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Knead It Nannup
Date 28/Sep/19
5 Riders 2slow, BigGee, DazzaM, ktmshaun, Martyn
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Riders DazzaM Ktmshuan Martyn BigGee (Tom and Mark, Big Gee's mates) and 2slow

We met at the Nannup Pub at 8:15am and then drove to another location to get ready. It was already warming up and with no rain for a while it was going to be a bit dusty.
Daz was lead rider and as usual took us through a great variety of terrain we had dusty single trail then some single with no dust some hills and we had a good pace happening all day, Tom and Mark were quick so there was no mucking around.
We had a play around on a particular hill, Tom baulked a little about 1 metre from the top of a ledge his legs not long enough to touch the ground he ended up on his side, he picks the bike up, gets to the top of the hill and notices that his plastic oil filler cap has had the top broken off it and you can see straight through it to his clutch plates. After everyone proclaiming they'd "never seen that before" Shaun says "i've got this Knead It in my tool bag it's been in there for 8 years but i've never used it." Tom does a quick repair with the Knead It, we tell some stories for a few minutes while the Knead It sets then we are on our way.
We ride for about 20 minutes and get to a tight uphill track through some pines with a extra gnarly bit up onto a dirt road Mark has a little moment on the gnarly bit and his bike rolls backwards onto a tree branch which puts a hole in his radiator. Mark started to fill his radiator from his camelback in the hope he could get back down to the road and be picked up by the car ending the ride for BigGee Mark and Tom. I said "wait save your water" then "Shaun you better get out that 8 year old Kneed It again". Some were a bit sceptical about the Kneed It being able to repair the radiator but we tried it anyway. Like the previous repair 7 experts put in their 2 bobs worth of advice on how it should be done, a few minutes later "is it hard Mark" a couple of jokes about that then a quick test ride and we were on our way again.
Both Repairs worked great and held up perfectly, we all finished the whole ride with some 2 strokes hitting reserve (after fuel added) and then had a couple of beers to top off a really good day.
Thanks Daz for Leading, Marty for sweeping, Shaun for the Knead It and everyone for making it a great ride.
See you on the next one, Dave.

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