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Mystery Man's Magical Mystery Tour
Date 01/Aug/21
3 Riders Inver, MysteryMan, XRCass
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Mystery Man's Magical Mystery Tour
Inver, Mystery Man, XRCass

Was back and forth on the phone with Inver from 730am before deciding to can the ride due to storms. Maybe go later if it clears. But MM didn’t get the memo and had other ideas and rang Inver from the OVT asking wtf are ya ? Harden up and we got there 30 mins after the call (one benefit of living in south Gero is we’re close to the tracks and can turn up short notice).

With the wettest June since Noah took Moses for a spin on the Ark the sand was GOOD and fun was had. Turns out MM is a gun sand rider and couldn't get enough of the stuff ! Did 100+ kms of pines and coastal tracks with ease … ‘best ride in the sand ever had’ he reckons … might even do the JB500 this year … maybe (insert shameless plug here - looking for 10 Riders max Sep 10/11 for 2 day ride and 500kms of sand).

Inver took sweep pos at the start to run in his new top end (got the back back Fri!) and after no issues took the lead for the ride back from lunch. We got lucky and dodged the storms all day until 2km from the pub when it came down ... hard … but they have a roof which worked well and kept the rain outa the beers.

Lazy wet Sunday in front of NetFlix turned into a bloody good ride!
Oh yeah couple other things - MM picked up some fencing wire in the back rim and brake that was jammed in so tight the rear axle needed to be removed to get it out - fun. On the way home after leaving the pub Inver ran outa fuel and managed to roll into the servo (in traffic) and pull up at an empty bowser after the motor had konked out. Jammie bugger !





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