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Lano - Cervantes.
Date 22/Jul/06
8 Riders Colin, John, Moorey1, Nathan, peter, Roley, Steve525, Sully
Rider of the day Moorey1
Stack of the day John
The Lano to Cervantes run always proves to be fast and exciting and today's ride was no exception. The magic formula is to put a fast (crazy) pilot up front after some rain and have a group of equally crazy riders chasing him and the results are a quick paced blast over some of the best coastal trails WA has to offer.

Sully rode lead riding at about 80% of his ability and let the group follow taking turns at corner man and then chasing hard again to catch him. Moorey and John found a new way to spice up their ride. Each time one of them was placed on the corner, they both stopped, waited for Pete and Roley (sweeps) and then took off at lighting speed riding neck and neck and running down the field until they were up behind Sully again. I would have like to give both these guys ROTD but only one can pick up the award. I therefore gave it to Moorey and passed on the equally prestigious award of SOTD to John who managed to dismount several times after pushing the KTM just little tooooooooo hard.

Nathan and Steve525 were not too far back in the action most of the time. I think the knowledge that these two guys have of these tracks meant they were riding a little slower knowing the dangers that lurk on these trails. Other than the odd roo that has taken out a Crusty before, there are also the ever increasing number of 4 x 4 that seem to come out of no where and I don't think a dirt bike really does make a good bonnet emblem. Never the less both of them did put a good display of speed and skill at time.

The three baboons were happy riding at the rear of the field today with all that maniac stuff going on at the front. Col mixed it up a few times with the boys only to be outclassed on the more technical sections and overtaken several times. Nath got excited in the sandy windy sections and on one occasion felt Naths handle bars on his back in a narrow overtaking exercise.

During the lunch break at Cervantes, Steve525 had to reattach his rear muffler that had vibrated loose on that Austrian heap of Junk. LOL. Don't we just love ribbing guys when they have problems on a different make of bike than the one we ride!!!!!!!!!!!! Nath also had to adjust his rear wheel after he found his chain was rubbing on his wheel and was pretty loose.

No matter how many times I do this run it always turns out to be a good one. Thanks for another good ride fellows.

Steve525 repairing that piece of Austrian Junk.

Lunch break at Cervantes.

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