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2007 Xmas Party
Date 08/Dec/07
17 Riders brett, Choko, Colin, Colin McCaughey, DavidM, H, Haydn525, JAW, kx steve, Nathan, peter, Pounce, ROCCOP1970, Roley, Steve525, TigeR, WRAdrian
Rider of the day Roley
Stack of the day WRAdrian
Eat and drink report.

It is that time of the year again. Time to get together and share a drink, meal and some laughs. The night kicked off early at 6.00 with a top turn out of past and present riders. The God himself even turned out humbling the most fearsome of rider. The presence of JAW dropping grown men to their knees just to worship the ground he walks on. Choko said he just wanted to shake the hand of the man who had changed his life in some small way. Seriously Jaw, if you weren't a nerd and hadn't decided to spend your nights writing threads just to see if they would work, none of us would have had so many great times together. Onya buddy.

We started the proceedings out on the upper deck (front yard) serving finger food and cocktails allowing an opportunity to mingle and to introduce the newer players and some partners we had not met before. It was then time to present the 2007 CQ awards. Roley had spent the last 24 hours putting together a truly memorable summary of the past 12 months of CQ life, by awarding every CQer and a few of their partners with a laminated award and a few lasting words.

A couple that stood out in my view were Brett's "funniest bastard award", Pounces "Spielberg Award" and Col Macs "Threatening Australian Wildlife Award". As the saying goes - you had to be there but I am sure for the ones who were you would support me in handing Roley the ROTD award for a huge effort, and great speech and putting a smile on everyone's face.

After the awards we retired to the garden courtyard (we went out the back) to continue with the nights celebrations and to stuff our faces full of food. Col Mac said we had put together an obscene amount of food and that's a huge statement from the big boy who had been kicked out of Sizzlers for not sharing. A big thanks to Julie, Robyn and Jan who knocked up a feast fit for a king with not so much as a "do we have to do this every year", thrown in.

Earlier in the week there was on offer of a ride the mini quad if you met a particular criteria. You needed to be over 100 kgs's and pissed before you got to have a spin. Quite late in the evening Adrian staggered past me and announced that he now met both criteria and was ready to ride. To the disbelief of a few sober partners I got the little weapon out, fired her into life and offered Adrian the bike. Of course he was not allowed out of the rear lawn area and there where no CQer's injured during the making of the video!!!!!! He did manage a bit of a wheelie and due to his level of intoxication was awarded the prestigious SOTD award (and that was just walking back to his chair).

Thanks to everyone for a good night. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe new year.

Added by Roley -

Each player (and some support "pit bitches") who attended the CQ Xmas gathering was given an Award acknowledging their participation through the year. Though in respecting one of our rules not all was revealed as "what happens on the trail stays on the trail" though Haydn it must be said you're not gay though there is nothing wrong with that!

Each Player Award featureed a photo with a caption below but you had to be there to get their actual meanings:

ACID GLOVES EDDY - You can Count on Him Diehard Player. Write it & I will ride it!
Brett -Funny Bastard! Diehard Player No 28 (m 14) - Wanted in most States & Territories for those one liners (but yellow & proud)
CHOKO - THE MOST IMPROVED (The most bikes, the most repairs) Diehard Player No 21 (m 18) - Col what do I do I have never had a flat LOL! Yellow & proud!
Col Mc - Terrifying Australian Fauna & Pants Down Award Legion No 7 (m 51) - This is me with my pants on LOL!
Colin - first ever CQ Super Star (125 events) Super Star No 1 (m 125) - Tattersalls Finke Desert Race - post a ride & they will come!
DavidM - The Most Travelled Diehard Player No 26 (m 15) - It's not like the USA!
Haydn525 - Sandgroper Regular Player No 34 (m 9) - Loves pea gravel LOL!
H (Howard Bling) - Most ROTDs ever Diehard Player No 13 (m 45) - damm rev limiter, I am sure I can get more LOL!
JAW (= GOD) - No 1 HALL OF FAME Diehard Player No 11 (m 46) - The Mighty Anvil
kx steve - Claytons Player! Legend No 6 (m 59) - Before he went Orange and stopped riding LOL!
Nathan - Nathan What The? Diehard Player No 10 (m 48) almost a Legend - As he used to be before he went red!
Peter - Most SOTDs ever Legion No 2 (m 93) - Tattersalls Finke Desert Race - don't I look good when I can stay up LOL!
POUNCE - Mr CQ Spielberg (look out JAW!) Diehard Player No 22 (m 18 - Look at me Look at me (now yellow & proud!)
ROCCOP1970 - There Big Ones & There are Littles Ones! Which One are You! Diehard Player No 27 - Show me them thar hills (yellow & proud!)
Roley - Trust Me I am the Sweep! Legion No 3 (m 81) - Tattersalls Finke Desert Race - What F#%*ing Boggy Sand LOL! (Yellow & proud)
Steve525- The ALL You Can Eat Buffet Diehard Player No 12 (m 45) - How does He Get off the Dirt?
TigeR - Are we ready yet! Diehard Player No 15 (m 31) - Have you heard the one about the Irishman and the .... (Was yellow & proud)
WRAdrian - That's the Best Ride I have ever had! Diehard Player No 32 (m 13) - Weekend Warrior!

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