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23/Nov/18 7:32 pm     #13345  
74 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Nice upgrade Darin, a sexy beast as far as adventure bikes go.
23/Nov/18 1:54 pm     #13344  
35 rides: double secret probation
Bunga's Avatar
Looks very snazzy mate you can tell me how much you ripped off the previous owner tomorrow night during Xmas drinks.
23/Nov/18 11:57 am     #13343  
91 rides: Support vehicle driver
X's Avatar

Had a stroke of luck and managed to get this baby at a great price, bring on the adventure.

Reluctantly the Beemer will have to go but I have really liked it, especially on flowing trails.

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22/Nov/18 8:50 pm     #13342  
28 rides: White Van Man
2slow's Avatar
Thanks Mike for leading and for providing the meeting spot. It was good to get a mid arvo mid week ride in. It was dusty but riding in dust is better than not riding at all. Thanks Ken for inspiring the ride and Todd for coming along. See you on the next one.
22/Nov/18 8:30 pm     #13341  
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KTMike's Avatar
Fun ride this afternoon, Cheers Fellas
22/Nov/18 7:26 pm     #13340  
3 rides: Player
Kennyv11's Avatar
From Dust 'till Dark.
Riders: 2Slow, Kennyv11, KTMike, Todd V (The dirt rooster).
Met up at KTMike's place and made our way off.
Very, very dry and not a lot of grip offered and the first hill from the road proved a little challenging.
Any accelerating out of the corners had to be carefully applied as the back wheel spun straight away and gave a lot of dust off.
KTMike had a few rests through the single track and the stops were welcomed.
It was trying to rain but without success.
Due to the dust, I went through one corner at warp speed and just picked a line through the blackboys and hoped for the best.
Back to KTMike's for a few lighties and we all made our way home.
Thanks for the ride Mike.

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22/Nov/18 7:17 pm     #13339  
99 rides: Legend
DazzaM's Avatar
I was hoping to make it for drinks at the Vic but looks like im going caravan hunting on Saturday cause not only did i have to upgrade my bike for Finke next year, looks like i have too update the van as well ( Marisa's request)
So if you know any one looking for a camper van that's in really good condition give me a call. Its a Coromal F 400 it's up on Gumtree or if you know anyone that's interested in selling their van we are looking for a caravan thats up to 20 ft long, that's sleeps 4 and has a ensuite.
Hopefully we are still around later in the afternoon and can call in for a drink

22/Nov/18 3:45 pm     #13337  
61 rides: Rib Tickling Funny Bloke
Rothy's Avatar
See youís sat nite ;))
22/Nov/18 0:01 am     #13336  
88 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Yup us too
21/Nov/18 8:42 pm     #13335  
245 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
We will be there about 6.30
21/Nov/18 5:07 pm     #13334  
196 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
What time are we htting The Vic?
20/Nov/18 10:00 pm     #13332  
28 rides: White Van Man
2slow's Avatar
Iíll be there Mike
20/Nov/18 9:37 pm     #13331  
17 rides: Regular
KTMike's Avatar
Calling a mid week ride from Byford (Dust to Dark) Thursday 22nd, stands up 2pm.
Will be similar to the "no warm up ride" with a little exploring hopefully to find more interesting terrain.
Contact me for the meeting point.
19/Nov/18 8:34 pm     #13330  
78 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Hahaha Cass thatís a classic bit of bush mechanics right there but then again it doesnít surprise me, youíll do anything to make it back to the OVT for the skimpyís.

Iíve got quite a few repairs to do to the 690 before she heads out again so Iíll b done till the trip otherwise Iíll have no time to get ready so u can keep ur pegs but thanks for the offer bud ur a legend.
19/Nov/18 8:14 pm     #13329  
56 rides: Vintage Motorcycle Rider
XRCass's Avatar
Hey JNR - I hear ya about foot peg bolts. I broke mine about a month back and had a 10km sandy whooped out ride back to the road followed by 20km of blacktop back to OVT.

I can lend you my backup set if you like (pic 10153) - they also double as a tyre lever.
19/Nov/18 7:56 pm     #13328  
245 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Thanks to all for coming along for the Adv ride to Nannup itís the company that make trips so much fun also good to catch up with Martyn and DazzM for a drink on Saturday night.
The Nannup pub is a grate place to stay but be careful and stay away from room 3 funny things happen there.
19/Nov/18 5:44 pm     #13327  
169 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
What happened to the hog award?
19/Nov/18 4:16 pm     #13326  
118 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Good call Pounce.The DR is not the EXC in sand.

However ,I doubt "she'll be all apples now" is going to work for the aged DR.

I would ride (trailer it) to Mr Suzuki.
But I am slack.
19/Nov/18 3:32 pm     #13325  
169 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
i cant believe that pounce, it sounded pretty terminal at the end i thought some engine parts were about to exit the exhaust pipe.
had a great weekend to and from nannup, lots of laughs with a great bunch and handy having the camp ground so close to the pub.
19/Nov/18 12:32 pm     #13324  
196 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
What dust!
Again, another great ride on tracks that are "more or less what we did last time but not really, they're totally different"
So, the sneaky ambush to get me to ride sand on the way back was foiled by me brilliant idea to pretend my bike needed to get the trailer back to Perth.
My mate rocked up at 12 & as we went to load the bike, I thought I'd show him the problem. The bastard of a thing fired up on first crank & sat there idling, mocking me. I could hear the laughter hidden, buried away in the sound of the exhaust.

Good mates, good roads & good beer, all you need for a relaxing weekend.

Thanks all

(seems we can't upload photos ATM, bear with us)

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19/Nov/18 10:59 am     #13323  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
XRCas - I didn't realise that was you mate! Glad you got out on a PAR.

As he said - Top gear sweeping right hand up hill rocky section on the fastest part of the power lines coming home and I heard the front tyre blowout and within 0.5 sec I had hit the ground. Whether its CQ or PAR this is why we ride with out mates. The boys had my bike sorted in no time and after a couple of pain killers managed to ride home (Slowly).

I cant believe how lucky I am but no broken bones just lots of soft tissue damage. A cant lift my arm away from my body and my wrist is very swollen. My legs and arse ae covered in bruises all is intact.

I don't think I will ride for a few weeks!!!! BLoody motorcycles.
18/Nov/18 9:14 pm     #13322  
74 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Thanks for leading a great ride Tommy and everybody else who turned up, It was good to go beyond wokky and see some new tracks and also some others around the collie area which I used to ride as a teenager. The Nannup pub is a great overnight destination for an adventure ride and I will be looking forward to the next one.
18/Nov/18 9:03 pm     #13321  
74 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Yes Jnr I also saw a creepy almost naked skinny old guy wandering around the verandah in the early hours of the morning, he looked a bit disorientated like he had just fallen off a roof or something?
18/Nov/18 7:13 pm     #13320  
78 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Awesome ride over the weekend down to Nannup & back, thanks heaps Tommy it was just what I needed after a crap week at work & we all took turns in sweep duties.
Good to have some shits n giggles with everyone on Saturday night at the pub & was good to see Daz for a beer n feed also.
Iíve heard stories it was someoneís b-day so happy birthday MickKal u must have a great gal to let u do ur thing with the lads.
Today I learnt u shud not try jump a 690 like a skinny bike & bottom out on a rock to smash the safety switch/plug for the stand & snap the foot peg bolts off. She still made it hm tho but my boots have 4L of water in them :)).
Pounce glad u got hm also bud.

We also saw the ghost that haunts the Nannup pub, heís a very skinny looking old bloke that runs around in his jocks lol, did anyone else c him? Never book room 3

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18/Nov/18 3:34 pm     #13319  
118 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Nannup with no name yet. OR
No one mentioned sand.

Mickkal,Pounce, JNR ,Jacko ,Tommy and HM;
Thanks for picking me up on the way through and back guys.

Had a great ride,but I'm afraid HM is still on "P" plates with the DR.
Tommy pushed out some great tracks ,but threw in a sneaky sandy loop on day 2.
HM; like a first time novice performed a slow motion get off seen by all.When the DR starts to go down ,it goes down.

The other few incidences will be more than adequately covered in the ride report.

Was I the only one unaware of a birthday occurring yesterday for one of our crew.
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