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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Jacks 1/2 a JB 500
Date 27/Aug/21
3 Riders Acid Gloves Eddy, Inver, Jack
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Jack 1/2 a JB 500
Inver, Jack, Acid Gloves Eddy
Unfortunately Jack canít make this year JB 500 so a 250km Friday OVT sand ride will have to make do
Things where going well until Inver got flat tyre, then Eddy decided to go heís own way, all he sad was I havenít got time for this shit and he was off never to be see again.
Once the tyre was repaired me and Jack made our way to Ledge Point got some fuel then return back
Tracks are looking good hope we get some rain next week for the JB
Cheers Inver

Great Ride to Ledge and Back, as Inver said the tracks were good, fast and flowing.
For me it was a matter of catch Inver if you can, riding at 100% over the crest of one of the sweeping rollers my front wheel landed in a 4wd bog hole, this sent me over the bars and superman into the ground, bike followed behind me and came to rest on my head. fractured helmet but all else in tack. Eddy once again was a clown, did not assist in the tube change and missed out on a Ledge Point Burger as he was long gone by then.

Luckily, XRCass back at the CQ Mission Control Headquarters was monitoring our movements on a phone app and ready to jump on his Honda spaceship for a recovery mission if required. Home bound at Moore River Invar realised why his bike was behaving badly, a rear wheel bearing was on its way out. This didn't slow Inver down and 250km later we were back at CQ Headquarters by 5pm. Riding sand is something different, the body is so bloody sore today !


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