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Woky 2022
Date 20/Aug/22
12 Riders Andyktm, Bunga, Flip, Gareth, Hoofhearted, husq mike, Jacko, Jed77, JNR, KatoTodd, Pounce, waynovb
Rider of the day husq mike
Stack of the day Jacko
Thanks for the ride today fellas. Good tracks and perfect riding conditions. Thanks to Husky Mike for leading and cheers to Jacko for sweep duties, much appreciated 👍
See you on the next one

Thanks to all who turned up for the annual Wokky camp out ride.I think we started with around 15 riders,which is not a bad effort.
Unfortunately the night ride was postponed by Pounce .Surprisingly, not too many protests,I gather because the bar was open.
Sat was a Perfect day ,no rain but a few decent puddles around.I did not see what was happening at the back ,but rumour has it that a puddle caught out a few. Todd apparently tried to kill a log.I am sure there were others as good.
husq mike did have some gps (operator) errors ,which added to the chaos early in the day.Sort of improved as the day went on.Its not as easy as it looks,especially when you have multiple close tracks,and not gps savvy.
All in all, 3 separate legs,which were easy tracks adding up to around 100ks.
Back by 2.30,we decided on a little adventure to Bobs hill via some very tight tracks found a couple of years ago.Jacko managed to clear a log with a beautifully executed jump,but it then turned to shit when the throttled jammed.No serious injury except pride.We found some local crazys riding or dragging their bikes up bobs hill , which was fun to watch.3 of our guys found a way up,but most of older sensible ones stayed put.
The evening warmed up with a large stump on the fire highlighting our new found bar .I hope someone puts some good photos on the page.
Was a very pleasant night around the campfire.Several bottles of good wine and part of Todd's red ): were quaffed over the night.Jacko and I won the stayers of the night award .Definitely after 11 when the old ute rumbled down my driveway. Thanks again to all.Bring on next year.

Great ride yesterday at Wokky!
Big thanks to Mike for leading all day and “super man” sweep Jacko 😉
Cheers 🍻

Thanks mike for a great days ride
Absolutely Ferked today
Also thanks to Jnr for looking after Emyr with his bike set up
Hope you enjoyed the bottle of port

Great ride Husky Mike, plenty of singles, hills, slippery logs, thanks to Pounce for helping Mike as his wingman, and Jacko for sweeping and providing the best full throttle jockey save in front of the whole group, very unselfish to provide the spectacle for all to see.

Thanks mike and co, what a great weekend. Thanks mike for all the firewood and the bar and the great trails. Now I have to find the gremlin that keeps yankin my throttle on when I least expect it.

What a great weekend of riding drinking and listening to funny stories. The Slaughter Of Chiang Mai was a highlight. This Campout is the best gig on the Crusty’s calendar with a great bunch of the usual characters that make up the group.
Thanks to Mike for leading and Jacko for sweeping and everyone in between.

Great couple of nights in the bush, thanks Mike for leading the ride and grabbing all the wood and Jacko for sweeping and all the other Lads for a top weekend,,the weather was perfect,, cheers 👍

Don’t really need to say anything else the boyz have said it all, so thanks for a awesome weekend of riding/shits n giggles.
Thanks Husky for all what you did for us 👊 & thanks to Jacko for bringing up the rear again.
See ya’s out there soon for another blat 🤙

There were only 2 of us for the night ride but I was asked "is this happening or can I start drinking", so drinking won out.
It wasn't the normal Woky hills, thrills, spills, pills, dills, kills & morning ills though, this was a more faster open & single trail day, well put together by our favourite upcoming septuagenarian in preparation (or just because we now know where it will be) for next years A4DE
Everybody rode with the unfettered joy that enduro bikes bring.
Nice to see the two old hands Wayno & Andy out again & a couple of new fellas that more than held their own.
No more local rides for me so I'll catch most of ya'll next year.
Thanks Mike & Jacko.
Respect the bar!
































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