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09/Sep/19 8:36 am     #14166  
72 rides: Legend
ktmshaun's Avatar
Dazza, the human GPS specialist. Too many superlatives to choose from so Iíll just say thanks mate. Thanks also to sweeps and Mike for the firewood. Good to have a quick blast on Sun and a beer back at the cars. Some great quality photos there!
09/Sep/19 6:16 am     #14165  
70 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
Cheers Ant, I'll check those out.
08/Sep/19 9:01 pm     #14164  
3 rides: Player
jinxy's Avatar
Great weekend fellas !!! Thanks to everyone attending, wouldn't change a thing about any of it. Looking forward to next weekend already...
08/Sep/19 7:27 pm     #14163  
92 rides: WRRob Mk II
JNR's Avatar
No point saying it all again and again but thanks Dazza for leading a great weekend & Marty for sweeps.
Awesome for Pikey & Jacko to pop in for shits n giggles.

Hooters the waxing session went really well, we all have vag...ís now that look like your head, thanks for the inspiration :)).

See you all soon & thanks for a great weekend everyone.
08/Sep/19 6:51 pm     #14162  
10 rides: Regular
Slates's Avatar
Big thanks to Dazza for leading and Marty for sweeping at the Woky camp out ride. Good bunch a blokes and a great ride. Thanks to all involved !
08/Sep/19 6:27 pm     #14161  
28 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
Best woky ever, I agree! Dazza put on a ride that we won't forget anytime soon. Hooters pretty much nailed everything so there's not much else to say except thanks Dazza for the best single track ever, and Martyn for sweeping.
Cheers to HM for bringing more wood and the injured Jacko for coming down just for the BS around the camp fire.
I hope Todd and Hooters had a good sleep and were pain free....

Added a few photos.

Martyn, Sony Vegas Pro 15 and DaVinci Resolve 16 are both available for free. If you have the time to learn either via Youtube videos they great for editing GoPro footage.
08/Sep/19 5:44 pm     #14160  
96 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Wow! What a great weekend. Dazz really laid it on for us this time. The weather was perfect the conditions the same due to big rain early in the week an the tracks an trails nothing short of awesome. Packaged as a tricky morning with an extreme loop in the arvo. Mmmm I think Dazz got some trails mixed up as the morning had some tech tricky hills snuck in there too! The morning trails were a great mix, USA Tommy had clutch drama and bailed after about half an hour. A couple of hills caught a few out and had us all wondering what the arvo had in store if this was the easy loop. Dazz managed to nail it with everyone feeling challenged and happy to try something a bit harder and getting it done, good job team! Back to the cars a bit later than planned about 2pm with 90 odd km done, we fuelled up and had a quick bite and headed back out for Ezberg several bailed on the arvo loop and the rumour was junior was holding a vag waxing lesson but thatís unconfirmed.....
The arvo loop was the best most challenging run Iíve done with the crustys itís kinda tricky as half the crew on lightweight 300ís and then thereís the iron men on the big bore 4 strokes hats off to all you guys on the big thumpers, solid effort and great result. The arvo was only 20km but every Kay was hard earned and great fun. Special mention for Tommy the old boar dragged that 450 places it wasnít meant to go and did it tough but got the job done- respect. We were all knackered and starting to make fatigue related mistakes so Dazz callled it and we bee lined back to the cars knocking the tops off beers about 4:30. What a great day, no real dramas, no injuries, a few offs, Pete kissed a black boy an tweaked the front of Katy but a spanner job sorted that. Big drive for USA Tommy, sometimes the bike gods are arseholes! I managed to stay up past 8pm many beers an laughs round the fire pikey an Jacko called in for a cheeky drink. I left my harden up pills at home an blew Sunday opps! Dazz cheers bro awesome weekend, wicked tracks an a fair bit easier for us Perth boys than Nannup roughly 2hrs drive from mine thanks to Martin for sweeping and everyone who fed me. A great weekend everyone chipping in helping each other and some massive hills conquered, go team.
Cheers boys, never too old to roost
08/Sep/19 4:14 pm     #14159  
86 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Mr Admin person could you pls make pic 10471 my new profile pic. Thanks.
08/Sep/19 4:10 pm     #14158  
44 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
Yep top weekend out woky thanks dazz really good trails especially the arvo loop was heaps of fun. Thanks Marty for sweep and all involved for an awesome weekend
08/Sep/19 3:38 pm     #14157  
70 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
Thanks for another great campout and ride at Wokalup. Well led as usual by DazzaM, it was good to see people walking back down the hills to help the strugglers, a true team effort.

What software is everybody using to edit Gopro videos, the Quik is a waste of memory?
08/Sep/19 12:20 pm     #14156  
201 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
Best. Woky. Eva.

Honestly that was, without overusing the word, awesome.
Dazza led a flawless first loop with a wee bit of everything in it.
Thanks to Dazza & all again & also to Marty for the sweep.

08/Sep/19 9:02 am     #14155  
80 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
Thanks for the wonky ride dazza, conditions were perfect. Great single trails.
How did the afternoon loop go ?
Thanks to all the guys that helped me on the hills.
Bring on jb ride next week, let's all pray for rain
07/Sep/19 7:44 pm     #14154  
86 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Thanks for the great Wokky tracks Dazza. The morning Loop was perfect for me, hope everyone enjoys the rest of the campout.
07/Sep/19 7:40 pm     #14153  
86 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar

Todds' Moneyshot
06/Sep/19 6:36 pm     #14152  
53 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Bugger, work has called me in for Saturday.
Have a great ride guys and drink heaps of booze to survive the cold night.
06/Sep/19 1:34 pm     #14151  
201 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar

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05/Sep/19 8:56 pm     #14150  
53 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
I will bring the chainsaw, but unfortunately canít stay overnight.
See you on Saturday morning.
05/Sep/19 7:34 pm     #14149  
86 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
See you Sat morning dazza at the usual wokky park spot. Surely the responsibility to bring a chainsaw must fall on one of those Husqvarna owners?
05/Sep/19 6:59 pm     #14148  
107 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Looking like we have a few turning up for the weekend
I presume that you all have read my post about what type of riding we will be doing for the morning and afternoon loops on the Saturday
If someone can bring a chainsaw would be good

So meeting and camping at the Big Tree Rd parking spot. Be there no later than 8:30am and want to be on the bikes by 8:45 am

We have had a fair bit of rain down here so best that your tyres are in pretty good condition
Weather is looking awesome for the weekend
See you all on Saturday morning :)
05/Sep/19 4:44 pm     #14146  
80 rides: Legend
CRFAndrew's Avatar
See ya all Saturday morning.
What time is boots on at camp spot

This post was edited on: 05/Sep/19 5:18 pm
05/Sep/19 10:35 am     #14144  
28 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
I'm heading down Friday arvo also Tommy. I'll grab a bag of wood.
05/Sep/19 6:57 am     #14143  
201 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
Well if Slates is going looks like I have to give him a lift.
04/Sep/19 8:13 pm     #14142  
257 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
I'm heading down on Friday after work with a few others if anyone else wants to come
04/Sep/19 7:42 pm     #14141  
10 rides: Regular
Slates's Avatar
Well if Toddís going Iím in !
04/Sep/19 4:12 pm     #14140  
92 rides: After 9pm Layabout Head Kicking Hairdresser
Todd's Avatar
Pencil me in Dazza for another great weekend
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