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Splash and Dash.
Date 31/Dec/11
6 Riders Andy400, Buttsy, Nathan, Seano, slade, wr steve
Rider of the day Buttsy
Stack of the day Andy400
Date: 31/12/2011

Title: Splash and Dash

Venue: OVT Yanchep

Players: Andy400, Buttsy, drz steve, nathan, Seano, slade

ROTD: Buttsy

STOD: Andy400

Called another ride for New Years Eve as the weather was looking the coolest it might be for a while, 30*c but didnt consider the humidity. Booting up and the more gear that went on the more we were sweating. Even considered going a bit lighter, say less body armour, wrist guards and neck brace but safety first always and again it was to prove the right decision.

Six in total with nathan back to ride with the crustys after a long break to top off his ride total to 50 A new CQ legend is born congrats on the pink. New bits on my DRZ and now bearing some yellow as I am becoming more and more brand loyal to the Susi. With the GPS set with a new plan of 106 ks total and Buttsy in the fluoro yellow sweep jacket we were off.

Over the tarmac and straight on to whoops along a fence with bushes each side leaves little time to peak at the GPS so we over shoot the first turn. A little backing up and were off on a curvy little use trail of sand with the odd limestone pointy bits sticking out. Loving this and seem too good to be true when I see a sign with tree info on it. Sorry rangers, had no idea and will have to mark that one off as I think it might be a walk trail. Bloody good track though. Detour around a fenced off area that had popped up and then headed straight west to the water.

Meet two others down from Gero going the other way and while we wait to save a head on Slade chats to them and they join in for some of the run. Rested we hit the almost deserted beach and blast along the water line with nice small jumps and crossing back up the beach to the deep rutted soft 4x4 tracks to go around a few fishing families. I get a bit out of shape at one point and heading for the dune I use it to push me back on course to the beach. That went well I thought to myself only to find myself whipping out the front at about 70ks. Sand stops you quick but stops radiators faster it seems. Slight leaking means we look for the quickest was off the very soft stuff and we head up into the dunes to lighten the load on the bike and before I know it we were at the tar road out, first time Ive ever found it on the way out. Better than the shotgun I got when I was 18yo on my 1985 XR250.

Now its off to the fuel stop via a dune top track with great views FT Al had shown me. I had forgot the whoops on the way but whoops happen. STOD Finally I have to take this one after dodging so many opportunities so the clean record has fallen. Snagged my foot in some fallen fencing wire and free it before the slack runs out by shacking it free, one peg on whoops, not good. Start to sway all over the place until I fixate on this nice little star picket and thats where I head. Two star pickets taken out and brought to a stop like a jet fighter on an aircraft carrier with the wire. Very very lucky. Thanks slade for getting my bike pointing the right direction again at both stacks.

On we go to the fuel stop and just a few hundred meters before nathan gets a rear flat and limps on to the station. Seano and Buttsy waste now time and the bikes apart, out comes the most comprehensive tyre changing set up I ever seen, From now these guys should be referred to as the Beaurepaires Brothers. Baby powder, soapy water and a choice of tubes.

27ks and nearly 3 hours and both drz steve and I am shagged and with nathan having other noble commitments to attend to, head off to tar it back and an early beer. Buttsy who has swept makes the call and passes the fluoro yellow to Seano and with slade along for the run make their way to Wulbinga rd from the Yanchep servo. They did the run in good time with no incidents and even made it back to the OVT to see me still there buying some takeaways and we all have a beer.

ROTD Close call between the Beaurepaires Brother for the extreme on-site service skills but it needs to go to Buttsy for also sweeping and then continuing as lead for the rest of the ride, top stuff.

Slash and dash - New bits before.

Splash and dash - Less some new bits. DRZ Steve checks it out

Splash and dash - Minimal whoops

Splash and dash - Beach, splash time

Splash and dash - 6 become 8

Splash and dash - Flat tyre pit stop

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