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Exploring @ Woky
Date 06/Oct/18
4 Riders 2slow, DazzaM, Martyn, Tommy
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+150 kms out at Woky today. A little bit of everything (even snow fields). Big thanks to DazzaM for leading n 2slow for sweep. Tommy made the effort to get down n Glen gave the 'Berg a thrashing after some bush mechanics fixed the problem the previous owner neglected to mention. Another great day out riding, laughs n a couple of beers to round the day off. Did 2slow get RBT'd again??

Woky...take 2
This time things went according to plan and we didn't get rained out. As because last ride got cut short we made the most of this one, and I would have to say i was feeling a bit stuffed at the end not very often we do that many kays out at Woky
With no pressure we headed out to different areas and some I think showed good potential for cutting in new track. We covered all types of terrain, we had to double back a few times,but that's all the part of it when riding new areas 
Cheers to Dave, Martyn and Tommy for making it a good days ride and Glyn who has started coming out on a few rides with us. And the Berg was working fine when i sold it to him Marty :)
And thanks to Dave for doing sweep duties on the day

Thanks Daz for the lead Tommy, Marty and Glyn for the ride at Woky and it's extreme outskirts. Almost 150k's on the trip meter at the end of the ride, Daz lead us deep into Deliverance Country and as usual had me totally disorientated. We had a good variety of trails, not much dust and enough energy to choose single trail for the last 8k's back to the car. A great day, can't wait for the next one.
Only two RBT's out of three rides for me they left me alone yesterday.










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