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The old CQ country.
Date 02/Jan/07
3 Riders Deets, JR, Nathan
Rider of the day Not awarded
Stack of the day Not awarded
Ride Report,

Me Deets and JR went out for some good old fashioned CQ rumble time.

I had a ride on the 525 and me and Deeters decided to to stiffen up the forks and soften the angle of the dangle to takes some weight off the front tire.I could not ride it until we made the adjustment.Then it rode well in the corners :-) and Deets was happy with it.

I lost my Camelback and Deets showed me some good tracks around Yanchep with heaps of whoops and some nice sandy, bumpy hills.

No stacks at all just some physical riding with JR showing some good jumping skills.Real MX action and Enduro time.

I then led Deets back towards Quinns after he repaired my Barkbusters and taped it to my back-pack,real unsafe but good work.

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