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03/Sep/19 8:23 pm     #14139  
28 rides: Diehard
KTMike's Avatar
Can't make it this time Dazza due to injury. Next time.
03/Sep/19 4:14 pm     #14138  
31 rides: White Van Man
2slow's Avatar
Pea gravel is course sand.
03/Sep/19 2:47 pm     #14137  
72 rides: Legend
ktmshaun's Avatar
See ya Sat Dazza. Sounds good.
02/Sep/19 8:23 pm     #14136  
107 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Cheers for the offer Pete but I learnt my lesson last time, best leave the home brew alone specially if I want to ride on Sunday
Yep I got the whoop section sorted Inver, but down here we remove the sand and replace it with pea gravel :)
02/Sep/19 8:18 pm     #14135  
257 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
See you all at Woky should be a cracker
02/Sep/19 6:42 pm     #14134  
70 rides: Legend
Martyn's Avatar
I'm in for Woky. Conditions should be perfect.
02/Sep/19 3:12 pm     #14133  
38 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Would love to do the camp out but unfortunately family commitments. May have been able to build a better fire after my last disastrous effort.
02/Sep/19 7:52 am     #14132  
28 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
I'm in for the camp out.
02/Sep/19 7:34 am     #14131  
60 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar
Dazza is there going to be any sand and woops at the camp out ?
if not Iím not going

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02/Sep/19 7:03 am     #14130  
96 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Sounds great Dazz canít wait
01/Sep/19 7:21 pm     #14129  
44 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
Sounds great Dazz I will bail on Sunday though as I wonít be in any shape to ride.Also Iíve got a full flagan of home brew bourbon waiting with your name on it mate

01/Sep/19 6:27 pm     #14128  
107 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Hope all Dads had a great Fatherís Day today
Info for next weekends camp out ride ,and at this stage we are looking to have great weather for it.
At this point we will be camping out at the Big Tree Rd spot.If thereís a change I will post on the Thursday Saturday mornings loop will be around the 70/90 km 2 smokers may want to bring extra fuel for just in case. Morning loop should have enough single trails and hills to keep most happy
Afternoon loop we will be stepping it up and will be of an extreme loop, so not going to suit all. Going to consist of technical trails and hill climbs and if you have swingarm guards best put them on
Sunday mornings ride we can see what the majority want to do, Iíve got a couple of ideas of which tracks to do
Hope this helps and any questions give me a call

See you next weekend
01/Sep/19 6:07 am     #14127  
60 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar
Cheers to everyone who came out on yesterday ride conditions were spot on
I think we covered it all Sand,Whoops,open flowing trails, single track and even a water crossing
Cheers to Cass for leading and Jacko for sweeping
Hope the knee ok Jacko you get my vote for ROTD for finishing the ride there no stopping you
Bring on the JB 500

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31/Aug/19 7:44 pm     #14126  
20 rides: Diehard
Hazi's Avatar
Awesome ride today fella's, good mix of tracks with a bit of everything. Hope nothing too serious with the knee Jacko. Thanks to Cass and Inver for leading.
31/Aug/19 7:40 pm     #14125  
37 rides: Diehard
JB's Avatar
Thanks for the OVT / Julimar ride today guys. Well lead Cass, we had a bit of everything, single track, open sections and a loop round Julimar on the pea gravel, with a few bog holes thrown in for good measure. Hope the leg is ok Jacko and you are back on the trails soon, till next time, cheers guys
31/Aug/19 7:33 pm     #14124  
179 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Thanks Inver,cass for leading a great ride and jb and hazi for looking after me when I bent my knee sideways. Must have been running on adrenalin because my knee has seized up now.i will have to go to hospital tomorrow.
31/Aug/19 6:27 pm     #14123  
62 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Good call Inver - no rain today (get stuffed BoM) Ö just wet ground to hoon around on all day. I think everyone hit the ground/tree/creek at some point. 190km, bit of everything - cheers gents (Inver, JB, Jacko, Hazi). Bike maintenance next weekend for me and then the JB500 the following week.

(Hope the knees ok Jacko - they are not meant to bend that way.)

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31/Aug/19 12:04 pm     #14122  
96 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Hehe yup Ant, on any given Sunday ( or Saturday)
30/Aug/19 7:04 pm     #14121  
124 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Tommy ,I will miss this one.
Just got back from a wet 2day ride with a mate: Mandurah to Yalgoo and return.Three things came out of it.
1) The air hawk is a god send.
2) I can pick up the loaded DR and with 25 l of fuel on board.(with extreme difficulty of course).
3) I can now put up a 2 man tent without a dummy spit.
Needless to say ,I am in need of recuperation.
30/Aug/19 5:28 pm     #14120  
60 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar
See u all tomorrow

Bring a rain coat
30/Aug/19 4:38 pm     #14119  
28 rides: Weather Man
Ant's Avatar
Hooters idol

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30/Aug/19 3:19 pm     #14118  
179 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
I'm good to go inver, see ya tomorrow.
30/Aug/19 7:21 am     #14117  
60 rides: Legend
Inver's Avatar

Steve Mc Queen was onto it

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30/Aug/19 6:14 am     #14116  
257 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Thanks Tiger I'll see if I can get anymore takers first
29/Aug/19 5:01 pm     #14115  
37 rides: Diehard
JB's Avatar
Inver and Cass I will see you on Saturday. Save Eddie a trip out. Cheers guys
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