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The RTRA took my baby away!
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Collie Pony Express
Date 20/Aug/06
12 Riders Colin, craig, Damo, Deets, JayBo, JR, KEVIN, kx steve, peter, Roley, Scott525, Steve525
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Deets
A good CQ turn out. Rocky, slimmy, muddy, whooped out - ye, it took a lap or to, too settle in. The biggest high light of the day was watching Deets ride a YAMAHA. Thats right, a YAMAHA. Did I tell you that Deests had to ride a YAMAHA because the bloody KTM fell apart after he picked up the SOTD award.

All the riders did well today puting in a big effort. It wasn't easy. The pictures tell a better story. Start posting them in the gallery boys and I'll put them in the report.






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