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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Acid Gloves Eddy - Your GOD
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Photo: /player/x.gif
Contact Phone: 8675 309
Email: AcidGlovesEddy at TheWorld dot com
Bike ya have? 2005 Yamaha TTR 250
Wot's ya Profile? One day I was just a figment of someones imagination and next minute I was out there riding. Almost like something out of a movie. Now that I exist I will get pretty mad if someone comes along and hits that delete button.
Stylin' or holdin' on? I am probably the best CQ rider there is. If you write it, I can do it. Just make sure you make me sound fantastic.
Fave Spot? I will probably turn up just about anywhere for a ride. If you guys need that third rider to pick up your ride point, I will be there for you. Thats what sort of guy I am. You can call me Ed for short.
Howdyajoin? I don't know. I just sort of appeared. I am the person they modelled the Stig from (F#@*%ing wannabe poser)
First Ride First seen out more than a decade ago (17/Sep/05)
85 Rides Last seen out in the last six months (12/Mar/22)
3 Awards 2 ROTDs and 1 SOTD
189 Posts Last piped up in the last couple of months (13/Jul/22 2:13 pm)
Last bunch'o rides
12/Mar/22Give the kid a 4-stroke   
27/Feb/22Quick n Easy Sawyers Adv ride   
14/Jan/22Shanes ride to Guilderton   
30/Oct/21Sawyers Good Enduro II   
02/Oct/21OVT Beer n Ribs   
27/Aug/21Jacks 1/2 a JB 500   
03/Jul/21Out of Lockdown   
26/Jun/21Sawyers 200 Enduro   
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