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Date 31/May/08
11 Riders BMWbeej, DRZAndrew, DRZMike, inertiaDRZ400, John525, KiwiChris, Nathan, Neil, Roger, WRAdrian, WRPete
Rider of the day KiwiChris
Stack of the day WRPete
A good turn out today of 11 riders for the powerlines ride in perfect riding conditions. After a quick riders meeting I put my hand up to lead the ride with wr Adrian taken up sweep. We set off for the power lines we had to watch for the kangaroos early on, but once the pace picked up we had no real dramas to the first regroup about 10km.

We set off again and headed for the creak with the corner man working really well with no real dramas for the second regroup. Once we got to the start of the creak we all noticed the amount of water there this is when the fun started. Due to the amount of water we had to criss cross the creak in lots of different places making new lines to keep going and slip sliding all the way good fun.This is where kiwichris took the lead with his awesome bike control which he keep up all day in difficult conditions for most of us fantastic to watch. Definitely ROTD.

Once we got to the end of the creek we had another regroup it was good
listening to the other riders talking about near misses and falling off . The message board should be interesting later. At the restart this is where John525 took over the lead and headed us back up the creek about half way where we turned off onto same new single trails and same rocky hill climbs we where about 50kms into the ride when the skies went black and blacker here comes the rain which it did but not to heavy just enough to make the rocks really slippery this is where the new guy wrpete picked up SOTD when he flipped the bike and came down hard on his head but got back up okay. Also we had a drama with BMWbeej when about 100 metres of wire got caught up in his back wheel (there are plenty more stories that I didnt see) check the message board. once back down onto the creek with kiwichris leading I was middle pack following Roger who was pushing a good pace through the creek on his wr250 a good 2nd for rotd for me also it was funny watching drz andrew falling off 5 or 6 times through the day trying his hardest to get an extra point for sotd but wrpete beat him also BMWbeej came very close on 2 occasions to getting dunked in the deep pools of water.

Then we had are last regroup before leaving for the powerlines which I lead being up front not seeing any more dramas but plenty of talk of things happening when we got back to the servo. Were there was plenty of smiles after
the 82km ride?

Thanks to all the guys for a great ride today.

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