found this to be much better than you would expect in sand. Would be crap in mud.
14/Oct/17 6:22 pm     #11594  
45 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
250kms of sand on a 30deg day. Only one word to say
14/Oct/17 4:00 pm     #11593  
24 rides: Aurthur or Martha
Bunga's Avatar
Looking at adventure tyres Iím leaning towards the Midas E 09. Has anyone used them ?
13/Oct/17 5:50 pm     #11592  
60 rides: Suspension or just sus
JNR's Avatar
Yeh righto Paul weíll c u there.

Dazza just drink beer cause nothing down here will prepare u for wots up there :))
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