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11/Aug/19 7:49 am     #14027  
80 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
Thanks for the ride yesterday guys, conditions were perfect.
Big thanks to Jnr and tommy for leading, Mike and Jacko for sweeping.
Congratulations pounce on 200
See ya all next time
11/Aug/19 7:14 am     #14026  
96 rides: WRRob Mk II
JNR's Avatar
To all that came along for Pounce’s 200 thanks heaps was a good ride organised by Tommy & thanks to Jacko & Husky for sweeping.
Well done Pounce great effort & thanks for all your help at the Crusty’s over many years.
Thanks Tommy for baking a awesome cake & the beers to wash it all down while standing round the fire having a good yarn watching the boys warm up cause they got wet some how :))
I had to make a left turn near the cars to follow JB & Darren as they went the wrong way & JB was in just a normal car & could’ve easily got stuck, I saw Pounce turn right & not care as he was deserted during the ride & was probably pay back :)))

See you out the next one
10/Aug/19 6:33 pm     #14025  
89 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
The Capel 200 might be a bit over rated, but today the P200 had it all! Great tracks supplied by Tommy, A good lead and sausage sizzle from JNR, HM was a natural as sweep in his fluro jacket and everyone did a fantastic job of giving Pounce the slip at pony rock.
10/Aug/19 6:05 pm     #14024  
39 rides: Diehard
JB's Avatar
Thanks for the ride today, well done JNR for leading, cooking up a storm afterwards and saving me from sleeping in the bush for the night! Congrats Pounce on the double century. Great ride, cheers guys
10/Aug/19 5:49 pm     #14023  
204 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Today, I became a man amongst men.

Thanks Jnr & Tommy for the route with Mike & Jacko in the rear with all the others fighting for spots in the middle.
So much fun after being off it for this long & all parts worked like they were supposed to.
10/Aug/19 5:18 pm     #14022  
29 rides: Diehard
KTMike's Avatar
Thanks JNR for leading the ride and BBQ. Congrats on your 199 & 1/2, i mean 200th ride Pounce. Great trails with a great group, cheers HuskMike and Jacko for keeping us safe, super sweeps.
09/Aug/19 7:43 pm     #14021  
111 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Not going to be able to make it tomorrow so hope everyone has a great ride
Definitely want to get up there before the end of the year

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