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02/Jun/19 10:09 pm     #13700  
21 rides: Diehard
KTMike's Avatar
Cheers Tommy for organising another great ride, unfortunately was unable to camp, however had a good chat to everyone around the fire before heading home. Two stylish offs during the one ride gets my vote for SOTD. Awesome support by JNR for sorting a new set of bars for Tommys bike, gets my vote for ROTD.
Great catching up with everyone again, and washing the dust down over a story or two around the fire.
Cheers KTMike
02/Jun/19 8:55 pm     #13699  
79 rides: Legend
MickKal's Avatar
Great camp out ride and thanks to Tommy for organizing it. Looking forward to seeing Ants gopro footage of the carnage at the quarry. Tommy showed us thru a couple of new tracks outside of our normal riding area and Hooters showed us a new creek trail right next to the carpark. Plenty of dust around but Hooters provided lots of cold Bush Chooks to wash it down so all good. Two clear winners, ROTD for JNR and SOTD Tommy.

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02/Jun/19 8:32 pm     #13698  
25 rides: Diehard
Ant's Avatar
One point is better than no points Jnr! Iíll take what I can get.
You must deserve a second point for driving out to the store to pick up the new set of handle bars!
02/Jun/19 7:44 pm     #13697  
87 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Oh forgot one thank you, Tommy thanks heaps for going way out of your way & doing the fuel drop for everyone.
02/Jun/19 7:32 pm     #13696  
173 rides: Mud Crab
Jacko's Avatar
Thanks tommy and boys for a great weekend of riding with tommy providing the trackside entertainment with two spectacular stacks. The second one snapping the right handlebar clean off.surprisingly he magivered it back on and finished the ride. Amazing. The rain is coming.
02/Jun/19 6:43 pm     #13695  
120 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Thanks for organising the ride.
Been a while and i needed to get some mojo back and have a few track laughs.

By the second day I think I had enough dust to last the year.Am still blowing it out.
My take on this area in the dry - anyone who can ride slick in this ball bearing stuff without falling off is a legend.

Thanks guys for the great campfire evening.
The politics discussion was a bit tame though,we needed someone else to liven it up,but he was in the NT.
Heh heh.

Also I wanted to learn how to land gracefully like you seem to.
I am a quick learner though,so you did not need to show me twice.
02/Jun/19 6:41 pm     #13694  
87 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Nice call for the campout Tommy & thanks for a great weekend to everyone from leaders,sweepers, people who took rubbish away, bushchooks etc etc everyone chipped in awesomely to make a great smooth running piss drinking shit talking weekend.

Iím camping in the backyard with a fire & kids in swag tonight cause they are saying we missed out while you had all the fun :)))

2 points Antt you only get one :((( means your gonna have to ride again this year
02/Jun/19 5:44 pm     #13693  
62 rides: Rib Tickling Funny Bloke
Rothy's Avatar
Thanks heaps Tommy Awesome ride campout , plenty of entertainment in the hills , wee bit dusty but all good fun , JNR gets my vote for Rotd , straight on the phone organising new bars and then going to pick up , Legend mate !
02/Jun/19 4:50 pm     #13692  
40 rides: Diehard
pete450's Avatar
Hey wobbles glad to hear youíre back into it .camp out sounds great if you need any help getting to nanup or balingup etc Iím happy to help out leading as long as you still like plenty of single trail & hills :) We can do a recon ride before camp out if keen cya out there soon Pete
02/Jun/19 4:38 pm     #13691  
25 rides: Diehard
Ant's Avatar
Thanks Tommy for calling another great camp out.
Two awesome stacks of the day for the same person with no physical pain involved. Definitely a couple of wtf moments for sure.
02/Jun/19 4:05 pm     #13690  
250 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Thanks to everyone who came along for the camp out great fun as usual
some photos in gallery it was definitely something different ;)
02/Jun/19 4:05 pm     #13689  
250 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Wobbles that sounds like a ripper ride look forward to it
02/Jun/19 7:52 am     #13688  
4 rides: Player
WOBBLES's Avatar
Stay tuned as I'll sort out a date etc,can supply Lamb and pork from my paddock so I'm sure we won't starve...
Feels awesome to get me leg over the Berg.
02/Jun/19 7:49 am     #13687  
4 rides: Player
WOBBLES's Avatar
So I finally got me Berg out the shed,new tyres,brakes sorted and a once over....Took it for a squirrt and no worries at all
I'm looking at inviting you guys to my farm in Balingup 10k from Wright's bridge..
Got a big old shed for bikes and swags, will get a bonfire sorted so it's cosey.. .I do FIFO and work directly with Hooters so I'm sure a date can be arranged...
I've Got some short tracks I know around me but can go out of my driveway and head towards Nannup,Southampton,cundinup,Balingup

31/May/19 9:57 pm     #13686  
26 rides: Diehard
Biggles's Avatar
Gíday Everyone,

We have just confirmed and announced the following schools to be conducted at the Quindanning, WA property (also known as Jumboís Farm), which is located approx 2 hours south east of Perth, to be conducted on Friday, June 21 and Sat-Sunday, June 22/23;

Friday June 21 - One day Race techniques class ($300)
Saturday-Sunday - Two day In-Depth class ($450)

More class info can be found at

To register please just email and supply your mobile # for future notification of any last minute info in the days leading up to the relevant school. Full payment will be due on the first morning either by cash or cheque only.
Thought some of the newer guys might be interested in gaining some new stuff.
31/May/19 7:06 pm     #13685  
25 rides: Diehard
Ant's Avatar
Haha Rothy. The Bush Chook camp out sounds like itís going to be a blast.
May need better security than JNR as heíll be too busy trying to get reception on his phone all night.
See u fellas in the morning.
31/May/19 4:29 pm     #13684  
87 rides: B2: Partner in crime
JNR's Avatar
Ok Iíll give in u guys can fight over sweeps but Iíll b camp security & make sure those beers donít run away :))
31/May/19 3:12 pm     #13683  
62 rides: Rib Tickling Funny Bloke
Rothy's Avatar
Did I hear free bushchooks !? I am in ! ... itís enough to bring a bloke out of semi retirement ! Looks like there could be a three way fight for sweeping dutyís Mike ;) sign Rusty
31/May/19 2:05 pm     #13682  
250 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Sponsored by Hooters

31/May/19 10:04 am     #13681  
29 rides: White Van Man
2slow's Avatar
Have a good camp out everyone, unfortunately I can't make it.
31/May/19 9:39 am     #13680  
250 rides: King Razorback
Tommy's Avatar
Good onya Mike just keep your 8 inch handle to yourself
30/May/19 7:09 pm     #13679  
120 rides: Humpty Dumpty
husq mike's Avatar
Hi Tommy,
Looks like I'm gunna make it this weekend.
The Doctor told me not to worry about the crook wrist.
He said the little 4" KTM throttle is nothing like the 8" handle you are used to.
I will be fine.

Will fight Jacko for sweep.

I know a good spot to camp ,but getting everyone there would be like herding cats.
I will bring up some firewood.
See you there.
30/May/19 5:01 pm     #13678  
198 rides: Hillclimb Champion
Pounce's Avatar
I'm with Hooterman, grow old - don't grow up.
30/May/19 4:42 pm     #13677  
91 rides: B1: BANNED
Hooters's Avatar
Just lucky I guess ;)
30/May/19 3:00 pm     #13676  
238 rides: Life member
Colin's Avatar
If Hooters is 50 how come he acts like he is 12.
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