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Lano to Cervantes
Date 14/May/05
4 Riders Azza, Nathan, peter, Roley
Rider of the day Azza
Stack of the day Nathan
Four riders it the regular Lano to Cervantes run ...Peter, Roley, Azza and Nathan ... light drizzle to start and perfect conditions for riding as cool and no dust. Led off by Azza (Andy) who rode one of the fastest all time rides... my WR250 maxed out on the return trip and I couldn't get any more turn out of the throttle and only barely kept up with Azza and Nathan on their WR450s.

Met Col and his crew at Wedge and they were having a ball on a couple of quads (yes we have a photo) and sand boarding. Nathan thought one of Col's daughters or her friends looked ok but reckons Col gave him that protective dad stare so he decided it was back to Northbridge...Stack of the day to Nathan for a tumble that bozzo the clown would have been proud of. Rider of the day to Azza for fast/furious and checking out for 4WDs first. Sorry Col no point as you have to ride with us.

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