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CQ land
Date 17/Jun/07
3 Riders Acid Gloves Eddy, Nathan, Wolfie
Rider of the day Not awarded
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RIDE report. Sunday 17 June 2007.

8.30am start at the Original CQ stomping ground was the call Saturday.
Only 4 players rocked up. Wolfie, Nathan, and Acid gloves Eddie.Col Mc
was running late.
Conditions were cold and sunny with no rain in sight.
Wolfie arrived and Nath said "umm I have bugger all fuel, we can either
ride straight to Yanchep servo or I can ride back and top. (I rode back
and topped up). Wolfie waited for any latecomers but unfortunately the
boys left before Col Mc got there! Not knowing he was coming. Sorry Col
communication let us down.
It seemed from the outset that the whoops were harder due to lack of
rain as Nath and Wolfie proceeded to bleed air out of the forks? The
front wheels were just deflecting way too much. Acid gloves just did not
care about stuff like that and abused everyone.
Nath wore his tinted lenses which was a mistake as he had trouble seeing
and now reckons they are only good for other times of the year, not the
winter sun.
Moose Mountain was searched and destroyed and Wolfie said "I forgot how
big it is". Nathan fell victim on his first attempt. Wolfie nailed the
"famous" hill first go.
The riders then found a larger hill which both riders failed to complete
just behind Moose Mountain (40 degree slope? 50metres long?).I guess it
is a little like the hill-climbs on Foxtel.well.a little anyway. Acid
Gloves was just generally annoying roosting everyone around him. Wolfie
told him he was only 2 dimensional.

Next stop was the new circuit which provides a variety of tight turns,
straights, whoops and even a little off-camber left hander which saw
Nath extend the left leg to the dirt as the back wheel accidentally slid
sideways..should have been sitting down with weight on the right
(outside) peg.

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