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Tommy - Half-man Half-Crusty
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Photo: /gallery/010969.jpg
Contact Phone: 0423 810 079
Email: tlcowden at msn dot com
Bike ya have? 2009 KTM 450 EXC-R
Wot's ya Profile? Started riding dirt bikes about 18 months ago and cant get enough of it
Stylin' or holdin' on? No style just trying hard to stay on the bike
Fave Spot? Anywhere around the hills
Howdyajoin? Met up with a couple of Crusty Quinns at Quindanning
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (30/Aug/08)
308 Rides Last seen out in the last week (04/Dec/21)
38 Awards 26 ROTDs and 12 SOTDs
838 Posts Last piped up in the last week (01/Dec/21 9:35 am)
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04/Dec/21Escaping for the weekend    
06/Nov/21The Young Ones   
30/Oct/21Sawyers Good Enduro II   
23/Oct/21Northcliffe 2021   
03/Oct/21Jarradale to Wandering ADV   
25/Sep/21Pre Grand Final ride   
10/Sep/21JB500 2021   
21/Aug/21Tommy's 300th ROTD  
24/Jul/21Adversity Makes Memories   
10/Jul/21120% Wet    
26/Jun/21Capel 2021   
12/Jun/21Too much Water   
16/May/21Adventure Rally 2021   
08/May/2160ks ain't far   
01/May/21Dropping like flies   
13/Apr/21Tight Arse Tuesday  SOTD
06/Feb/21Tommys Wonder Out Yonder South West Adv ride ROTD  
19/Dec/20Covid Christmas Drinks   
28/Nov/20Single track adventure riding   
21/Nov/20Brookton easy Adv   
14/Nov/20November Rain   
10/Oct/2020th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland    
02/Oct/20Jack's Epic Northcliffe 2020   
26/Sep/20Pounces Pet Python   
12/Sep/2043rd Ironstone Capel 200   
29/Aug/20Northern Hills and a Chopper Ride   
22/Aug/20Todds 100th   
08/Aug/2020th Anniversary - Post Sawyers ride drinks   
08/Aug/20Pre Drinks sawyers Ride   
31/Jul/20Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky   
18/Jul/20Big 4s Country   
04/Jul/204th July Ride   
20/Jun/20Woky Warm Up   
06/Jun/20One more time at Woky   
01/Jun/20Whoops are like KFC...   
30/May/20 Fill it up then throw it Down Ride   
09/May/20Mickkals Tanks Ride  SOTD
02/May/20Covid restrictions relaxed   
28/Apr/20Dwelly Elbow Bump ADV ride   
07/Mar/20New Leader New Toy   
02/Feb/20Laos 2020   
14/Dec/19Xmas 2019 - CQ's couldn't even organise a piss up in a brewery   
07/Dec/19Lol Gray ride not lol    
30/Nov/19Bully 2 Toodjay n back   
17/Nov/19Dwelly 300   
02/Nov/1920 left - 9 returned ROTD  
12/Oct/19Tigers 100th ROTD  
05/Oct/19Two Knives at a Gun Fight   
21/Sep/19Dad wit da kids   
07/Sep/19Best Woky Ever   
18/Aug/19Boiling Bikes   
10/Aug/19Pounces 200th   
27/Jul/19Nannup camp out July 2019   
06/Jul/194 Became 3   
29/Jun/19Capel 2019   
15/Jun/19Tommy’s 2Fiddy   
01/Jun/19Bush Chooks Campout  SOTD
19/Apr/19Mad Dogs and an Irishman ROTD SOTD
10/Mar/19Tommys March adventure ride to Pingelly ROTD  
03/Feb/19Middle of Metro   
06/Jan/19The Ride To Redemption   
24/Nov/18Christmas drinks at the Vic   
03/Nov/18Par/Crusty’s ride Mundaring to Jarradale   
13/Oct/18Dry Ride - Wet Drink   
06/Oct/18Exploring @ Woky   
15/Sep/18The Pikey 2 Day   
08/Sep/18The JJ-90    
11/Aug/18Muddy hills ride   
04/Aug/18You will get bogged   
28/Jul/18Rally Rave and Rally Rescue   
21/Jul/18Storm Dodgers   
14/Jul/18Red Submarine   
07/Jul/18The Bell Moto 3 Retro Ride   
30/Jun/18Capel 2018   
23/Jun/18grumpy ole men hills tour   
16/Jun/18skinny bike adventure ride   
02/Jun/18Search for the phone ride   
17/Mar/18a Adventure Ride   
24/Feb/18Shortys Shorts   
18/Feb/18Woky in Feb   
17/Feb/18Tommy flows nicely ride   
27/Jan/18Tommy's Bullsbrook/ Dakar Run   
13/Jan/18JNR looses his virginity    
22/Dec/17Christmas drinks 2017   
09/Dec/1737 degrees and Eddie   
28/Oct/17Virgin Adventure Ride   
21/Oct/17A good start to the weekend   
07/Oct/17Could it be any slipperier   
23/Sep/17Norn Hills Ride   
16/Sep/17Pingelly Adventure   
09/Sep/17Post ride drinks   
09/Sep/17Pre drinks ride   
26/Aug/17Camp at Woky   
19/Aug/17An easy ride   
12/Aug/17Perth Kamfari    
05/Aug/17Rothy's Birthday Ride   
29/Jul/17Hooters Lead   
24/Jun/17The longest single trail ever   
17/Jun/17Misty morning    
10/Jun/17Virgins in Nannup?   
03/Jun/17soil sample Saturday!!   
27/May/17JNR Simos suspension clinic   
13/May/17Red Dog Adventure ride   
22/Apr/17Tommy's 200th   
25/Mar/17Lakes Blast   
18/Mar/17OVT Stackarama   
18/Feb/17Dawn to Dusk Adventure Ride ROTD  
11/Feb/17A winter ride in summer   
04/Feb/17The post-apocalyptic trail to the pub   
07/Jan/17Cool ride for January    
17/Dec/16Christmas get together 2016   
03/Dec/163 new KTM's and a Gas Gas   
05/Nov/16Slipperier than a soapy massage   
22/Oct/16Wokalup Camp - Mikes 100th   
15/Oct/16The best made plans   
08/Oct/16The fantastic five   
17/Sep/16No Rain Campout 2016   
03/Sep/16Rob @ Woky   
20/Aug/16Chainsaw's & Jarrah   
13/Aug/16Sawyers early finish   
06/Aug/16sunshine on a cloudy day   
02/Jul/16Metro to N Bannister   
04/Jun/16A dingo ate my noodles   
30/Apr/16Mikes Call   
16/Apr/16Too long between drinks or I'm too unfit & injured   
26/Mar/16Easter Expedition   
05/Mar/162016 Bremer Bay sand follies  SOTD
31/Jan/16January Rain   
26/Jan/16Australia Day 2016   
12/Dec/15Drunk & Stupid   
26/Sep/15Mt Augustus ROTD  
15/Aug/15Kale and Wheatgrass blended drinks?    
25/Jul/15Stack of the day comp!!   
11/Jul/15Tommys Dry July cold camp out ride  SOTD
13/Jun/151 broken bike & 2 lost blokes or Tommy the Bastard ROTD  
01/Jun/15Winter Adv Ride   
11/Apr/15One lonely Yamaha...   
28/Mar/15South West Extravaganza Adventure Ride   
07/Mar/15I'm going for a ride on my Tennere   
21/Feb/15The Happy Birthday ride    
14/Feb/15Slapped in the face by a wet black boy  SOTD
10/Jan/15Sawyers to Dwellingup   
02/Jan/151st Adventure Ride for 2015   
13/Dec/14Christmas drinks at the Universal Bar.   
06/Dec/14Bikes, Dust, Ticks & Beer - Australias Summer   
15/Nov/14Follow Tommy - He knows where he is going.    
08/Nov/14Brookton Beverly York   
20/Sep/14Supreme Leader, more like Ham & Pineapple   
16/Aug/14Juniors Call   
09/Aug/14The Long Ride ROTD  
02/Aug/14Col's lead!    
26/Jul/14Ross's 100th made us moist   
19/Jul/149am Lakes Ride   
28/Jun/14DILLIGAF Tour Number 1   
07/Jun/14Jacko, Pounce & Tommy   
01/May/14Perth - Cape York - Perth   
29/Mar/14Todds Cervantes Run   
01/Mar/14Holland Track   
15/Feb/14A Short ADV Ride   
01/Feb/14It's not a KTM450!   
18/Jan/14Ross heads North   
27/Dec/13Collie Run   
07/Dec/13Christmas 2013   
30/Nov/13Late Woky Run   
15/Nov/131st Adventure Test Ride   
19/Oct/13Horizons Unlimited    
12/Oct/13Cuballing Pub for a Drink   
05/Oct/136 Days... ppffftttttt. Broken in less than 6 hours   
14/Sep/13Camp out ROTD  
24/Aug/13Wongan and Back.   
17/Aug/1360 rides at 60   
10/Aug/13Rothy inaugural no gps required ride   
03/Aug/13Antt @ The Lakes   
27/Jul/13A Rainy Day in the Hills   
20/Jul/13Curiosity Killed the Cat   
29/Jun/13Toddys Grip it n Rip - we need more wood!   
22/Jun/13Allen turns 80 during the Winter Solstice   
08/Jun/13Williams Pub   
01/Jun/13Tom Pike memorial ride   
26/May/132013 Adventure Rally   
25/May/13My Milkshake Brings all the Blokes to the Hills   
11/May/13120+Ks ROTD  
04/May/13Somewhere in the Hills ROTD  
27/Apr/13The long way to Boddington   
25/Apr/13Backtracko Jacko   
13/Apr/13Where the hell is Clackline?   
29/Mar/13Very Good Friday   
23/Mar/13A late Call   
09/Mar/13To Beverly    
02/Mar/13Andy @ Lakes   
26/Jan/13first ride for 2013   
19/Dec/12Hot Air Ballooning & Tubing in Vang Vieng   
02/Dec/12Northern Laos - Part 1  SOTD
24/Nov/12Pre Pre Xmas drinks   
06/Oct/12Ross the Boss ROTD  
11/Aug/12Hills, Spills & Pain Pills   
04/Aug/12A Rolling Ross Gathers no Moss   
01/Jul/12Capel 2012   
16/Jun/12Todds Campout    
09/Jun/12Pounce turns 100   
02/Jun/12Hills and Thrills with Rob   
26/May/12Allens ridgetop ride - 40 more to go...   
19/May/12Mick & Tommy - The Double Ton   
12/May/12Tommy's 99 Not Out   
28/Apr/12This is not a beginner's ride.   
21/Apr/12200ks with Jacko   
14/Apr/12Lucky 13   
06/Apr/12Good Friday - 30 blokes with God on their side   
31/Mar/12Buttsys finke training course   
24/Mar/12Dust n Sand   
05/Mar/12Micks Gravity Challenge   
18/Feb/12Micks Tyre Buster   
11/Feb/12Usual tracks Usual dust Usual Punctures ROTD  
09/Feb/12Moonlighting with Tommy   
05/Feb/12Micks great tracks and crack   
21/Jan/12Summer fun with Tommy ROTD  
14/Jan/12Buttsys Ballbuster   
07/Jan/12Tommys Dakar   
17/Dec/11Last ride of the year?   
11/Dec/11Christmas Bash 2011 - Oxford Hotel ROTD  
19/Nov/11Dora the Explorer   
12/Nov/11Waynos Woky Wide   
06/Nov/11Allen is a Legend   
28/Oct/11Tommys CHOGM ROTD  
22/Oct/11Hills & Spills   
19/Oct/11RTRA AGM   
09/Oct/117, then 12, then 8   
17/Sep/11Lost in Translation   
08/Sep/11Tommys Day Off   
13/Aug/11Micks Thinking Of Pounce Ride    
06/Aug/11Gin Gin with Mick Mick  SOTD
22/Jul/11Jackos New Tyre   
17/Jul/11Bills Record Breaker   
10/Jul/11Jackos 50th   
05/Jul/11Capel 2011   
18/Jun/112011 West Coast Safari Tour   
11/Jun/11A Perfect Day   
04/Jun/11Allens sand, hill climbs, and whoops   
21/May/11Micks WC - Training Ride   
14/May/11Swamp Fire!   
09/Apr/111st big ride of the season   
02/Apr/11Tommys Upsidedownunder   
06/Mar/11Three amigos go to Metro   
12/Dec/10cHristmas basH 2010   
04/Dec/10Long Ride south    
27/Nov/10Return to Lano   
13/Nov/10What could possbily go wrong. ROTD  
30/Oct/10We might get lost ROTD  
17/Oct/10Wrex wrecked em   
09/Oct/10Lighting does strike DRZs twice   
03/Oct/10Capel - Ironstone   
21/Aug/10Daring Darins Explorer   
14/Aug/10Camping ROTD  
31/Jul/1010th Anniversary Dinner   
17/Jul/10Mervs Call   
04/Jul/102010 Capel 200.   
19/Jun/10X's Metro 19 minus 1   
12/Jun/10Tommys Post Ride Ride   
05/Jun/102010 West Coast Safari   
22/May/10Tommys version of ROTD  
15/May/10Somewhere New   
09/May/10Micks Harden the @#$& up Ride ROTD  
24/Apr/10ANZAC day ride.   
02/Apr/10Hell Good Friday ROTD SOTD
27/Mar/1021 today...   
06/Mar/10If the gates unlocked   
20/Feb/10Tommys Exploration   
13/Feb/10Darins dustbusters   
06/Feb/10Hs way - Lano   
10/Jan/10Dakar rest day   
06/Dec/09Albany to Denmark   
28/Nov/09Carlos Call ROTD  
22/Nov/09Lano - how far can you go on a tank?   
18/Oct/09Family Fun Weekend   
01/Oct/09Back tracks to Cervantes   
19/Sep/09Bumble in the Jungle   
05/Sep/09The Colin McCaughey Mystery Tour of North Bannister   
10/Aug/09Bremer Bay   
26/Jul/09Quindanning Day/Night Enduro   
18/Jul/095 Hour Reliabilty Trial   
05/Jul/09Yamaha Capel 200   
06/Jun/09Chokos Westcoast Trailbike Safari CQ Tour 2009   
30/May/09Cols Cataby Call  SOTD
17/May/09Adventure Rally   
14/Mar/09An easy ride out at the lakes ROTD  
07/Mar/09Lano - Cervantes   
02/Mar/09Hills Run   
07/Feb/09Micks Lost in the Sand Tour   
24/Jan/09Andreas Australia Day Weekend Ride   
18/Jan/09Lethals Lakes run   
17/Jan/09Wedge and Return   
20/Dec/08Christmas Dash   
13/Dec/08Xmas Party   
15/Nov/08Lano - Skippys Revenge   
17/Oct/08Murchison Offroad Adventures  SOTD
04/Oct/08Why wont my tyre grip trip   
14/Sep/08KTM Capel   
30/Aug/08More Pounce lines   
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