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The old play ground.
Date 04/May/07
5 Riders Daza, Frank, Nathan, Rob, Wolfie
Rider of the day Frank
Stack of the day Rob
Ride report 5 May 2007.

Starting from Quinns, it was decided to find some insane hill-climbs,
speed and Chiko rolls.
New guy Toby (DRZ400) started off slow but soon after found his groove.
Daza dropped his bike early on in the peace following Nathan over a fast
hill-crest but then settled in to the fast, wet-sandy conditions.

Cornerman system was engaged as the boys meandered up towards the
Alkimos dunes. Once there Daza and Frank dropped there tyre pressures to
11psi. Rob test- rode Nathans CRF450R and agreed it is a weapon!

Heading inland toward Yanchep, Wolfie returned to his classic old self.
A decent set of knobbies gave him the confidence in the turns to pick up
the pace. I love his riding style, always on the pegs using plenty of
revs. By this stage Toby (DRZ400) was on his way home and was said to be
looking pale! Keep off the booze the night before mate!

Once arriving at Yanchep the bikes were gassed up and Chiko rolls were
Rob took over the lead for the return trip and the insanity began as
the boys adrenalin raised. Rob is a good rider now, taking us over some
great terrain with plenty of steep sandy hills and sharp turns. That did
not stop him getting SOTD for rolling down a sand dune with the bike
still stuck in it!

Next stop was the new unofficial time-trial track. Multiple laps ensured
the already tired bodies now became exhausted. The boys then headed back
to Quinns Rocks.

Daza has had some good sand experience now and it showed with some well
controlled speed. Wolfie's bike roosted anyone behind him going up the
steep sandy hills. Frank picks up ROTD for pushing his trail bike
(KLX250) to the limit to keep up amongst the more hardcore Enduro
machines. Well done!

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