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Jacko's surprise birthday ride.
Date 17/Sep/21
3 Riders Jacko, Pounce, Slates
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Jacko's surprise birthday ride.

Pounce, Slates, Jacko & Slates mate Terry

The surprise being no one knew...

20 Weeks since I've been on a ride so after a weeks back home, seeing how much rain there's been & Slates having time off, why not a Friday ride.
We headed out to the Brockman parking spot early & hit the trails getting lost after losing the track immediately. I thought about rides we had down there many years ago & found a lot more over grown unused tracks, single & semi wide. So much more down there too we passed by.
Some good stuff then headed down to Harvey Dam. So much water. One of the tracks I usually do is no longer there, probably under 12 feet of water. Detour, find some other stuff not ridden before (the extreme guys might like to come down one ride & they can have some fun on some of the bits) then some wide open bits around to some more single. This one has a Y junction so I went right this time. So. Over. Grown! All up hill, can't really see the single track then at the top of the hill we lose it totally. About turn, then we all get lost going back down with about 3 different tracks all spurring of the main one we can't see anyway.
This bit needs more riding as it can be part of a great loop.
Time to head back to the cars, about 3 hours & my ride fitness in waning.
I took lots of photos but lost my camera somewhere on the trail. Keep an eye out out it :)

Thanks fellas for a good mornings blatt, good to be back on the bike.













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