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Bartons Mill
Date 14/Jul/07
15 Riders Bazza, Beau, BMWbeej, brett, Choko, Colin, Colin McCaughey, craig, DavidM, Daza, Lindsay, Mik, Nathan, Pounce, Stevo
Rider of the day Pounce
Stack of the day Choko
Report by Col

Another Metro ride was called but the boys have had enough and wanted somewhere different to ride. Pounce through his hand up to lead a Bartons Mill ride so that's exactly what we did. Although most of the trails are more like fire trails and 4 x 4 tracks the ride was certainly varied enough to make it interesting. There were plenty of ruts and wash outs, some nice gradual hill climbs, a bit of water and some pretty slippery sections. Pounce picks up ROTD for leading a well paced ride and nearly keeping the boys together (most of the way) LOL. He actually said he only came out because he had lost his active icon. You now have that back with an extra point up your sleeve.

SOTD went to young Choko who is still having some problems keeping the little smoker in a straight line. I missed the crash but the boys said it was a pretty decent one. Beau who looked after the group by riding sweep came to Choko's rescue and two occasions today. The first was after the crash sorting out a bit of damage and the second was pulling the bike down for a plug clean/swap after the Yammy's plug fouled. Well done Choko and Beau.

Of course no CQ ride would be complete without a couple of new guys. Barry and Stevo came along for their first ride. Barry had a bit of trouble when a radiator hose was cut in half by a branch and some track side repairs were needed. Stevo looked pretty happy aboard a brand spanking new WR 450. Hope you enjoyed the ride fellows.

16 riders makes for a slow ride with regrouping, a break down or two and the odd off but hey, who is in a hurry. We took in some nice scenery today, got to ride some trails I have not been on before and shared some great laughs and equally good ribbing with a fantastic mob of fellows. I heard a few guys say they would be keen on another ride out there again so that tells me they enjoyed it. Thanks again to Pounce, Beau and the rest of you riders who made the effort to get out.

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