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30/Aug/23 6:01 am     #17396  
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See ya there Mick
29/Aug/23 8:14 pm     #17395  
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A ride starting from the back of the Sawyers Valley Tavern is on for this Saturday. Stands up at 8:30 and bring fuel for about 92klm. There will be plenty of single and a few medium hills so enduro bikes only.
13/Aug/23 10:16 am     #17394  
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Exactly what Mick said. The ride was so good I even posted on Facebook.

Thanks Hooters for making it happen. Special thanks to Cairnsy for a ripper lead, Andy for sweeping, everyone for the ride and Mick for the report.
13/Aug/23 9:36 am     #17393  
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Sawyers Valley Saturday Ride

Riders - Nathan, Hooters, MickKal, Jed, Allen, Bevan, Darrel, Kieran, Eddie, Simon, Ross, Dazzel, 2Slow Dave, DT200 Andy, Ian

The meeting point was the Sawyers Tavern and then we drove to the bush park up spot at 8.00. Nathan agreed to Lead the ride thru Flynn for the Crustys (after a bit of prodding from Hooters) and it showed that he obviously knew the area well because he led us thru some great tracks that we donít normally ride without having to use a GPS to find his way around. Impressive.

The ride was capped at 10 but it sort of blew out a bit to 16 riders which is a big group to lead but luckily there was no bike or rider dramas and so it all ended up flowing pretty good with Nathan at the front and Andy as sweep in the rear.

There were just enough hill challenges in to keep everyone interested but without going full on Erzberg on us. The first hill was probably the hardest with Dave and Hooters doing it easy while most others struggled a bit with a couple flips and offs that resulted in some good pics but luckily no injuries. And as always there was a crowd at the top of the hill to cheer on, mock and help out if required.

Good conditions, no rain and some cool new single-track sections made for a great ride. We only managed 60klms for the day but that was enough for most and so we all headed back to the cars for a beer and chat.
12/Aug/23 4:41 pm     #17392  
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Awesome day today big crew with no drama so got lucky there! Great ride
Cheers cairnsy & Andy
10/Aug/23 8:17 pm     #17391  
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Thanks Hooters i'll see you there
10/Aug/23 8:17 pm     #17390  
53 rides: White Van Man
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10/Aug/23 8:14 pm     #17389  
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Thatís it boys Saturday ride is closed
Dave is last VIP late entry

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10/Aug/23 3:30 pm     #17387  
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2023 JB 500
Quinns to Jurien bay
Date Friday 8th September
Saturday 9th September
This year JB 500 will be the same format as previous years.
Quinns to Jurien bay Friday stay the night in jurien bay we have hired a house for the night. Friday night we go to the jurien bay hotel for tea. Then on Saturday we do it all again on the way home
We all kick in and split the cost. There will be a 4WD taking all our gear to Jurien for us.
Numbers are capped at 15 we already have over 10 so get in quick.
For more information get in contact with
10/Aug/23 2:42 pm     #17386  
140 rides: Event Coordinator
Hooters's Avatar
Perfect Andy we meeting car park of sawyers pub then drive to park up spot
10/Aug/23 12:11 pm     #17385  
13 rides: Dick Turtle
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Hi Hooters I will tag along
I will sweep if you like
09/Aug/23 9:05 pm     #17384  
140 rides: Event Coordinator
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Ride is closed on fb post up or pm me weíre holding couple spots for non fb crew
09/Aug/23 7:04 pm     #17383  
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Well heís got F#%k else to do MickKal 🤣🤣
09/Aug/23 3:58 pm     #17382  
140 rides: Event Coordinator
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The ride is filling fast post up if ya wanna come Saturday
09/Aug/23 9:48 am     #17381  
140 rides: Event Coordinator
Hooters's Avatar
And ducking an weaving outta leading 😬😬
08/Aug/23 9:02 pm     #17380  
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I'm in for Sawyers Saturday Hooters. And I have to say that you have been doing a great job on rounding up the troops and also organising some top rides recently.
08/Aug/23 4:35 pm     #17379  
140 rides: Event Coordinator
Hooters's Avatar
Sawyers valley Saturday details to come
08/Aug/23 1:16 pm     #17378  
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Pikey lead a ride around the Wokalup area, sussing out some new tracks & trails, hence us getting lost.

Jack tried using AI for the report, so I thought I'd have a go too.
I had well over an hour of video so this was made using the video editing software's "AI" Auto Beat Sync where you chose a bit of music then the program chooses the "best bits" of all the footage (lol) & edits/syncs the video to the beat of the music.

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08/Aug/23 10:49 am     #17377  
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Wierd goings on.I posted a ride report yesterday.Its disappeared.
Start again.
Thanks for the 14 guys who turned up Sat to try and follow my GPS navigating skills on a new route.
It is harder than you think.
Guys like Tommy ,Pounce and Mikkal make it look easy.Not sure I was given the skills to actually ride a bike and look at the GPS at the same time.
Despite that,I had fun trying.
Apart from getting slightly off course a few times,there were only a few dramas.
Jed takes bad luck rider of the day,with broken headlamp and flat tyre.Shit just happens some rides.
We lost JNR ,Zac and one other for a while.Fortunately all ended well after we back tracked.They had the sense not to head off on a tangent.Stayed on the track and waited for us.
For the new guys ,a good lesson on what to do in that situation.We all had a god laugh when we met.
However ,they could have followed an incorrect track or headed down the main road.
Most of us, have seen what happens when riders think they are doing the right thing.The ride quickly turns to shit with one group not knowing what the other are doing.
Stay on the track and wait.
Finally, thanks to DT200 Andy for sweeping and handling the chaos when I missed the tracks and had to u turn.
07/Aug/23 4:43 pm     #17376  
53 rides: White Van Man
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Thanks Pikey for the Lead, Hooters for mustering the troops, Andy for the sweep and everyone else for making it a good ride. I haven't been on the bike since Capel so I needed it.

I might have to go on record and say I couldn't keep up with Marty even though he had no front brake :(
07/Aug/23 9:25 am     #17375  
337 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Thanks to Husq Mike for leading the ride around Wokey in perfect conditions with 14 other riders some I havenít met before and the usual ones like me with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning also well done to Andy for keeping an eye on us as sweep not the easiest job with a large group
07/Aug/23 8:33 am     #17374  
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Thanks Pikey for calling and leading a ride down at Woky, appreciated.
Great conditions down there but had a prick of a day myself with a few firsts.

First time smashing a headlight...on a p1ss weak slow corner as well.
First time getting a puncture on Tubliss.
First time closing the car door and breaking all the clips off my Hydrapack.

Was also the first time I've had a matching jersey and pants. Maybe the bike gods thought I looked too flash in matching gear and needed a humbling.

$40 delivered for a new KTM headlight at MXstore if anyone else has a mischief.

Cheers again Mike and Dt200 for the sweep.
07/Aug/23 5:30 am     #17373  
254 rides: ...more like bounce
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Thanks Pikey. Some good fast trails amongst that. Pics in gallery.
06/Aug/23 9:02 am     #17372  
2 rides: Jnr Jnr
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thanks for a great ride yesterday, well lead pikey and thanks for letting us stay.
05/Aug/23 5:36 pm     #17371  
104 rides: Jack of all bikes
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ChatGPT is the rage at the moment, so I thought I would give it a try for a ride report.
Just typed in key words and this story was generated.

HuskyMike, a skilled rider, took charge as the lead for the exciting adventure organized by Hooters. The destination was the thrilling Wokalup, where the crew gathered to embark on an unforgettable ride. The trail consisted of challenging single tracks, thrilling twin tracks, and steep hills that tested the riders' skills. Despite the cold 5-degree morning, the group of 15 riders eagerly set off on their journey. HuskyMike's impressive speed pushed the limits, providing ample opportunities for the riders to practice pivot turns. Unfortunately, Jed had a mishap, taking a tumble and ending his day with a flat tire. Amidst the excitement, we lost track of JNR and Zac, once found the crew continued on, covering a remarkable 64 kilometers of enjoyable riding. It was a fantastic day out, with an awesome crew, and special thanks to sweep Andy for his support throughout the ride.

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