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31/Jul/20 1:37 pm     #15096  
115 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Campsite on Big Tree Rd is all good
31/Jul/20 8:38 am     #15095  
133 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
A word from your man on the ground.
Yesterday I had plumes of dust behind me while looking for new tracks.
A healthy 5mm of rain last night,so dust problem gone.

Pounce , I have plenty of old diesel if you wan't
That wood will be wet.
31/Jul/20 8:16 am     #15094  
195 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
See yas this Arvo
30/Jul/20 9:35 pm     #15093  
115 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Good going Inver ( Thumbís up emoji) if we could do on site :)
Looking like a fair crew turning up,should be a great time on and off the bikes and
No problems Flip.
30/Jul/20 9:34 pm     #15092  
133 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Inver, roast sounds good.
In this modern world with everyone going vegan,you might have have some left over.
I'm not , will help you out (:
30/Jul/20 7:56 pm     #15091  
63 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar
Iíll be heading down to the camp out Friday afternoon
Going to have a go at cooking a roast for Saturday night
It be about 6kg wouldnít be enough to feed everyone but will make good entree Iíll bring a couple dozen bread rolls as wel

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30/Jul/20 7:35 pm     #15090  
133 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Looks like someone is planning to camp out this weekend.
Caught them dropping wood at our spot (:
30/Jul/20 6:51 pm     #15089  
98 rides: Two Stroke Todd
Todd's Avatar
Onya Dazza, see ya's there
30/Jul/20 1:03 pm     #15088  
30 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
Weathers looking pretty good this weekend.
30/Jul/20 11:46 am     #15087  
214 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Dibs on following Flip
30/Jul/20 11:35 am     #15086  
2 rides: Player
Flip's Avatar
I'll join you for a night ride tomorrow with a +1 if thats ok.
29/Jul/20 7:23 pm     #15085  
62 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
See you Friday and SaturDAY ride.
Need to be home for SaturNIGHT.
29/Jul/20 5:09 pm     #15084  
21 rides: Diehard
Jed77's Avatar
Keen for Wokky Dazza, see yas Saturday morning
29/Jul/20 2:58 pm     #15083  
45 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
New chain and sprockets fitted 14/50. Sorry Pounce :} see you guys Saturday morning.
29/Jul/20 2:51 pm     #15082  
277 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
I'm in for the Friday night ride and everything else Daz should be a good weekend
28/Jul/20 3:23 pm     #15081  
214 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
No Excuses!

28/Jul/20 10:42 am     #15080  
64 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Cya sat morn Dazza
28/Jul/20 9:56 am     #15079  
105 rides: B1: BANNED (from the pub)
Hooters's Avatar
Yep sounds great Pikey, Iím in for sure. Have fun this week end think of me drilling holes :(
27/Jul/20 10:01 pm     #15078  
112 rides: Piss up in a brewery?
JNR's Avatar
Sounds good to me Husky :))
27/Jul/20 9:19 pm     #15077  
115 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Ok, for this weekend's campout - Friday night if there are those that are keen on a night ride, it is going to be a later start as work commitments may get in the way. Looking at on the bikes by 7-7:30pm. If you are keen for Friday night, post up or let me know. If Friday night doesn't work, can try for night ride on Saturday.
Saturday - be at the campsite by 8:30am, on the bikes by 8:45-9am. We will be doing the Mornington side first up but there has been some logging so there may be making it up as we go. Back at cars for top up and then hitting the Woky side tracks and trails. Normally we would be stepping it up for the afternoon session but will be more rider-friendly this time around.... :) Sunday morning - more of a trail ride, on the bikes by 8:30ish and back at the cars by 12pm so everyone can get home early enough.

We will be camping at the normal campsite off Big Tree Road and with Pounce getting to the site early on Friday, hopefully that works for us and no one has taken it. If not, there is another campsite that HM has found which is located off Sandalwood Road. Check in on Crusties site before you leave Friday/ Saturday or get in contact with me to confirm campsite.
See you on the weekend
27/Jul/20 7:50 pm     #15076  
45 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Mick I will bring another bottle of that smooth scotch we had at last years Nannup camp out to help celebrate your 101 ride
27/Jul/20 7:50 pm     #15075  
115 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Firstly thanks to Hooters for writing up a ride report for last Saturdayís ride and cheers to Pounce for getting to the camp site early for next weekend hopefully itís not taken and well done on MickKal getting to 100 rides and sounds like a plan HM
27/Jul/20 6:51 pm     #15074  
133 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Hooters and JNR .Probably going to call a Wokky ride in late Aug or early Sept.(Been a while since I called a ride)
Will start at the back up camp site to Christen it.
Can you let me know what weekends you are in Perth.
Dazz can have a well deserved break and join the pack.
27/Jul/20 6:25 pm     #15073  
133 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Converted my 7'x4' trailer to a 7'2"x4'.
Now I can close my tailgate with the bike in.
Been In the planning stage for years but it took the loss of old tailgate to make it happen.
Photo explains it.
27/Jul/20 6:09 pm     #15072  
101 rides: Superstar
MickKal's Avatar
Thanks guys and looking forward to ride 101 this weekend for the camp out.
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