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New Boots Ride
Date 15/Aug/20
2 Riders Dutchy450, XRCass
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So it was a late start for Dutchy after a 5pm beer in the shed at mine (aka "a shedder") dragged on til past midnight the night before the ride. Old Acid Gloves Eddie turned up and played his part today - been a while since I have been riding with a hangover and it seems to hurt way more than I remember.

All good and not a cloud in the sky (what storm ?). We called by the OVT carpark by 9.00 just in case anyone was there but the carpark was empty. Taking it easy to start with we stopped by the quarry and watched a group of young bucks egging each other on to attempt every hill climb in sight over and over and over. Better show em how its done eh ? so I rode one hill ... once ... then left em too it. Don't want to overdo it.

We took the back way across to the Brand Hwy but instead of heading east to Julimar we just swung north and then west again until back in the pines - basically a 50km sand loop with only a few soft sections. Fast, easy and loads of fun once the roos started hiding for the day. Plan was to get back by midday to beat the non-existent storm and Dutchy had a hot date planned for the arvo so we zigzagged cross country thru the pines until we hit the usual coastal tracks. A couple of quick dune climbs/ photo ops and back for about 12.30 with 90kms done - still not a cloud in the sky.

P.S. cleaning the back after a sand ride - 5 mins and a garden hose. cleaning the bike after a Wokalup ride - $10 at the pressure washer, clean twice more with garden hose, scrubbing brush and truck wash THEN start checking the bike for all the bits you broke while on the ride ! (still worth it though)






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