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Adventure Rally 2022 de signing
Date 21/May/22
3 Riders husq mike, Jacko, Pounce
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
Adventure rally de sign.
Thanks to Jacko and Pounce for the big effort on Saturday.We managed to do the whole North loop de sign with a couple of the T&E guys.
No dramas on the day, but snake charmer pounce managed to pick up a carpet snake quietly minding its own business on the track.
Sat night , we found a bottle of tequilla and a bottle of Galway pipe port in my shed.Not mine ,but I honestly did try to find the owner.No luck.
Anyhow, we killed the port and dented the Tequilla.
I did not find out until Sunday ,that I had bought these for a my son inlaw's birthday.
Getting old and forgetting things is handy sometimes.
Election night did fuel some feisty debate on politics and other stuff.Nothing to do with the port and tequilla of course.Unlike politics ,where there was a clear winner. HM and Pounce were not going to concede.

Leap frogging 4 other riders on mint trails so you still get some good blatts in, slamming the brakes on because you just saw a sign out of the corner of your eye, scooting through the bush to get to another, finding a cool little python, beer, port & chicken kebabs around the fire & Labor winning, a fucking good weekend.



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