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Escaping for the weekend
Date 04/Dec/21
5 Riders Bunga, Jack, MickKal, Pounce, Tommy
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Thanks for the ride today Tommy and the team. Good flowing ride with lots of different bits thrown in pretty slippery and dusty with a few Jesus Christ moments along the way but glad I had the Recluse clutch on some of those rutted out up hills on the 790. Have a great night out in the bush drinking and telling stories.

Thanks Tommy for organizing the Collie Ride. We ended being a bit short on time on sat so we camped at a spot on the river which turned out great except for when the giant Huntsman spider ran up my arm and freaked me out. Really enjoyed the Sun Morning tour of the 3 Dams, Kapwari, Stockton and Glen Mervyn. I was king of the flat tyres for this ride, got a stake in the back tyre on Sat and then another on Sunday around noon. So decided to head for home before I got another. It was a long bitumen ride from welly dam to perth on 500 but I did manage to slip in a nice break at the Pinjarra Bakery to sample the 2021 best chunky beef pie award in Australia. I gave it 10 out of 10.

Great weekend Tommy, it was a perfect shakedown ride for myself and Jamie on our steads. Always learn so much from you guys who have got many camp rides under your belt.

Lesson #1, when packing up in the morning make every move purposeful otherwise you’ll fluff around, shifting stuff around and delay departure.

Days were hot, mozzie’s came out in droves, tracks were great, plenty of dust and some flat tyre drama’s to make it an adventure packed weekend.

So many tracks and campsites to explore in this area, where one overnighter just scratches the surface.

Looking forward to more camp outs this summer, bikes are ready just need to lock in weekends and destinations

Another good weekend, even accounting for the endless dust. 
The swim Saturday arvo was a welcome relief.
Thanks Tommy for the call, Jack, Mick, Jamie & Bunga for the ride.
I only used the GoPro once, it wasn't worth it with all the dust otherwise
Some pics in the gallery too.






















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