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18/Aug/22 8:55 pm     #16949  
144 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
If Iím going on the night ride Husky so are you 😳

18/Aug/22 8:31 pm     #16947  
63 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
I should be down at camping spot on Friday around 4 pm, see you for a beer around the fire
18/Aug/22 5:43 pm     #16946  
147 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
Wokky ride .Weather looking good.Wood supply half sorted (we wont be cold).
The Crusty BBQ has been serviced and ready to go. For those turning up sat morning 9 ish be good. Probably a 3-4 hr ride.
For the super fit ; After that ride there are a few options . A mean single trail to test the keen ones.(I am usually blue tonguing after riding it,so maybe I just point you in the right direction.)
I also have not been down the side of Bobs hill for a while.Could be interesting after all the rain.
Pounce has the night ride sorted.I am still trying to think of an excuse.
18/Aug/22 3:55 pm     #16945  
76 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
To everyone going to camp out have a great weekend
Unfortunately I canít make this one
Ride safe 🍻🍻🍻
18/Aug/22 12:21 pm     #16944  
10 rides: ɹɐlnƃǝɹ
Flip's Avatar
See you guys on Saturday morn with a +1. Thorpey on the website. Cheers.
17/Aug/22 4:40 pm     #16943  
8 rides: Player 💩
Hoofhearted's Avatar
Thanks Pounce, whatís the start time Saturday morning?
17/Aug/22 8:50 am     #16942  
239 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
All that don't know, the camp site is 1.5 klms along Bigtree Rd after turning right off Mornington Rd.

S33.1874118 E115.9674943

I'll be there Friday arvo

16/Aug/22 7:19 pm     #16941  
8 rides: Player 💩
Hoofhearted's Avatar
Looking forward to the ride boyz, Iím in for the Woky ride on Saturday. Happy to help where required, where is the camping spot?
16/Aug/22 5:18 pm     #16940  
63 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Did Tuesday bring plenty of rain down that way. See you down Wokalup there Friday afternoon
16/Aug/22 2:08 pm     #16939  
15 rides: Regular
Andyktm's Avatar
Been a while, but Iím in for the Woky ride on Saturday. Where is the park up spot?
16/Aug/22 9:08 am     #16938  
126 rides: Captain Fat Pants
Hooters's Avatar
Iím a DNS, still mending. Have a great weekend everyone see yíall soon
16/Aug/22 7:55 am     #16937  
69 rides: Steptoe...
waynovb's Avatar
Hey Husq Mike see you at Woki...
15/Aug/22 9:42 pm     #16936  
147 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
Gareth,no a long way off.Not far from Miles ave.
If I knew it was not being used ,I would relocate it (:
15/Aug/22 8:14 pm     #16935  
50 rides: Fluro Legend
Gareth's Avatar
Mike is that the one on those tracks i sent you
Fireplace also ?
15/Aug/22 5:26 pm     #16934  
147 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
Spent a couple of hours today, fine tuning the Wokky camp out ride on this coming weekend.
Just as well ,as my GPS skills are lacking.There would have been carnage behind me if it was the real thing taking wrong turns.Did about 90ks and used just under 5l.Nearly as good as the DR.
The plan on Sat, unless someone else wants to put their hand up is 3 legs adding up to about 100ks.
Some old stuff and some new stuff.First 2 legs pretty easy.3rd leg will be a bit slushy especially if this rain turns up.
Not sure what the plan is on Fri night,but I'm sure someone has that covered.
For the keen ones on Sun, we might have a bit of a hard enduro loop.
BTW found a great Bar in the bush, it would look great at our campsite.See pics
15/Aug/22 3:55 pm     #16933  
239 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Damn it, missed out again Inver. 😢🥺
15/Aug/22 12:51 pm     #16932  
76 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
We have hit the limit of riders for this JB 500

Iíll post up if any spots come Available

Cheers Inver
15/Aug/22 10:09 am     #16931  
1 ride: Player
Pav's Avatar
Cheers all for having me on the satday for my first ride with the crew, was a sick ride and looking forward to the next one
15/Aug/22 5:01 am     #16930  
76 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Thanks Mick and everyone that was at Saturday Sawyers valley Ride
It was grate mix of trails and good pace
beers after what more could you ask for
Cheers see u all next time
13/Aug/22 5:35 pm     #16929  
140 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar

Pic of the day goes to Inver, still rocking the fluro and wondering where all the sandy trails were!! For the Sawyers ride today there were few new faces and a couple of no shows but we ended up with 10 riders. But after the first 2klm of single track Jacques decided it wasn't his thing and he peeled off. That left us with 9 experienced riders and we then managed to smash out 96klms by about 12:30. It was an easy cruise thru some of those less used Sawyers back trails that are always a pleasure to ride in winter and with a good dose of single tracks to mix it up. No flats or problems for the ride and the rain held off until about the last 10klm of the ride and then it poured down while we loaded the bikes. Despite the rain it was good to see everyone join in and have a couple of beers at the tavern.

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12/Aug/22 11:00 am     #16928  
140 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
all good Flip see you guys in the morning

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12/Aug/22 9:35 am     #16927  
10 rides: ɹɐlnƃǝɹ
Flip's Avatar
Iím in for tomorrow if thereís space. Let me know if thereís any dramas. Cheers
11/Aug/22 8:30 pm     #16926  
44 rides: Squid of the day
Jed77's Avatar
Iím in for Saturday, cheers
11/Aug/22 10:06 am     #16925  
1 ride: Player
dromeo's Avatar
See you Saturday Mick
11/Aug/22 8:47 am     #16924  
2 rides: Player
MarkE's Avatar
See you there
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