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Where's Hooty??
Date 14/May/22
8 Riders Bunga, Frankie, Hoofhearted, Hooters, Jack, Jed77, Kennyv11, MickKal
Rider of the day Jack
Stack of the day Not awarded
Riders – MickKal, Jack, Hooters, Jed, HoofHearted, Kenny, Bunga, Frankie, Keirin, Luke, Young Frankie, Isaac, Josh,

All the recent rain signaled the start of single track season, so when I posted up this ride there was a lot of initial interest. After a bit of discussion with Hooters it was decided that we should try to cap the number of riders to 10 before it got out of hand. In the end there were a couple of extras and we ended up with 14 riders (I may have missed 1?)which was fine.
We left the Tavern and hit some single to warm up then some open trails, then single, then repeat. It was all going well with Bunga flinging his new 300 around and Jack as the Trusty sweep. Then we pulled up in the Flynn rd area for a rest and we all noticed the deafening silence, Hooters was missing!! and someone killed Kenny. Isaac also thought it was a good time to mention that he had a flat front tire. So after some phone calls to Hooters, curly hair Frankie and I went back to find the lost ones and the rest of the group stayed and helped change Isaacs’ tire. Finding the duo was a bit harder than we thought, Hooters to his credit was still on his designated corner but Frankie and I got to the meet spot before Hooters and Kenny did, so we thought we had the wrong spot and then went on a wild goose chase. But all good in the end and the upside was Frankie and I got to do the best section of single track three times.
Then some more trails and we did a couple of hill climbs and then started to head home taking easier trails.
It was a good mixed bag of old and young riders, perfect conditions and most stayed behind for a couple of ales at the tavern after.
My vote for Ride of the Day goes to Jack, first ride back from injury, then trusty sweep and he rode his 300 from home and was going to do back to back with the Adventure rally the next day.





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