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JNR's big day out
Date 02/Apr/22
3 Riders Bunga, JNR, XRCass
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day JNR
JNR, XRCass, Bunga, (Peter, Mark, Tye)

Jnr posted up looking for interest in a Sawyers ride on the weekend (supposed to be some rain - yeah right) and after a bit of messaging had enough sorted for a ride Sat 8am. I rode to Jnr's and bummed a lift in his flash as larry trailer (with fridge and beer) as it made more sense then both of us driving - turned out to be a good call. We were first at the park spot and unloaded before the others turned up. A few **brand new from the shop** bikes were pulled out and I started thinking I should have splashed a bit more armour-all on my scratched plastics. Bunga appears unannounced with his new ring-a-ding-full-a-bling machine as well and says he is just going for a test ride solo and will catch up for a bevvie when we get back from the bigger loop.

Jnr heads off and the first track is not too bad - bit of a goat trail with rocks, logs and some tight stuff but not greasy (no rain) so not too bad. Peter on the new 500 is sweeping as its his first ride on his new bike but has obviously done this before. Several more goat trails getting steeper, rockier loggier, tightier and I'm feeling it. I balked at a log jump and had to go back and get a bit of a runup for round 2 which I hit a bit too hard and it had me off the seat and in the air but sorta / kinda still headed in the right direction so that still counts. Father son duo Mark and Tye on the 2 bangers are jumping everything in sight with ease. I can't see Jnr as he is too far ahead following the thin red line on the screen of his cockpit (or is it the blue line ? or the green line ?). After 2 hours of 1st and 2nd gear tight single and going a couple of rounds with those tree things I might have quietly mentioned that I may bail a little early - just to go and check that Bunga is ok you see. After some less than subtle stirring from the others I stayed and took over as sweep and really looked forward to Jnr taking us to 'the good bit' just up ahead. The bike was boiling at the next crossroads - which was a good thing as I gave it a quick once over before heading off and found the black stuff pouring out from under the ali bashplate. No smoke, no burning oil, no smell its just pouring oil onto the bashplate and straight onto the ground. The replacement bolts that I used after some damage at Wokalup last year (dozen rides back) were longer than stock and the reduced clearance was not enough to handle some of the caseouts I had been doing so the bolt had punched a neat hole thru the crankcase. Oil gone and no metal putty anyway (back in the trailer) so the plan is the boys will ride back and come back with the car while I commune with nature - fyi its overrated.

It's not too long a wait (about 2 hrs ish - I took a photo of the trees) when Jnr's ute and trailer comes down the track - I can see 3 heads but no Jnr - wtf? "Jnr has had an off on the way back to the cars and landed bad, pretty sure he's done some ribs, Bunga is with him at the pub." Damn I said - we better get back and rescue him. So we hastily load up the XR, drink all Jnrs beers to make the trailer a bit lighter and race on back.

By this stage Nurse Bunga has Jnr drugged up, stripped down to his skins and trying to dress him in some Collingwood shorts. I reckon 5 more minutes and it was sponge bath time! He's not looking too flash but not quite ambulance material so I do as I'm told and drive him to hospital via home so we can grab a family member to help out. Found out later he has 5 broken ribs and some bleeding on the lung so a few days in hospital required. Not too sure on details about the crash as I was not there - something about deflecting sideways off a rock and landed side-on onto a boulder.

Jnr is one tough dude ... who else would walk into a full ER room under their own steam wearing nothing but his Skins underwear (and a pair of Collingwood shorts)?

Onya Nurse Bunga for hanging around with the patient (was much appreciated) and also the boys that came back for me and the bike. Not much in the way of photos to share - the other guys must be new ... crash = photo first, then go and help guys.

Heal up JNR.






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