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The pines.
Date 15/Oct/06
7 Riders Damo, DavidM, Deets, JR, KEVIN, KTM Mark, Steve525
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Ride Report Sun 15th October - The Pines -

Players; David M, Steve 525, KTM Mark with his new 'Bling' Tank, Kevin, Damo, JR & Myself.

Got off to a slow start as I was running late and had to go back to get fuel and breakfast while the troops got dressed to thrill.

After returning juiced up, I didn't notice where the guys were...
I started off warming up getting in some 'Finke' practice action(6th, and bottoming each whoop ony half in control and then.... SHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIII KTM Mark!).. Lockups by all, a few missed beats a few years older and almost a nugget to sit on for the rest of the day.

Kev led us through a bit of dusty circle action early, which was quite fun until you hit a root hidden in KTM Steve's dust screen. No cornerman really needed on the 1st ride, just follow the duststorm left by a herd of KTM's chasing a madman on a YZ!

Damo concentrated on getting MX fit on the old tip while the boys traversed some newly felled trees buzz sawing knobbies and getting lost in the woods.

JR turned up with his mum to do a few laps on the Junior MX track. My bike started to leak some oil from behind the waterpump so I had to cut my ride short and decided to spend some time spannering JR MX setups for the coming raceday.

Kev called it quits as the Temp started to creep past the 30Deg mark to save himself for the next ride (wise man).

The remaining KTM Trio tortured themselves for a few more 'circles' and left before we managed to say bye-bye but I'm sure Steve can add to this report, thanks mate.

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