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Start Ya Bastard Ride
Date 20/Sep/20
6 Riders Bruce, Jack, Jaden, Jed77, MickKal, Rothy
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Second day of gusterly conditions kept many riders at home, but there’s always a few that need that weekly fix of adrenalin rush and clear the head. MicKal called an explore ride, so being a no pressure cruise and look around Bruce returned to the scene after a few years in hiatus with his 70degree Berg (magic bikes back in their day).

After a short G’day in the carpark with Bruce and reminisce on which CQ’s still ride Jacko got a mention and his mechanical prowess on getting Bruce out of the shit last ride he did with CQ’s. Dark clouds gathered and the sky started to precipitate, so quickly we geared up and hit the trails.

Hang on ! Bruce has got his seat off and squirting Start U Basterd spray down the throat of the Berg. “ Hey Bruce doesn’t she want to go? Nah I start her like this all the time”

MicKal leads through some new single, gullies, logs and a bit of everything. Jed and Jaden ride on MicKal’s coat tails as the two smokers like to keep together because they are a stinky bunch and us cruisers on the four bangers come up the rear.

30km in Bruce sits out a gnarly hill climb whilst Rothy wishes he had too. A new Erzberg section was found and Rothy retreated after he conquered the hardest part in case it got gnarlier. This was not to be and we eventually regrouped with Bruce and Rothy to explore more new single. By now Bruce and his Berg were exhausted and when the Berg conked out on a log that was it and just would not start.

First we look around to see where Jacko is, “oh bugger he’s not riding today”, so we dismantle the kill switch incase it’s jammed - no joy. Then wish we brought that can of “Start u Basterd” with us and crank the starter until battery goes dead.

Out with the tow rope and we commence the 1km recover mission back to the vehicles on single track. Both MicKal and Rothy share the duties to muscle the Berg whilst being towed by Jack and Bruce had taken up the offer to go ahead and ride Rothy’s bike as that was the only safe way to get everybody back to the vehicles at the same time and avoid further misfortune.

Finally we get back to the cars, quickly load up the bikes, have a short yarn with new CQ’s members that were meant to ride today but came late and “ bloody hell the dark clouds gathered and the sky started to precipitate again “.

End of Ride !







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