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Annual JB 500
Date 12/Sep/20
6 Riders Inver, Jack, Jacko, Jase400, xradam, XRCass
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JB500 Ė 2020 (The year of COVID)
Players: Invar, XRCass, XRAdam, Jacko, Jase400, Jack

The route was set and slightly tweaked from previous years to ensure we get to Jurien early enough to enjoy a beer. Invar took to leading first and headed north through the ever-bulging suburbs to hit the days trails. Initial tracks where whooped out from the local gromets riding them to death, so our minds had to adjust to sand riding really quickly and Jase400 suddenly regretted having 30 litres of fuel onboard. Whilst XRAdam nearly retired from injury when we committed to overtaking Jase400 on the outside of a bend heading directly for a tree across the track, his quick reaction to slam on the brakes, wash off some speed and dump the bike saved him from serious injury.

Once past Yanchep Invar wound the throttle on and set a cracking pace to Moore River and then onto Lancelin. With only 6 riders the cornerman system flowed fast and uninterrupted by any trail side incidents. Quick lunch at Lancelin and a swap of lead riders, XRCass took us onto the open fire trails east of Indian Ocean drive. This is where your top speed was only limited by the size of your gonads. Word has it some reached speeds of 140km/h, these are seriously big gonads.

We hit Cervantes in no time and onto Jurien Bay, whilst detouring to explore a few more trails as we were making great time. At Jurien Bay we devoured the beers, shared plenty of bullshit around the table and kicked on at the Tavern.

The next day was the recovery/survival ride, the tide was in our favour so the sand was hard and manageable most of the way home. We did all the fuel stops in reverse and rode the tracks close to the beach or on the beach itself. As expected, the last 50km were hard yakka the closer we came to civilization the deeper are the whoops.

Pipidinny Road marked the end of the ride with 499.5km on the speedo, absolutely awesome ride as always. See you next year and make sure you donít miss it !

Big thanks to everyone that attended this year JB 500
We had great run up and back no injuries or brake downs
Weather was spot on with not to much dust
Thanks to Cass for sorting out the accommodation and breakfast
And a big thanks to Adam and Helen for driving up and back with all our gear
Cheers Inver

Great ride to Jurien and back on fri/sat - no breakdowns of any kind (mechanical, physical or mental). Everyones contribution/effort/prep/participation made it flow really well so thanks to all. I half expected something or someone to go arse up but we made it 8 hrs each way without a problem. The only issue I remember (apart from Cervantes no longer having a beach) is someone jumping into the wrong and already occupied bed !! Ah well, what happens in Jurien stays in Jurien.

JB500 done and dusted.
Once I recover and can peel myself off the lounge a report will follow.
Thanks to Invar, Cass, Adam and Helen for organising yet another premier endurance sand ride.

Just back from the jb500. Fantastic ride with some awesome beach runs. Thanks to all involved. I'm feeling very sore now but it was worth it.














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