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14/Sep/20 9:10 pm     #15411  
67 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Nice report Jack. Only washed the bike today.... not often it gets left 2 days.

Am in for the 20 year ride OVT 10th Oct.

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14/Sep/20 8:27 pm     #15410  
71 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
JB500 Ė 2020 (The year of COVID)
Players: Invar, XRCass, XRAdam, Jacko, Jase400, Jack

The route was set and slightly tweaked from previous years to ensure we get to Jurien early enough to enjoy a beer. Invar took to leading first and headed north through the ever-bulging suburbs to hit the days trails. Initial tracks where whooped out from the local gromets riding them to death, so our minds had to adjust to sand riding really quickly and Jase400 suddenly regretted having 30 litres of fuel onboard. Whilst XRAdam nearly retired from injury when we committed to overtaking Jase400 on the outside of a bend heading directly for a tree across the track, his quick reaction to slam on the brakes, wash off some speed and dump the bike saved him from serious injury.

Once past Yanchep Invar wound the throttle on and set a cracking pace to Moore River and then onto Lancelin. With only 6 riders the cornerman system flowed fast and uninterrupted by any trail side incidents. Quick lunch at Lancelin and a swap of lead riders, XRCass took us onto the open fire trails east of Indian Ocean drive. This is where your top speed was only limited by the size of your gonads. Word has it some reached speeds of 140km/h, these are seriously big gonads.

We hit Cervantes in no time and onto Jurien Bay, whilst detouring to explore a few more trails as we were making great time. At Jurien Bay we devoured the beers, shared plenty of bullshit around the table and kicked on at the Tavern.

The next day was the recovery/survival ride, the tide was in our favour so the sand was hard and manageable most of the way home. We did all the fuel stops in reverse and rode the tracks close to the beach or on the beach itself. As expected, the last 50km were hard yakka the closer we came to civilization the deeper are the whoops.

Pipidinny Road marked the end of the ride with 499.5km on the speedo, absolutely awesome ride as always. See you next year and make sure you donít miss it !

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14/Sep/20 7:12 pm     #15409  
29 rides: Diehard
Biggles's Avatar
Hi Pounce I am planning to be at Northcliffe too, we have a cottage booked at the caravan park just down the road. If there are any other wives or girlfriends going hopefully they can get together for lunch etc.
14/Sep/20 6:21 pm     #15408  
113 rides: B1: BANNED (from the pub)
Hooters's Avatar
Hey pikey are ya gunna come to Northcliffe for a beer, stay sat night
14/Sep/20 6:19 pm     #15407  
3 rides: Player 💩
Hoofhearted's Avatar
Virgin CQ Ride - Pemberton.
My first organised CQ ride, though I have done a few organised rides in the past!
17 & 18 October 20

Accomodation in Pemby is a bit light on, so book as soon as you can. Today the Pemberton Hotel 9776 1017 has 1 room, queen bed. Karri Forest Motel 9776 1019 - Simon has about 10 beds across 6 rooms. Or campers can opt for Pemberton Caravan Pk, 9776 1500 power sites etc.

Arrive Friday arvo or Saturday morning.

Saturday Ride 9am, stands up, ready to ride, approx 150kms, fuel & lunch on-route.
Sunday Ride 8am, ready to ride, approx 80kms, back by 1pm ish.

The ride will be a grade 5/10 and the furthest fuel range will be 100 kms. The riding will comprise logging tracks, single trails, 4wd access tracks, a few sand hills, a little mud, sweat & beers, afterwards.

Any questions PM me
14/Sep/20 1:04 pm     #15406  
24 rides: Diehard
Jason's Avatar
What an awesome Capel 200 in every way. Best tracks in years in both variety and condition, how good was the section around the pine plantation! Best weather in years with Friday afternoon and evening nice and clear and Saturday just a little overcast to keep things cool.

Great fun as always around the fire at the traditional CQ spot and enjoyed catch up with guys who I basically haven't seen since last years event. I forget how much fun I have and will look to do some more rides.

Daniel and I just did the one loop. Had some time pressure to be back in Perth. Pity they don't do the Novice Loop like they have in years past. It is normally for the newbies or those that can't get around another 70kms. I remember it being very fast and flowy so a lot of fun to throw in a bit of 'racing'.

Well do to Jeremy and Rob and the entire IARC and all the sponsors and volunteers!!
14/Sep/20 10:01 am     #15405  
67 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Great ride to Jurien and back on fri/sat - no breakdowns of any kind (mechanical, physical or mental). Everyones contribution/effort/prep/participation made it flow really well so thanks to all. I half expected something or someone to go arse up but we made it 8 hrs each way without a problem. The only issue I remember (apart from Cervantes no longer having a beach) is someone jumping into the wrong and already occupied bed !! Ah well, what happens in Jurien stays in Jurien.

Players - Inver, Jack, Jacko, Jase400, XRAdam, XRCass.

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14/Sep/20 9:09 am     #15404  
135 rides: winged duck
husq mike's Avatar
Hey Bunga ,bad luck mate. Looks like you might join me on the sidelines for a while.
Hope not too bad.
14/Sep/20 9:04 am     #15403  
67 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Bunga - many happy returns - you are supposed to blow out a candle not blow out a knee !
14/Sep/20 7:57 am     #15402  
102 rides: Two Stroke Todd
Todd's Avatar
Pencil me in Jack for NC,,ill take Bungas spot ;-]
13/Sep/20 8:09 pm     #15401  
50 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Cheers Jack hopefully I can get an MRI on Monday to see how much damage has been done but Iím not expecting good news 😭
13/Sep/20 7:22 pm     #15400  
8 rides: Regular
DT200's Avatar
Booked in for Northcliffe
Looking forward to this one
13/Sep/20 3:18 pm     #15399  
71 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Also Bungaís 50th at 50yrs young.
Get that knee sorted Bunga and see you at NC.
13/Sep/20 11:01 am     #15398  
119 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Pounce it could be a double celebration of Jackoís 200th & Rossís 150th 🍻🍻🍻
13/Sep/20 9:56 am     #15397  
222 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
That's 17 so far for Northcliffe, this should keep Duncan at the pub happy.
Kudos for arranging this Jack.

If Jacko can hold off riding for the next 3 weeks, this will be his 200th ride.

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13/Sep/20 9:53 am     #15396  
222 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Great effort by the Ironstone Adventure Riding Club getting this years Capel 200 rescheduled & up & running.
Their biggest one ever with 270 riders doing the 75klm loop.
Some of us only got one lap in, others did 2 & someone even chickened out on their third loop even though they had time to spare.
Just goes to show that we can have huge events like this during the Covid pandemic if we do the right thing & keep it at bay.
13/Sep/20 9:42 am     #15395  
67 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Big thanks to everyone that attended this year JB 500
We had great run up and back no injuries or brake downs
Weather was spot on with not to much dust
Thanks to Cass for sorting out the accommodation and breakfast
And a big thanks to Adam and Helen for driving up and back with all our gear
Cheers Inver
13/Sep/20 8:44 am     #15394  
46 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
Hey fellas havenít been on a crusty ride in ages so Iíll see you all at Northcliffe
13/Sep/20 8:40 am     #15393  
119 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
I can hear him swearing from here Marty 😂

Jacko has a hold on the spare room we have for Northcliffe for now, if his missus canít make it it will be up for grabs if someone needs or wants it 👍
13/Sep/20 7:05 am     #15392  
76 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
Capel was awesome JNR, I was led to believe Hooters was working so couldn't make it, he must be spewing.
13/Sep/20 5:46 am     #15391  
53 rides: Good Terry or Bad Terry?
Twoody's Avatar
I'm in for Northcliffe Jack. Will camp in back of Ute.

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12/Sep/20 9:28 pm     #15390  
71 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
JB500 done and dusted.
Once I recover and can peel myself off the lounge a report will follow.

Thanks to Invar, Cass, Adam and Helen for organising yet another premier endurance sand ride.
12/Sep/20 9:04 pm     #15389  
50 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Thanks for a great camp out at Capel to celebrate my 50th guys. Unfortunately that snapping sound in my knee when I went down in the mud has got worse with the trip home. Off to the hospital in the morning to try and get an MRI to see what damage has been done. Hopefully have some answers on Monday and my room with en-suite maybe up for grabs down at Northcliffe if the news isnít good. Lots of pain and struggling to walk on the knee now 😱😭
12/Sep/20 7:26 pm     #15388  
119 rides: 🌭sausage king🌭
JNR's Avatar
Is it you & the missus Jacko? Or just you? Ring me tomorrow cause I think itís hard for couples to get a room itís nearly all booked out down there.
12/Sep/20 7:02 pm     #15387  
201 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Just back from the jb500. Fantastic ride with some awesome beach runs. Thanks to all involved. I'm feeling very sore now but it was worth it.
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