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Date 17/Oct/20
6 Riders Griffo, Hoofhearted, Hooters, Jack, Pounce, Tommy
Rider of the day Hoofhearted
Stack of the day Not awarded
Pemby weekend part one: sat
Players Dave(Hoofarted), Jack, Hooters, Reagan, Callum, Brett, Pounce, Tommy
Dave called it, and we came! Great call from a new member of the crew. A few were smart and went down fri arvo and a few had the alarm buzzing at 4am sat morning, including me and Tommy who wasn't feeling to good on Friday and was going to bail but I talked him in to coming down with me. The boots on time was 8:30, and it was over the road from pemby pub we meet Reagan and Callum, a couple of young blokes, friends of Dave. Introís over and straight to it a bit of bitchy an dirt road and into the bush. Dave leading and Pounce sweeping. Great trails and single fairly open in places and tight an overgrown in others a good mix. The young guys were fast , but started off polite and respectful, but were shown the error of their ways quick smart! The bullshit and banter was flowing nicely, everyone left their feelings at home, and no one was safe, but I was getting it from all directions . There was a couple of decent creek crosssings and see the pics for the log choked one I pushed my bike over, my penis immediately shrinking to the abuse general consensus that my man card should be revoked , Tommy and Pounce nailed it! Lunch at the Northcliffe pub, couple of pints plenty of bullshit and some good tucker. We headed off to Calcutt dunes And to the mouth of the warren river Pounce already had enough sand in his gina so waited at the top.... maybe I should have too......! See the video Reagan had to rescue me from being washed to South Africa, again much to everyoneís amusement, more abuse for Hooters! We didnít have any trouble getting back up the dune but it was bloody soft, an big.... and sandy did I mention sandy! More forest trails an blasting 4wd tracks. A brief stop for fuel redistribution for the 2T bikes all running on fumes, as was Dave after his siphoning efforts. Young guys bolted and left the old boy with the dirty work! Back at the pub about 4, few beers outside in our gear stinking of sweat and some of us sea water! Didnít matter how many beers I had couldnít was the sand outta my arse crack! Dave an I were at the pub, the rest of the crew spread thru town, caravan park, motels etc. showered, changed and more beers food, footy and lies about how crap Hooters was! We all bailed early keen for an early Sunday ride.

Pemby day 2
Same players as day one no surprises

Boots on 7:30 was the call Saturday night. So we all bailed out from the pub early, too far to drive to blow Sunday by being hungover. So up early, but not 4am thank fuck. Pack up check out and a 7 oíclock eggs at the pub. The boys drove to Manji for fuel as the info we had suggested the servo was closed Sunday, it opened as they were returning from Manji , oh well. The plan was to head out to the yeagarup dune system an return thru the bush. So a bit bitchy and dirt road, followed by sandy national park 4wd track to the biggest inland dune system in WA, bloody huge! See the pics and videos, we rode across em for I think about 8km, a couple of dunes were skirted but most conquered, even the anti sanders Pounce and myself made it, there was winging tho . They were amazing tho and it was awesome to ride thru, breathtaking scenes everywhere. So the dunes finished and we found a bush track that lead back round to pemby, more overgrown trails with bogs and logs to make it interesting. The track terminated onto a dirt road, and Jack had a track mapped so the lead changed and Dave had a chance to take a break from leading and jack who was sweeping now lead and Pounce went back to sweeping. Oh yeah the mystery blown engine smoke on Pounces 450 Just dissolved and she ran like a charm, so who knows what went on there. The track Jack took us on was a cool windy 4wd track better than dirt road and a few laughs, Dave was making the 2t ring ding as he made the most of his brake from leading. Back earlier than expected, we were back in pemby by 10am- perfect! So a great finish to the weekend, no bike probs, no injuries, just plenty of laughs, beers and banter. It was cool to finish early and I was rolling outta Pemby by 10:30, a quick stop at WA Marron and home by 2:30. Thanks all particularly Dave for organising the weekend, awesome stuff from the new guy! Many rides to come I reckon. Cheers to the sweeps and of course everyone for the banter. Itís getting dusty so Iíll be out and about a bit less, I will run some extreme rides, dust isnít really a drama when youíre busting creeks an hills in first an second gear
Catch yíall Hooters



















































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