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23/Feb/19 11:19 pm     #13483  
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Hello to my dear Crusty mates,

Biggles, a fantastic video! watched it and thought I can get back to riding again all up to the 8.30 minute stage and then the real action started. It was at that point I realized I will never be able to do this type of thing again :-(

I have had an accident at work that fractured my spine. No biggie, I'll live. Recovering well. Further testing has discovered I have a major problem with my bone regeneration not keeping pace with the bone loss that occurs naturally in the body. Explains the many bone fractures I sustained in my time with the CQs. I just cant risk it not only for myself but also for the position it could put my fellow riders if it was far from base. Have to say it was well worth it for the total enjoyment I had meeting some true legends and the places we traveled together and adventures we had - thanks you all. The politics and "clicks" got me down a few times but that's just part and parcel of being part of a group, not everyone will see eye to eye all the time.

Being that it is time to hang up the boots I want to pass on my GPS (E-Trex 30) with all my personal tracks and many CQ rides to a dedicated CQer. Not giving it away but a $100 donation to the site and a carton of EMU for me would be more than fair. I have my bikes and some PPE I am still deciding on and will post when I have some more time to think but this track info needs to go to a good cause so it is start.

Not excluding anyone but special thanks to Mick450, the legend Tommy, TiGer, Colin, Pounce and all hail our creator JAW who I never got the pleasure to meet. Long live this remarkable website.

Happy trails guys.


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23/Feb/19 5:37 pm     #13482  
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22/Feb/19 9:29 am     #13481  
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If you didn't have a dumb name JNRiOr you would know who I am talking about. I have made a request for the high speed Drone to follow you the entire ride and provide me with a summary of your behaviour.

Have a good one mate.
21/Feb/19 2:37 pm     #13480  
83 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Hey Col whoís Jrn ? If i c him Iíll tell him youíve requested him to behave:)).

On the other hand I have a new back tyre :))

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21/Feb/19 11:58 am     #13479  
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Colin's Avatar
I better not hear any bad reports about you Jrn!! Going over 55 KPH or spinning your rear wheel excessively.
19/Feb/19 5:37 am     #13478  
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JNR's Avatar
Will b heading out on the big bikes for a Adventure ride with some of the PAR group on the weekend, itís a camp out ride, they will b leaving Friday but I will catch up with them Saturday somewhere to join in & test a few new things out, for details look on the PAR site for The Little Adventure weekend ride & join in if ya keen.
18/Feb/19 12:23 pm     #13477  
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Ant's Avatar
Looks good Biggles! Nearly lost ya head around the 11min mark haha
18/Feb/19 10:25 am     #13476  
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Biggles's Avatar

Sorry guys canít normally make the Saturday Crusty rides, Sundayís only these days.

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18/Feb/19 8:02 am     #13475  
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XRCass's Avatar
Enjoy Bremer Bay ride guys. Have already got plans that weekend so no can do...
15/Feb/19 1:53 pm     #13474  
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MickKal's Avatar
Sounds like a good ride mike but cant make it. Enjoy the fresh air out front.
15/Feb/19 12:55 pm     #13473  
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GeordieBaz's Avatar
Would Love to come KTMike but working tomorrow
09/Feb/19 6:57 pm     #13472  
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KTMike's Avatar
Calling a skinny bike ride, Saturday the 16th at Sawyers Vally. Single trail combined with fast flowing, a few hill climbs to keep it honest. Guarenteed dust and disaster with the element of fun. Meet at Sawyers Pub car park for 8 AM stands up. Note also posted elsewhere for numbers.
04/Feb/19 8:54 pm     #13471  
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GeordieBaz's Avatar
Great Ride MickKal and Tommy, some great sections and some that were hard work but I enjoyed it all. Both rider and bike a few KGs lighter when I got back to the carpark. Me from sweat and the bike from missing parts. Looking forward to the next ride. Cheers guys.
03/Feb/19 4:18 pm     #13470  
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Tommy's Avatar
Thanks for the ride today Mickkal and Baz yes it was dusty and lots of whoops but thatís what you have to expect at this time of year and at Metro
Also good photos Mickkal
03/Feb/19 3:42 pm     #13469  
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MickKal's Avatar

Middle of Metro ride report

Riders MickKal, Tommy, Baz

I had two options for the today's ride around Metro Rd and I gave Tommy the pick of what he thought would be the least whooped out. Tommy choose option B and so we met up at the Rock inn and then headed to the middle area of Metro. First problem was that Metro road itself was shit, and after a few klms of pounding my 300 came loose and fell over in the back of my Ute. The decision was then made to find the nearest park up and ride to the loop.
All good from then on and the tracks got better the further south we went, then we came across metro hill and if you believe the photos Tommy must have done a mono all the way up the hill. Baz also lifted the front wheel on the hill but unfortunately I missed the pic because I was to busy trying not to get run over. We did an old enduro loop which looked like it had not been used for a long time. Temps were not to bad but most of us had enough of the whoops and dust by the end and I skipped the last few klms of single to head for the cars and a couple of beers. Thanks for showing up Tommy and Baz
02/Feb/19 10:33 am     #13468  
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pete450's Avatar
Hi everyone Iím selling me bike if anybody is looking.2015 450 exc plenty of extras and well looked after lic5/19 4500kms $7500 ph0407660195 cheers Pete
01/Feb/19 9:04 pm     #13467  
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MickKal's Avatar
FTA I am glad to see you are still alive. Recently when I took the new 300 out for a ride it hit reserve at 60klm so a Fuel Tanker is always going to be a welcome addition to any ride. 6:00 meet at the rock inn on sunday to drive to the park spot.
01/Feb/19 7:33 pm     #13466  
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Fueltanker Allen's Avatar
Will check the bike tomorrow and will ride with you Sunday.
01/Feb/19 1:24 pm     #13465  
248 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Hi everyone and a happy new year and Australia day
Yeah Mickkal I'm up for a ride on Sunday see you there
01/Feb/19 12:57 pm     #13464  
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MickKal's Avatar
Anyone up for a skinny bike explore ride on Sunday north of metro rd, I want to map out a single track that we came across recently? 75-80klm, forecast is for 30 degrees, early start.
26/Jan/19 10:45 am     #13463  
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25/Jan/19 10:19 am     #13462  
15 rides: Regular Hillbilly
GasGasLex's Avatar
Hello fellas, Yes the Bremer Bay long weekend is on, just keeping it low Key. Richard and the crew will be staying at Tozers Bush Camp from lunchtime Friday until Monday some time and heading out on half day rides from there if you want to hook up .
23/Jan/19 9:31 pm     #13461  
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Inver's Avatar
Myself and the family will be heading down to Bremer Bay as well
If your never ridden down there it some of the best cost line you will ever see

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23/Jan/19 12:20 pm     #13460  
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Firstly. Well done to Pounce,HM,Jnr on the Loas ride. Good to see your all back safe,its a great part of the world to be able to go riding in and to experience the different culture.

Second. Good going Hooters on the Bali ride and the videos. Im going to put that one on the to do list.

Third. I have booked in down at Bremer Bay for the March long weekend as we have done for the past few years I have spoken to one of the local boys that normally put on a ride at that time but they are not to sure what there doing, but we have been down there a few times now and i have a pretty good idea about the tracks. So if you're wanting to come down best book accommodation as the caravan was getting pretty full. We are staying same place as last year and its the park on the beach front. We will down on the Friday ride Saturday/Sunday back home on the Monday
If you want more info give me a call
23/Jan/19 7:19 am     #13459  
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