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Greasy Greenbushes 2 Day
Date 18/Jun/22
10 Riders Bunga, Daz, Flip, Hoofhearted, Hooters, Inver, Jed77, KatoTodd, MickKal, WR Ross
Rider of the day Hoofhearted
Stack of the day Hooters
Greenbushes Day 1
Riders: Hoofhearted, Daz, Jed77, Flip, Inver, Hooters, WR Ross, ToddHusqy, MickKal, Bunga

Well Hoofhearted called a Greenbushes 2 day ride and a team of 10 answered the call
About 5 turned up on Friday night for a few beers at the Exchange. Nothing to messy as we didnít want to spoil a great day of riding, so an early night was had.

Saturday morning the rest of the team arrived for a 9 am start with Hoofhearted leading for the day and WR Ross on sweep duties. As Iím hopeless with navigating I think the plan was to head towards Bridgetown with a loop that would get us to Balingup for a cafe feed and fuel up.
There was nothing to challenging on the morning ride other than a hill that Bunga and Ross couldnít manage so the piss was taken. Bunga was rooted trying to do a 3 point turn in the rut and cried all the way to the bottom of the hill.
Mostly nice open forest roads to open the bikes up and some hills and single track to mix it up nothing hard. Rain showers here and there with overcast conditions made it dust free with lots of mud and some slippery conditions especially riding side on along open banks following the Nannup to Balingup road. A place to open the throttle NOT.

Lunch was done and it was back on the bike for more afternoon fun. Much the same as the morning ride with some single tracks and open roads with spectacular scenery. Bunga decided to swap bikes with WR Ross to let him find out how the 300 KTM went. It was short lived as we went straight into single tracks and the big Husky 501 was to much for Bunga and off he came on a log. To rooted to pick the bike up he handed it back to WR Ross with twisted handlebars and a bent brake lever. Sorry WR Ross but Hooters made sure to remind me at every opportunity.
A standout for the ride was the final big downhill challenge towards the end of the ride. It was steep and very greasy with a couple of hairpin turns that dropped onto log hops. Even with both brakes locked on the bikes were still heading south in the slippery conditions. Hooters had the cheek to ask Bunga how the hell he got to the bottom.
With that hill done it was time to head back for showers beers and bullshit at the Shamrock with a very nice dinner to finish off. Every time I stepped out of the pub all I could hear over all the noise was Hooter foghorn voice. I must say we all enjoyed your sweets as we all knew you didnít really need it mate.
Back to our accommodation and out with a couple of bottles of red for the stayers.
I think that pretty much wrapped up day one. A huge thanks to Hoofhearted for organising and leading the ride and for WR Ross sweeping and a great bunch of guys in the middle.
Over to Hooters to explain day 2.
See you guys again soon.

Greenbushes day two:
Dave hoofarted, Hooters, Inver, Mickal

Sunday dawned very pleasant, we were up at gentlemens hours and had breaky at 8, got our shit sorted, farewelled the old and hungover and cruised off down the road. A brisk 8km run down the bitchy to the trails and then into it. Great open trails a bit of tight stuff, a few turn around where it turned to Ezberg and heaps of long WOT long hills. Great fun. The animals were enjoying the sun and there were a few about Rooís and Emuís nothing to worry aboutÖ We got stuck by a locked gate and in the process of coming up with an alternative Invers mighty 500 sprung a small coolant hose leak, argh bugger. We used the old Jacko tip and loosened the cap, good to go. Side note maybe wait for it to cool down a touch from fuggin hot, nothing like the crisp taste of coolant in the morning Jarrad. It was about 11:30 by this time so we decided to head back. Mainly open with a few single tracks. Mmmm here the universe decided it wasnít done with me, an chucked skippy at me wide open in 4th gear, didnít even get a chance to squeal let alone brake. So one dead roo one slightly fucked up Hooters. Luckily after a trip thru the fresh morning air I landed bang on my recently healed up bruised arse, ouchie 😭😭. Bike ok apart from twisted forks/bars - which are still like that now 😂😂! So Mick came back to mock me, ops rescue me. I caught my breath and back at the cars at noon ish 100km done. Changed loaded and out the gate heading home. Great way to cap off the weekend- apart from suicidal skippy of course.
Cheers Dave, Ross for sweeping and everyone else for the laughs an banter.
Hey side note: WA Marron just south of Kirrup 6 x medium marron $50, pretty good I reckon.










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