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11/Aug/22 8:25 am     #16923  
76 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Mick Iíll see Saturday morning
10/Aug/22 8:33 pm     #16922  
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Bunga's Avatar
It will save a top drop being poured on the ground or thrown up 🤣
10/Aug/22 7:16 pm     #16921  
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MickKal's Avatar

Ok Mark it looks like the ride is on for this Saturday then, its gunna be a Classic Compact Sawyers Valley sort of ride, Enduro Bikes only, Fuel for 90klms, bring a rain jacket, there will be a couple of medium hills and the ride will be about 40% single track. Stands up at 8:30. Pub will be open for a couple of coldies after. Not sure if I will bring the 300 or 500 for this one, mmm.

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10/Aug/22 7:13 pm     #16920  
114 rides: Two Stroke Todd
KatoTodd's Avatar
I'll be feeling good Sunday morning then 👍
10/Aug/22 5:48 pm     #16919  
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Bunga's Avatar
Cheeky Bastard
No single malt for you Todd 🖕🏻
10/Aug/22 5:27 pm     #16918  
50 rides: Fluro Legend
Gareth's Avatar
I'll be at woky Saturday morning for the ride plus 1
Might camp Saturday night
10/Aug/22 4:34 pm     #16917  
114 rides: Two Stroke Todd
KatoTodd's Avatar
I'll book mine,,as far away from Bunga's snoring as possible. ;-)
10/Aug/22 2:41 pm     #16916  
239 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Don't forget the Woky ride on the 20th guys, book your camping spot today to be sure you don't miss out.
10/Aug/22 7:57 am     #16915  
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MarkE's Avatar
Iíd be keen Mick. Need to do more riding out that way
09/Aug/22 7:18 am     #16914  
140 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
Thinking about going for a ride on Sat at Sawyers, anyone keen?
06/Aug/22 7:18 pm     #16913  
144 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Awesome ride today out at Julimar 👌 canít workout why Iím so knackered but crikey that beer was well deserved 🍻
The young lads smashed it all day the little buggers 👌
Looking forward to doing it all again soon in the best conditions out there 👍
Thanks to Tommy for sweep duties today 🤙
05/Aug/22 6:25 pm     #16912  
144 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
🙋‍♂️ Plus 3 more, see you there
05/Aug/22 6:21 pm     #16911  
316 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Sorry for the late notice but am going to Julimar tomorrow morning for a ride meeting at the usual spot at 8o'clock stands up 8.30 post if you are coming
31/Jul/22 4:39 pm     #16910  
158 rides: Sleeping Beauty 😴
WR Ross's Avatar
Thanks for the ride yesterday Mick always good to ride new tracks. As mentioned a little damage to my bike but was all patched up by the super sweep Jacko. Thanks Jacko, thought it was safest to head back to the car early as the front brake was still was a bit sus. catch you next time.
31/Jul/22 7:55 am     #16909  
217 rides: Poster Boy
Jacko's Avatar
Thank Mick, had a hoot yesterday. 90 ks. of great single trails and perfect conditions. There were a few minor repairs done along the way as well. Ross holed his alternator cover and bent the front disc in one hit. Thanks Matt for cooking the sausages.

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31/Jul/22 7:05 am     #16908  
76 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Pav welcome to crusty Iíll be in touch about the JB 500
30/Jul/22 9:31 pm     #16907  
144 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Thanks for the killa ride today Mick was plenty of awesome single trail to keep us smilin from ear to ear 👍
Thanks Jacko for sweeping once again & fixing all the lads bikes out to keep them going 👍
See you guys out there again soon.
30/Jul/22 9:05 pm     #16906  
1 ride: Player
Pav's Avatar
Hi all, I only just joined and new to the group, but am keen to hop along for the JB500. I've done the track a few times in recent years (not in this group) and would be cool to see how you guys do it.

Hopefully you guys will be keen to have me along, got a 17' WR450 with a fuel bladder so can make 110-120km of fuel range in the sand easily

30/Jul/22 6:47 pm     #16905  
140 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
I am in for the JB500.
30/Jul/22 5:34 pm     #16904  
140 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar

Isaac gets pic of the day for the single track overload ride. There was plenty of spills and thrills today with the relentless sections of single track taking their toll, Shaun managed to wipe out on two different trees and broke his front fender on the last one. Ross dropped it on a rocky section and put a hole in his clutch cover and bent his front disc. But then Super sweep Jacko used his legendary bush mechanic skills to fix both. While we taking a breather Kiwi put his Airoh helmet safely on the ground away from his bike but unfortunately his bike fell over and knocked over another bike which then crushed his helmet like an egg, ouch. Ross and Bert decided to play it safe and hit the tar back to the cars while the rest hit some more single and head onwards. We ended up with 89 klms on the clock and most were ready for a couple of beers by time we got back to the cars. Matt was a champ and cooked some snaggers for the crew, threatening Jnrs status as reigning Sausage King.

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30/Jul/22 7:33 am     #16903  
77 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Inver - I am in for Sunday at OVT
29/Jul/22 8:19 pm     #16901  
76 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
The JB500.
(Quinns to Jurien Bay - back the next day)
Fri 9th and Sat 10th Sept 2022.

500km of the finest West Australian Sand.

Leave 0800am Fri 9th Sept from Quinns Rocks, back about 1700 Saturday 10th Sept. Throw ya gear bags in ute and trailer. Beds, cooked breakfast and all fuel cost split between riders. About 8 hrs ride each way - some bush, some coast, some beach and a little tarmac so we can refuel. 95km max between fuel stops. Dinner at the pub and brekkie at the house.

More info - message Inver or XRCass ...
2021 JB 500 ride report

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29/Jul/22 9:23 am     #16900  
239 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
Every now & then I get nostalgic for the simple things us country folk don't have like electricity, restaurants & more than 3 people in any place at one time.
28/Jul/22 8:10 pm     #16899  
76 rides: 👴 Legend
Inver's Avatar
Unfortunately Mick I canít ride Saturday u are right I need to
Get on one of your rides

Pounce is the night life to quiet in the country so u need a weekend in Northbridge

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28/Jul/22 4:51 pm     #16898  
147 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
And there is more.
Talk about Crusty Diversity.
For the Southern folk this Sunday (when it might be fine)
T&E guys are doing a bit of a 'slick' ride around one of the potential 4 day courses.
I have been invited to join up, so have put it up for the CQ guys who not involved in the other rides.

Start will be around 10am. Small group so far.
I have been warned that it will be a fairly quick ride (approx 70ks) ,I suppose at upper level Crusty pace.

Contact me if anyone interested in details.
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