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The RTRA took my baby away!
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29/Apr/22 2:22 pm     #16612  
316 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
I wish stuck in work 🙁
29/Apr/22 1:48 pm     #16611  
44 rides: Squid of the day
Jed77's Avatar
Hey Hoofhearted me and Flip/Clint are keen for tomorrow
See you in the morning 👍

Good to see your back on the good meds Junior👌
29/Apr/22 12:37 pm     #16610  
144 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Come up Tommy

29/Apr/22 11:22 am     #16609  
126 rides: Captain Fat Pants
Hooters's Avatar
Saturday will be great ride see y’all there
29/Apr/22 9:50 am     #16608  
316 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Hope you get well soon Jack looks like we might need to have a social night to catch up with the injured riders
29/Apr/22 9:25 am     #16607  
147 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
Get well quick Jack,we need more riders.
28/Apr/22 9:37 pm     #16606  
63 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
Bloody hell Jack mines nothing but a scratch in comparison. Hopefully a quick successful recovery
28/Apr/22 9:17 pm     #16605  
140 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
Thought you had gone a bit quiet Jack, stick to riding dirt bikes, its more fun and much safer than home reno. Rest up and then see you on the next one.
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