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JB500 2019
Date 14/Sep/19
8 Riders CRFAndrew, DazzaM, Dutchy450, Inver, Jack, Todd, xradam, XRCass
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day CRFAndrew
The JB500 2019 ... 10 Riders, 507 km, 400L of fuel. More than one no hand superman. Everyone made it back safe one way or another. My phone died so will leave it to others for pics etc. Had a blast and can’t wait til next year.

f you are longing Adventure, Drama, and Comradery all in just 2 days of riding then put the JB500 on your must do bucket list for 2020.

Invar, Cass and Adam organised a great ride, overnight lodging, booze, and a hearty breakfast.

Don’t be fooled this is a tough ride on steroids. Flat tyres, over the bar Superman’s, over shot corners, full throttle beach runs and a drowned bike.

Yes, my poor timing of incoming waves and nowhere to bail due to a steep embankment. I was crushed by a wave and then it sucked my bike into the ocean. It took four of us to push it out of the waves, tow it 200 m up the beach to a side track and then carry it over the 5m dune to the main track.

Once the bike was dewater and tow started we continued on our way to Lancelin to join our front runners who by then were rested, refueled and eager to get going. Me completely soaked and exhausted from the drama and the calluses on my palms turning into weeping blisters, I retired at Seabird and took the bitumen back to Quinns.

Thanks to Invar, Cass, Adam and all the riders for making this a memorable ride and I hope you all got home with no further incident.

Looking forward to JB500 in 2020!

Thanks Cass, Inver and Adam for organizing one tough ride, some excellent fast flowing tracks and beach runs. Great to get to Jurien and have a nice house and cold beer waiting to wash the dust down. Got used to those big sandy whoops, but it was hard work hanging on in the end with callouses and blisters. Great weekend with top people and some good laughs, cheers

PS Hey Cass,, I suppose we shouldn't mention Inver being run over by his own bike ;-)

CRF Andrew:
Awesome ride and exhausting, thanks cas inver and adam for organising everything.
had a big stack on the beach on the second day, i went over the bars when the the front wheel got stuck in a washout. i landed with the bike on top of me and waves going over the bike a bit. but all ok, luckily .
by the time we got to seabird i had enough , so took the road back.
bring on jb 2020

Another JB500 completed And with this one having more than enough action over two days of riding.
Inver and Cass did an awesome job of leading us all and thanks to those that shared the sweeping duties. I had a blast riding the tracks and the runs down the beach giving me the opportunity to open up the throttle on the 500
Always great fun riding with a good bunch of guys
Thanks again to Inver and Cass for organising the ride and accommodation. We really couldn’t do this ride without the help from Adam who supplies the support car and Helen who drives it up there for us, so we have cold beers waiting for us when get to Jurien:)
Thanks again to all

Thanks Jack I have no pics. 9 hrs up and 8 hrs back - sand and blisters and keen as hell to do it again.

Inver, DazzaM, XRAdam, Dutchy, Jack, CRFAndrew, Todd, XRCass and (post up guys if want in) Eddie and Nashy.

That’s twice I’ve gone over the bars in wedge dunes ... not great, but bloody good laff when the guy behind does the same thing.

Hi lights
- XRCass and Nashy over bars in dunes
- 10 bikes doing 100-150 kmh side by side north of wedge near sunset
- CRF Andrew frontflip on beach
- Dutchy face plant in the rocks
- Inver shearing front brake pad pin
- Inver putting a 21” tube in his rear tyre
- Inver putting a 21” tube in his front tyre (5 mins later)
- Jack ... well I missed it but ‘took husky surfing’ maybe covers it ??
- Burning Man moments (on ya vollie firies we QCd your work and them burn offs are all up to spec)
- Nashy saving the mousse by kneeling on the seat for several kms while the lofted front wheel slowly spins to a halt.
- that first ice cold beer in Jurien

On the final stretch of track I missed a cornerman somehow when sweeping ... at the next regroup the head count was down one so Dazza went back and picked him up. 500ish kms and we missed corners twice. Not bad but can do better.

Cheers to Andrew/Inver for cooking Adam/Helen/baby Harley for bringing the gear and beer, Todd and Jack for sweeping and Inver for sharing the lead.

Hey Cass,, I suppose we shouldn't mention Inver being run over by his own bike ;-)
Cook of the Day for Andrew too - great barbie breakfast!

CRFAndrew's bike cartwheel into the ocean/seaweed bank has my vote for SOTD.
COTD ? hmmm could be mistaken for something else














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