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CQ Land
Date 08/Jun/07
4 Riders Brad, Frank, Nathan, Wolfie
Rider of the day Not awarded
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(This Ride happened on the 09/06/2007 but a second CQ ride was in progress on this day as well-so this ride has been listed as happening on 08/06/2007)

Report by Brad.

A short Saturday A.M. run is called for a local CQ run-4 guys meet at the 'CQ Bogans' rendezvous point Frank,Nathan,Wolfie & Brad.
Wolfie is all bling bling on the DRZ with taper bars and most of the whipps alloy parts available strapped to the DRZ, not to be outdone Frank arrived in some new racing gear lookin' very smart, he's allegedly sponsored by the TMNT crew-we cannot confirm this rumour at this time.

After a somewhat dodgy start with Brad getting the crew stuck in some thick trackless scrubland (sorry guys!) we were off heading for the Alkimos, It was bloody mint out there-no dust, no traffic and the pace was crackin'. We took some great inland tracks, some coastal agility routes and some twisty goat trails, all good stuff! After a fuel top-up (Nath) at Yanchep we headed home but stopped in an open paddock for some bike swaps and muck about, Frank spent around 1/2 hr on the DRZ-a sure sign he was enjoying the grunt from the Suzi!!
All in all it was a good run-no major offs, a good pace and home in time for lunch to keep the wives/partners happy! It doesn't get much better, does it??

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