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13/Nov/19 4:56 am     #14335  
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Jase400's Avatar
PAR ride this coming Sunday the Dwellingup 300. Kicking off from Caltex Byford 8AM or Dwelly Pub 10AM approximately. Doing a loop down through the Murray. Big bike friendly at PAR pace. KTMike has thrown his hand up to help lead and can hit some harder trails in the Arvo on the way back to Byford. Bring lunch and might head for a swim too.
11/Nov/19 9:15 pm     #14334  
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DazzaM's Avatar
Terry’s Back
Cheers to Cogers,Dave,Pete and Terry himself for coming out on Sunday for a ride out out Caple It’s been well over a year since Terry thrown a leg over a skinny bike and ridden back home as he has spent a lot of time on his 690 while travelling. So it was great to have him back and see him out on a new 350
Unfortunately the rain we had a while ago has disappeared from the dirt and back to dusty rides again, but it’s still good to get out and have a thrash on the bikes. More back burning has been going on at Caple and causing a bit of damage to some good tracks especially when they put a grader through. Just means go to spend some time and piece together new loops
The boys at Bunbury KTM looked after me and let me have a new 2020 300 TPI to have a play on. Definitely a smooth bike a good power delivery and the new suspension is very swish
I think we did around the 80/90 Kay’s and that was enough for Terry and his first ride back and the weather was starting to warm up so some cold beers at the car sounded good
Cheers again
11/Nov/19 7:01 pm     #14333  
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2slow's Avatar
Thanks for the ride at Capel everyone. Thanks Daz for the lead and Terry for sweeping on the new 350cc broom.
A dusty ride is better than no ride and it was good fun.
11/Nov/19 12:54 pm     #14332  
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cogers's Avatar
Cracking ride Sunday morning. Thanks again Dazza for leading. Great to see the big fella Twoody back on his new war horse. And Pete450 and 2Slow topped off another top shelf CQ ride.
11/Nov/19 8:01 am     #14331  
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pete450's Avatar
Great ride out Capel yesterday thanks dazz for leading,while the rest of us played around behind.Yes was pretty dusty but we’re not riding road bikes.Great to have terry back in the saddle enjoying his new 350,good on ya mate.cyas next time
10/Nov/19 2:59 pm     #14330  
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Inver's Avatar
Kalgoorlie Desert Race

Thanks Dazza for doing a good job on the right up.

Its an grate event and as Dazza sad its a lot closer than finke
Good time had by all and it was good to meet Jinxy
cant wait for the next one

Cheers Inver

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10/Nov/19 2:39 pm     #14329  
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Inver's Avatar
JAW thank you for creating something that we all enjoy so much
09/Nov/19 3:06 pm     #14328  
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See yas in Capel fellas,no way I would miss a ride and catch up with terry.Looking forward to it :)

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08/Nov/19 9:14 pm     #14327  
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DazzaM's Avatar
Thanks Jaw for what you have done and hope to see at the 20 anniversary

For those that don’t know Twoody is back. Terry has gone and got himself a new 350, so we are going out on Sunday to help run it in. Going to go out Caple way if anyone else is keen
Give me a call or txt and I can let you know where we will be meeting
08/Nov/19 12:00 pm     #14326  
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Bunga's Avatar
I must say although I haven’t done a lot of rides over the time I have been on the site the guys I have meet and formed friendships with have made it a fantastic place to enjoy a like minded hobby. Also the wives are great fun to catch up with when we have the Christmas get together. Thanks to all members who have kept this group going and continue to do so into the future.
07/Nov/19 7:33 pm     #14324  
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Tommy's Avatar
Well Jaw as the guy with the most ride points so far I feel that I have benefited the most from this site and owe you and everyone else that I have met here so much so THANKS
07/Nov/19 10:59 am     #14323  
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TigeR's Avatar
Good stuff JAW. As Jacko said, you nailed it first up.

You were certainly ahead of your time in your thinking back in 2000.
Proper social media!

See you at the 20th anniversary bash in 2020.
06/Nov/19 5:38 pm     #14322  
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Jacko's Avatar
Onya jaw,ya nailed it first up. We wouldnt change a thing.
05/Nov/19 8:24 pm     #14321  
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JAW's Avatar
Col - TigeR - yep, I'm glad CQ is still making riding happen. Although, in 2000 when I wrote this, I should have been writing Facebook instead :-) All that I wanted was a place where we could post a ride report (because who doesn't like to talk about/relive a ride), send messages to each other, and the points system because it's always a competition. Ticked off all three, in the process learnt how to not write a website. Thankfully Tige sorted out the worst of it.

We once talked about going to a forum but nah, even way back then I thought it was pretty clear it's not what people wanted. Too hard, and not much fun.

...I think everyone thought I was nuts in the early days, when there were no cameras on phones, heck, no such thing as a smartphone, so I carried around a "little" digital camera while riding "Hi there, I'm JAW, we are Crusty Quinns, wanna ride with us? Here, let me take your photo for the web." But it was what I wanted, a place where nobody is a stranger, we could all "meet", take the piss out of each other, all the while looking out for each other, have fun.

Hooters - thanks for the offer mate, but I stuffed up my neck a few years back on "those other bikes what don't have motors". I stay away from two wheels now.

But it's great to stop by from time to time and see you blokes still at it, strong as ever!
05/Nov/19 7:53 pm     #14320  
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Hooters's Avatar
Sounds great few drinks on me then and I still beat junior to 100! Such a happy day ;)
05/Nov/19 5:03 pm     #14319  
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Pounce's Avatar
Hey Mr Hooters, it looks like your 100th will be the Xmas drinks unless you can get out & have a ride before hand.
04/Nov/19 10:09 pm     #14318  
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DazzaM's Avatar
Kalgoorlie Desert Race
Myself , Inver and Jinxy and a go at KDR a couple of weekends ago and this would be my take on the race the other boys might have a different view but couple of things we would agree on, man was it dusty. I was still blowing out dust boggers out of my nose 7 days later and getting stuck behind a quad in those conditions is no fun.
Myself and Jinxy got there on the Thursday before the race and on the Friday we did a lap around the Prologue loop in the ute with Inver rocking up on the Friday afternoon. Friday evening was scrutineering along with the street parade in Kalgoorlie. This gave the locals a chance to have a look at the bikes and race buggies, while that was happening we decided that a meal down the pub was a good idea.
Saturday we got to do one sight lap of the prologue loop before being sent off in two's to see what time we did it in so as to get our placing for the first lap of the main loop. So Saturday afternoon we line up again to start the main loop. We were sent off in two's a minute apart which gave you just enough space to keep out of the riders dust in front as long as you were keeping the same pace. Catching up to the guy in front was when the fun began, as it was pretty hard to pass with the dust being so bad, you just couldn't see and the track had a lot of corners. In most cases you had to wait until you came across a bit of a straight and give it a hand full of throttle and hopefully you could a make a pass, sometimes the dust cleared through the corners and you could make a pass. Sometimes things went your way and you managed to get a clear run at passing but that was not very often. Jinxy found that getting stuck behind a quad was no fun and while trying to make a pass came off and ended up getting ran over by a bike following behind him. Luckily no damaged and he didn't get hurt and was able to get going again. Inver was having his own battles racing guys through the dust and just as he would get pass one and get some clean air then he would catch the next guy in front and have to do the same all over again. I was lucky enough to get a clear run after the fuel stop and thoroughly enjoyed the dust free run.
Sunday was the same except we were up early ( 5:15am riders meeting) and sent out before the race buggies. There was a couple of nasty accidents on the bikes in the Sunday morning loop which held things up for awhile while the guys got choppered out. I managed to stack it with three corners to go and i thought my race was done looking at the bike, but after getting it back to the pits and replacing a couple of bent parts, the bike was all good for the last lap. We were back on the bikes around lunch time for our last loop of the KDR, which we all made it back in one piece.
I thought the track was good and it had a bit of everything. From you slow sections to your flat out fast as your bike would go. The guys did a good job of sign posting the track , but with the dust it was a case of riding to the conditions, if you had the balls to ride fast through the dust and take the risk then you did pick up extra time.. i didn't think it was worth the risk in most cases. Each loop was about 120 km i think. After the fuel stop it seemed it didn't take long to get back to the finish line.
Its a well organised event, yes it had a few hiccups as they all do but i think this race will get bigger as the years go by. Will i go back... yeah, i enjoyed it and it's a lot closer than the Finke, and while its still a tuff ride, not to the same extent as the Finke.

Big Thanks goes to Inver's wife Sarah, Sam and Noel who did an awesome job at the fuel stops and provided lots of laughs, few stories to tell about those, Inver and Jinxy can tell them.
Cheers to Inver and Jinxy for coming along and sharing in a great weekend of racing out in the Kalgoorlie desert. Same time and place next year...?
03/Nov/19 7:47 pm     #14317  
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TigeR's Avatar
Thanks Tommy - we had it all. From a KLX250 to a BMW 1200 that wisely bailed after the first single track. A gift to get those conditions at this time of year. You managed the group brilliantly and tailored as needed.

Good to have a good CQ turnout and a bunch from PAR.

Welcome onboard Jason, get Ryder signed up as well. CQ next generation.
03/Nov/19 12:28 pm     #14316  
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Hooters's Avatar
Good ride yesterday Tommy cheers. t’was a good idea to stash jinxy’s bike, It was about 70km back to the pub we took 2 cars back to the stash spot on Yarra Rd, just in case, but there were no further dramas, thanks for sweeping tiger see ya’ll next time
03/Nov/19 11:19 am     #14315  
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MickKal's Avatar
Another good lead by Tommy with some late track changes that worked out well for everyone. We started out with 20ish riders which then dwindled down to 9 for the last leg which made for a good cruise back to Sawyers with out any drama. Welcome on board Jason. Thanks Hooters for the earplugs, I normally like to ride once a fortnight but if I am going to use those I will have to change to once a month :)

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03/Nov/19 11:18 am     #14314  
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Hazi's Avatar
Awesome ride Tommy, real good mix of tracks and you put it together well with the mis haps that happened along the way. I had a great time and thanks to Tiger / Mick for sweeping. Nice to have some rain in November to keep the dust down.
03/Nov/19 10:54 am     #14313  
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Tommy's Avatar
Thanks for the ride yesterday guys its not much fun without good mates to ride with we didn’t make it to the Jarrahdale pub for lunch but the Rock Inn is the next best thing you can never plan for all the things that happen with a big group of 20 riders but I think it all worked out good in the end.
Thanks to TigeR and Mickkal for helping keeping everyone together with sweep duties
03/Nov/19 7:45 am     #14312  
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Jacko's Avatar
Thanks boys,had a blast yesterday. Great conditions with a good mix of trails and a lot of water and mud. My knee held up quite well but getting to the rock inn was enough for me.
03/Nov/19 6:58 am     #14311  
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Jase400's Avatar
Hey guys I'm on board, can see plenty of familiar names and rides where I have had the pleasure of riding with and meeting Crustys. Probably one of the first a few years back with MickKal joining in a Moondyne run when I was first figuring out where to ride in Perth other than round in circles in the Gnangara Pines..... Then Hooters on the infamous Holland Track Dash.

Thanks Tommy, TigeR & MickKal for the ride yesterday, brilliant we didn't have the dust, had a blast and great to see a few guys haven't caught up with for a whilst with life getting in the way of living. See you on the next one!

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02/Nov/19 9:06 pm     #14310  
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Thanks again Tommy for leading a great ride given the challenges. Thanks to tiger and MickKale for sweeping and all the Crusties brave enough to show for today's ride, 8 Crusties in a group of 20. My first ride in a while, enjoyed very minute. Cheers
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