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The RTRA took my baby away!
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XRCass - Vintage Motorcycle Rider
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Photo: /player/xrcass02.jpg
Contact Phone: 0402201055
Email: brendancassidy at yahoo dot com
Bike ya have? 2003 Honda XR 650
Wot's ya Profile? Rode a CR80 once at 15 with my cousin - bought a bike 2 weeks later and never been without one since. Learnt to ride on beaches north of Geraldton - Drummonds Cove. Been riding Burns Beach, Quinns, Alkimos area since around 1989.
Stylin' or holdin' on? Like to get the thing as fast as I can as quick as I can (Wide Open Wally maybe ?). Enjoy any track that is open enough to see bikes/cars coming the other way - or tight enough to slow em down long enough for me to get out of the way. Give me steep sandy hills over a stinking mud hole any day.
Fave Spot? Alkimos sand dunes (Alas no more. RIP.). Quinns to Jurien ... and back. Any beach.
Howdyajoin? Internet
First Ride First seen out more than 9 years ago (08/Oct/11)
68 Rides Last seen out in the last couple of months (19/Dec/20)
9 Awards 7 ROTDs and 2 SOTDs
478 Posts Last piped up in the last couple of months (14/Jan/21 2:57 pm)
Last bunch'o rides
19/Dec/20Covid Christmas Drinks   
10/Oct/2020th Anniversary Ride in CQ heartland    
12/Sep/20Annual JB 500   
15/Aug/20New Boots Ride   
31/Jul/20Crusty 20th Anniversary Ride Campout at Wokky ROTD  
23/May/2095 and a bit.   
14/Sep/19JB500 2019   
31/Aug/19Jackos Knee   
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