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Northcliffe 2021
Date 23/Oct/21
11 Riders DazzaM, DirtyDogz, Hoofhearted, Inver, Jack, Jacko, Jed77, MickKal, Pounce, Slates, Tommy
Rider of the day Jack
Stack of the day DirtyDogz

Thanks to the crew that made the long drive to NC. Awsome bunch of riders and 250km ridden incident free. Thank you to Duncan and Helen from Northcliffe Hotel for their hospitality.

Had an awesome time at Northcliffe this year, there was plenty of water and mud about but for me the dunes were the highlight and were great fun on the 500. Thanks to Inver for the rear brake pads, that mud really chewed mine out fast. My vote for ROTD goes to Jack for all the preparation that he put into this ride to mix it up and provide some cool new tracks to make it an even better ride than it usually is.

Thanks Jack for a great weekend especially Friday in the sand tracks and again to hoofhearted on Sunday now they are sand dunes to be careful on some serious razor backs

Best weekend in Northcliffe ever.
Thanks Jack for doing all the hard yards setting this up again.
Jacko the ever present sweep.
The guys in the middle making it a good fun ride.
It may take a while to get a video or two together so there's a couple of screen grabs in the ride report for now.

Excellent ride Jack, a wide variety of terrain to cover, including water crossings, sand dunes, swamps, hills, spills and thrills, the ride ran like clockwork, thanks for sharing the weekend and the awesome tracks in this region.

Cheers for the top weekend at Northclife great job Jack putting all the tracks together and organising the fuel drop and thanks to Jacko for sweeping all weekend 
ROTD Jack gets my vote 
But who gets SOTD

Big thanks to all involved in the organising of the annual Northcliffe ride for 21. Massive effort by Jack to set up and pull off, well done mate. Also Jacko for his relentless sweep work, never misses a beat and I especially enjoyed Devil Cut Jacko on Saturday arvo, he’s hilarious ?¼/span
Also a shout out to all the riders who turned up for the WE, great bunch of blokes who always entertain on and off the bikes. Put me down for next year but may have to hit the sand before 22 as I obviously need more skills in the sand pit!!

Well done Jack for putting on a great Northcliffe weekend. I had a blast riding the great tracks you put together. Gotta love that single trial following the river and the Summer time track. Made up for the couple of fails I did on water crossings ?|/span
Thanks to Jacko for sweeping and to all the Crusty crew that turned up. Always good fun riding with a great bunch of guys 
Sorry I missed out on the Sunday ride. Hopefully Hoofhearted will be out that way again soon for a ride
Cheers again















































































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