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01/Nov/19 7:58 pm     #14308  
29 rides: Diehard
KTMike's Avatar
See youz tomorrow gents, all good to ride.
01/Nov/19 6:30 pm     #14307  
180 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
See has all in the morning
31/Oct/19 12:13 pm     #14306  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
Jaw - Where did you get all this from? A little bit from here, a little bit from there, Lets go riding!!!!

You certainly created something that has put smiles on the faces of many riders. I mighty job considering what CQ has competed with over all these years in terms of all of the other sites, apps and distractions. I think it is a combo of the raw simplicity along with the added value of ride reports (the full history is there) the numbering of "players" and how you climb the ladder and the message board rather than those horrible Threads many others use.

Many others have tried and failed with only a few going the distance.

Most importantly are the long term friendships you help create bringing everyone together and they are more important than motorcycle riding.

Good onya buddy.
31/Oct/19 3:51 am     #14305  
125 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Algave ride.husq mike ,acid gloves,Marty and Steve.After our Spanish ride a couple of years ago we were pleasantly surprised to get a quality ride.Hill country not unlike our own.Eddy piked on a couple of hills but did take some good photos.The real bonus was that we came across some ISDE tracks.Managed to sneak a ride on a special test.
Bikes were Portugese and not too flash but finished the day.Some great close quarter riding with hm and Marty really made the day
Steve was a great lead with consistent to follow.We not popular as Stacey left with the twins all day.

30/Oct/19 5:38 pm     #14304  
101 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
JAW lives - good to hear from you.
Weather does look good. I'm in for Sat.
30/Oct/19 5:21 pm     #14303  
96 rides: WRRob Mk II
JNR's Avatar
Weather looks good for the weekend
30/Oct/19 5:43 am     #14302  
204 rides: Where's my bus pass?
Pounce's Avatar
Why isn't Stacey riding as well?
30/Oct/19 0:27 am     #14301  
125 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Hi all. Marty ,me and acid gloves are doing an Algave trail bike tour.should be fun.Portugese made bikes.It was emphasized that it is not a race.Where have I heard that tomorrow.
29/Oct/19 12:38 pm     #14299  
99 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Hey jaw if ya wanna join us for the anniversary ride Iíll lend ya a bike
29/Oct/19 0:18 am     #14298  
48 rides: Creator of Crusty Quinns
JAW's Avatar
Great to see you guys are still here. Lots of names I recognise too! Has it really been 20 years Col?! My old XR600 changed hands a few times and is currently getting around Darch as a street registered scrambler style bike. Amazing! I haven't ridden a bike since my last CQ outing in 2005. Fun happy times, made all the better being out with you guys! Best wishes and keep it rubber side down,
27/Oct/19 8:06 am     #14297  
99 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Iím in too boys ;)
26/Oct/19 7:32 pm     #14296  
39 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Tommy I will see how this coming week goes for me but if I can make it I will see you gents at the start line.
26/Oct/19 3:56 pm     #14295  
89 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
See you on Saturday Tommy
24/Oct/19 9:29 pm     #14294  
12 rides: Regular
Slates's Avatar
Iím keen Tommy, see you then.
24/Oct/19 7:23 pm     #14293  
29 rides: Diehard
KTMike's Avatar
I'm interested Tommy, will depend on if I'm fit to ride.
23/Oct/19 10:37 pm     #14292  
96 rides: WRRob Mk II
JNR's Avatar
Sounds good to me Tommy see you there ;))
23/Oct/19 10:03 pm     #14291  
261 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Calling a big bike ride on 2nd November from Sawyers to North Bannister then on to Jarrahdale and back to Sawyers you will need fuel for 170klm the round trip will be about 330klm
08:30 from Sawyers tavern
23/Oct/19 8:16 pm     #14290  
101 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Cheers Nathan.
21/Oct/19 7:59 am     #14289  
100 rides: Superstar
Nathan's Avatar
Good work Tiger.

Anyone heading to Pinjar his week, let me know.

I need to air out the Yzf.
18/Oct/19 4:57 pm     #14288  
101 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Haha. Cheers Ant. If you crack 100 in 8 years time, you'll beat my "record"...

This post was edited on: 18/Oct/19 4:57 pm
18/Oct/19 12:42 pm     #14287  
28 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
Congrats TigeR! Shame I missed out on that one.
I should hit 100 in about ten years. Save the date.
17/Oct/19 9:03 pm     #14286  
171 rides: LOL Crusty to the core
Roley's Avatar
20 yrs and still going strong - great to see. I look forward to celebrating. The ride reports bring back great memories.
17/Oct/19 10:00 am     #14284  
101 rides: Somewhere...
TigeR's Avatar
Cheers JNR. Yes Tommy can add baker to the list. You're not too far off yourself from a cake.
16/Oct/19 8:36 am     #14283  
96 rides: WRRob Mk II
JNR's Avatar
Congratulations Tiger you finally got there well done bud & thanks for all your help & support towards keeping the Crustyís alive.
Gotta say Tommy your getting good at pumping those cakes out ;))
15/Oct/19 9:04 pm     #14282  
111 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
At the end of this month myself,Inver and Jinxy are heading to Kalgoorlie to have a bit of fun and give the Kalgoorlie Desert Race ago. Nominations are still open if anyone else is keen. All the info you would be asking or needing is on the KDR website Iím looking forward to it and should be a great ride over two days.
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