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CQ Land.
Date 13/May/07
3 Riders Beau, Colin McCaughey, Nathan
Rider of the day Nathan
Stack of the day Beau

Venue Quinn's - Yanchep
Players Nathan, Bo, Colin McCaughey
Ride of the day, Nathan
Stack of the day, Bo
Hog award, Colin McCaughey

Nathan called a ride for a late start up at the Crustys old stomping ground and 3 players
made the trip. Just as well, as Acid gloves Eddy had been tempted elsewhere. Being a sand
novice, Col McC is always keen to get out there and practise in it, but with a new bike to
try was a little sceptical.

It didn;t take long to spot who was the local and used to the deep boggy sand, as Nathan
ran rings round Col and Bo. At least there was no dust and the bit of damp sand gave some
clues as to where he had gone. A short sharp and very soft climb gave the first clue that
big 2 strokes maybe aren't the go in deep sand, as first Nathan went up and then Col
just dug himself in, as the back wheel just span up. Bo decided discretion was the order of
the day and looked for an alternative route.

Next was Marty Moose's hill and again Nathan romped up, whereas the first timer Col
attempted a run from a standing start and managed to get 3/4 of the way before once again
digging in. Getting back down was trickier than going up, as there's no where to turn.
Bo once again choose an alternative. Some practise was carried out on the hills around it
and all conquered without hassle. Oh apart from watching Bo try and control the mighty WR400
on a very off camber corner at the top of one hill, where you would have needed legs from a
7ft tall basketball player to have got a dab in. He did a very nice roly poly down the hill
for SOTD. All the effort to recover his bike was going to take its toll on him later.

After the hills we headed off towards Yanchep for a stop and refuel and natter. Shame Col
had so much faith in the gassers fuel consumption, see Hog award later, as he didn;t bother
to refuel.

We set off back a different route and Nathan was clearly loving carving it up in the
deeper soft sand and took the group on a very up and down route back. This is were the big
gasser really struggled, as it just wanted to spin up the back tyre or dig itself in,
whereas the 4 strokes were able to use much lower revs to achieve the same thing. Poorer
little Spanish bike got an awful slaying and i think Bo got a few mouthfuls of sand for
getting too close as well. Bo's efforts from earlier also started to come back to haunt
him, as wrestling the big WR started to take its toll and he started to have a few lie
downs. At one point he had started to go bush and got himself wedged in to a bush 2-3 feet
up above the track and again some Go Go Gadget longer legs would have useful.

His face started to look a bit red and sweaty and i think he was glad of the breather back
at the Alkmos dunes, watching a few of the local "freestyle wannabes" sitting
around trying to look cool, but not actually doing anything. We did get a laugh as one guy
landed a jump on his plums and we could hear the groan from @50m away - LOL! Fair play he
picked himself up and went round for another go and this time it stacked it properly and had
to be picked up and led away.

Nathan was having a ball doing some of the jumps and generally showing hes very
comfortable in the sand. Col had a few goes at the worlds biggest berm and maybe should have
saved the fuel, as the gasser went on reserve as soon as we head off toward Quinns. We only
just made it to the bitumen before it gave up completely and fortunately a tow rope appeared
out of Bo's bag and the big WR was able to haul Cols fat arse and dead bike back to

Easy Nathan for ROTD as that boy made the deep sand look easy and took every opportunity
to carve it up and have fun (whilst waiting for the other 2 sand buffoons to catch up).

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