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13/Jul/22 8:04 am     #16847  
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Tommy's Avatar
I'm in Mickkal
12/Jul/22 7:49 pm     #16846  
92 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
Iím in for ND Mick,
12/Jul/22 7:44 pm     #16845  
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MickKal's Avatar
Anyone up for a North Dandalup enduro ride on Sat?
12/Jul/22 7:30 pm     #16844  
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Mix690's Avatar
Hi new to group but joined Jnr for a par ride conditions where perfect was a bit at times but makes for no dust was the normal pace for a par ride with lots of stops and 26 bikes, big variety of bikes also ,one little Chinaman on a 390 which had not seen in the bush who thought it would be a good idea to wash the air box in a puddle . Got that sorted and move on, to his credit he rode all and was one of the 14 bikes that made to the pub for a beer .
All in all was a good day with a few good runs looking forward to getting onto one of the crusty rides suited for a 690 and swings lining up with dates .
Cheers Mick
12/Jul/22 6:01 pm     #16843  
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Farmerrussell's Avatar
Gday all ,Ive had 3 blokes pull out of a Dacca bike ride out of newman towards Rudal river 7 days 1200km .great backup support with 4x4 truck swags and camp beds .The Dacca boys have just completed a recy up there Great riding conditions with plenty of rain up there and good camping spots .KTM 500 available to hire or bring your own. leaving 25th july back 1st 6 blokes going from wongan and southern cross . Contact Russ Inman 0400730013 cheers
12/Jul/22 6:47 am     #16842  
239 rides: Focus the anger
Pounce's Avatar
I got one cheaper too when my screen broke.
11/Jul/22 7:21 pm     #16841  
140 rides: Supreme Leader
MickKal's Avatar
Hey Gareth, Garmin has given me a brand new exchange unit twice now when my screen broke. First time was $125 and second time it was $200. But not sure if they still support them anymore.
11/Jul/22 7:17 pm     #16840  
92 rides: Jack of all bikes
Jack's Avatar
ďGPS TracksĒ my go to App
11/Jul/22 4:39 pm     #16839  
50 rides: Fluro Legend
Gareth's Avatar
Looking for help on a good app for recording trails
On my phone android
Just broke the screen on my Garmin 650t
10/Jul/22 7:17 pm     #16838  
144 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Crusty PAR ride
Riders Mike, JNR , Acid & thereís gonna be a few more riders that are coming across but canít remember their names 🤦‍♂️🤣

Weíll the day started with 26 riders & surprisingly out of them all there was only one that was struggling abit & it was well advertised as a intermediate ride but ya canít blame the man cause heís been on a intermediate one before & said was easy so just goes to show who leads it but we all give him praise cause he finished the ride & had a beer🤙

We started out near the old Rock inn with 26 & the conditions are bloody awesome out there & I was looking forward to this ride as I havenít been on the 690 for ages & havenít ridden with Mick & Acid for awhile either.

Only 5 kms done the track Iím following a bloke on a 500 & I could see the back brake disc near on glowing but couldnít get close enough to stop him but when he came to the corner shit it was funny cause the bike stopped in a hurry & I thought itís gonna be along day but it was a quick fix & we were off into some really good trails ranging from open gravel roads to some single trail & crikey even some sand & whoops 🤘 I couldnít believe it 👌

Along the way we only had 2 little dramas a drowned 390 & one flat tyre & at about 3/4 into the ride we lost 11 riders to having to head hm but the rest soldiered on & ended up at the Mundaring hotel for a couple & some riding banter 🤙
08/Jul/22 10:51 am     #16837  
144 rides: Toilet paper king
JNR's Avatar
Me & buddy at this stage gonna go for a blat with the Sunday PAR ride on the big bikes if anyone keen, will suit me well as itís a not a long ride & intermediate & I havenít been on the big girl in awhile 👍
07/Jul/22 7:52 pm     #16836  
63 rides: 🚂
Bunga's Avatar
I liked that music Eddy 😃
07/Jul/22 7:29 pm     #16835  
50 rides: Fluro Legend
Gareth's Avatar
Hi acid gloves
If no one else brings some tunes its 1980 s all night long(Lionel Richie)
I might wear my fluro pink mx gear
07/Jul/22 3:29 pm     #16834  
217 rides: Poster Boy
Jacko's Avatar
im in too.
07/Jul/22 10:28 am     #16833  
8 rides: Player 💩
Hoofhearted's Avatar
Count me in for the Woky ride, I havent rode this area with you crusties but I do have some tracks east of Woky in the hills, so can help with open/single tracks and leading where required.
07/Jul/22 8:33 am     #16832  
85 rides: Your GOD
Acid Gloves Eddy's Avatar
You're welcome to come Gareth as long as you get thoroughly pissed & start blasting teenager music again at 2am.
07/Jul/22 7:53 am     #16831  
50 rides: Fluro Legend
Gareth's Avatar
Im in for woky
If you need a hand to scope out some tracks
I live in collie now
06/Jul/22 8:46 pm     #16830  
126 rides: Captain Fat Pants
Hooters's Avatar
Camping sounds good
06/Jul/22 12:54 pm     #16829  
316 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
Bad luck Dazz hope you heal up soon mate
06/Jul/22 9:43 am     #16828  
30 rides: Diehard
Slates's Avatar
I'm in for the Woky camp out. Thanks Pounce & husky mike
05/Jul/22 9:45 pm     #16827  
124 rides: Superstar
DazzaM's Avatar
Hi Guys wish i could make to the Woky ride but unfortunately not able to.
HM there are new tracks out there as i was starting to piece them together before i left, all i can say is that they are out in the far back left hand corner and one of the tracks ends up crossing over Mornington rd.
You could try heading towards Collie on Mornington Rd and start taking tracks to your right after the bridge and it would be process of elimination. Would be a few weekends involved putting it all together as you would know as lots of gravel roads out that way.
Been setting myself some new goals up here and ernt myself a RFD plane flight the other weekend after having a big get off, still for an older guy i still bounce pretty well and no broken bones, just a very sore head and bruising down LHD side of body, Docs where concerned about my head and kidneys/spleen hence the plane flight to Port headland hospital as they have the gear for scans, but moving ok now and not to long before being back on the bike. I will be sticking to the more technical rides going up and down the ranges for a bit. Have cut in a really good 30km so far with a couple of other guys hopefully get some footage. For those that love the harder stuff you wouldn't be disappointed :)
Anyway have a good one guys and hopefully see you on the tracks later on in the year
05/Jul/22 7:19 pm     #16826  
147 rides: Old man of the C
husq mike's Avatar
For Wokky ride: Time permitting, lets try and find some new stuff or at least old stuff not ridden for a while.
05/Jul/22 6:52 pm     #16825  
316 rides: Half-man Half-Crusty
Tommy's Avatar
I'm in for the campout at Woky
05/Jul/22 6:32 pm     #16824  
114 rides: Two Stroke Todd
KatoTodd's Avatar
Woky sounds good
05/Jul/22 4:36 pm     #16823  
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Bunga's Avatar
Iím in for Woky, cheers Pounce and Mike.
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