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JB500 2021
Date 10/Sep/21
9 Riders Bigal, DazzaM, Inver, Jase400, JerseyBoy, MarkE, Tommy, xradam, XRCass
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JB 500 #5 2021
13 riders started for this year's JB500. We meet at Inver's place where he told us what to expect for this year's ride and I think it was around the 8.00am mark and we were on the bikes and ready for a 250km sand ride. We were blessed that it had rained the day before and it was going to make the sand tracks more enjoyable to ride. Inver did warn us that there was a couple of section we needed to watch out for and he wasn't wrong, as these sections normally are no issues to ride but the 4WDs had left their mark and when you a travelling along at a descent pace and come over the top of a hill only to find on the other side deep 4WD ruts it certainly got the heart rate up. Pretty sure one rider ended going over the bars as he hit one of the deep ruts but nothing hurt other than pride.
The morning section had a lot of great sections to ride and it was good to see the boys racing side by side and a bit of bar banging to each corner as Inver was setting a cracking pace and everyone was doing a great job keeping up.
Wasn't too long before we were at the first fuel stop at Moore River and with everyone fuelled up and refreshed we carried on. Everyone was doing great as there was a couple of sections that, even though it rained, the sand was fairly deep and soft and you gotta keep your pace up to get through.
Wasn't too long before we were at the half way point for another top up of fuel and a bite to eat, where we also caught up with Helen who was driving the support car.
We left Lancelin where we swapped leaders and Cass took over and gave Inver a chance to race in the pack. The afternoon section, we ended doing new tracks that the boys had found. We did have a flat front tyre which was sorted and all was going well until we came across the first water crossing. It was long and the water was black so no way of telling what was ahead. We all managed to get across with a few bikes needing a hand that got stuck. Jase on his DR400 made it look easy. All good again until the next water crossing which was longer. This time a bike ended up sucking in some water. It took a bit of time to get the bike going, being a 4 ,nd you will see in the photos some took the opportunity to empty their boots of water.
It was getting late by that stage and we still had one more fuel stop to go, so the call was made to cut out the tracks and do more black top to make it into Jurien Bay before it got too late. Can't remember exactly what time we got in but when we got to the place we were staying in it was nice to have a beer get out of the wet riding gear from the water crossings and have a shower. No prepping the bikes for the next day's ride as we would normally do.
It was a good night at the pub as always and they do a good meal and the place was packed again. A few decided to keep drinking to 1-2am in the morning while the rest hit the sack.
Day 2 we woke to rain which was quite heavy at times but after a great breaky cooked up by Inver, the sun came out and after bike prepping it was time to hit the tracks.
We did the beach run back and wasn't too sure what was ahead as with what the winter storms had done to the beaches but all was good, soft in a few sections but no dramas. Couldn't believe on how much rubbish was washed up on the shore line. We did come across the rangers this time though at Wedge, but they were pretty good and just gave us a lecture about making sure the bikes are rego'd. We didn't hang around and took off to Lancelin for a refuel and lunch. No issues with the ride back to Inver's place except for a broken kick-starter and there was still a bit of racing going on, which was fun and made we good time back.
Inver did a great job by managing to call in and getting a carton and riding back to his place so we could have a beer after a great 2 days of riding.
Can't remember the name of all the riders but the Crusty crew were Xr Casss,Inver, Jase 400,Tommy DazzaM, Jersey Boy, sorry if i forgot others.
So another great JB 500 well done to Inver, Cass for putting the ride together (huge effort) Jase400 for doing sweep duties and Adam & Helen for offering their time and vehicle for support car. And thanks to Tommy for taking photos, and by the way he did a great of riding the sand tracks for his first JB500. Pretty sure though there was a few times when he would have been thinking what the hell he was doing :)
As for SOTD pretty sure a few riders came off but no names :) ROTD well I reckon all Crusties that ride the JB500 deserve it, as it's not a ride for everyone and not an easy ride. 500km of mostly sand sections will be challenging. I would certainly encourage all to give it a crack.
Till the next JB500
Cheers DazzaM

Everyone made it back home safe from the 5th Annual JB500. Cheers to all who came along - everyone did their bit to get us all there and back again. A few surprises along the way (what’s this water doing here?) but all worked out ok.

Thanks for a great weekend especially to Inver and XRCass for organising it leading and sweeping also to Jase400 for sweeping and everyone else who made it there and back 2 long days riding in sand takes it's toll but it was good fun

Big thanks to everyone that attended this year JB 500 
Cheers to Jase400 for helping out with sweep Duty’s 
Cass for booking the house and doing the grocery’s 
Adam and Helen for driving all gear up and back 

Another great JB500 done. Conditions spot on with rain before the ride. Awesome job done by Inver,Cass and Jase



















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