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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Seabird, Sand and Sweat.
Date 29/Apr/17
4 Riders Fueltanker Allen, Inver, Todd, XRCass
Rider of the day Inver
Stack of the day Not awarded
What’s the hardest way to get a Crusty ride point.

It’s quite simple.
1 Check the Crusty page on a Friday.
2 Find Inver posting a quiet 200km sand ride to Seabird.
3 Be insane enough to turn up.

As it happens 200kms was spread out nicely with time to recover enough to think you can continue. An excellent mix of hills, single track and long sandy straights.
Inver did a great job heading out from the OVT at 8.30. Heading North to the Yanchep Fuel stop to pick up FTAL. By the time they reached Yanchep the group had obvious signs of a dry ride. Todd must have been happy to be out riding as his teeth where black.
Inver lead and XRCass did the sweep duties.
Each rider soon learned if you see a thick cloud of dust, slow down and get ready to turn, avoid a tree or rider or both.
The “hill” was used as a skill test. Not everyone passed on the first attempt but all made it to the top. There’s a lot of pressure when the rest of the group is sitting at the top waiting for carnage.
Is it wrong to be thankful when someone gets a flat……just for a few extra minutes rest.

I always thought it would be interesting to see Cass on a 500KTM.
Cass, the vibrating you felt was the bike hitting the tops of the whoops.

At one stage I saw the lighthouse at Guilderton which sparked me up a little, thinking, just a few more Kms to the fuel station. Then, Inver, being the King of Pain, turned North and did the loop again. On the second loop I hit the same rocks and missed the same corners.

Riding coaches will demand the rider rides with high elbows, knees tight against the bike and weight forward. Watching Todd ride fast leaning back, knees out just like he’s riding a Road King, makes you question their teachings. This style looks much more fun and sure seems to work.

Combine some excellent single track with a few bike swaps and lunch with refreshments. Just add some clean white sand dunes, excellent!
Would I do it again?
Without doubt, in a moment!

Thanks Inver, your rides never fail to excite and exhaust. Another victory!








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