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Buttsys Ballbuster
Date 14/Jan/12
19 Riders Azza, Buttsy, craig, Fueltanker Allen, Hazi, Jack, Jeff 400, mick450, Mick530, Nathan, Seano, slade, Tiny, Tommy, Trev200, Tricky, waynovb, WR Ross, wr steve
Rider of the day Buttsy
Stack of the day Not awarded
Buttsys Ballbuster....Ride Report
ROTD Buttsy
Can you please work your admin magic - 19 riders for Buttsy's Ballbuster are Hazi, Ross, Nathan, Craig, Tiny, Azza (Azza can you post up I can't find you on the site), drz steve, Tommy, Seano, Buttsy, WaynoVB, mick530, Jeff 400 mick450, FT Al, Slade, Jack, Tricky (new bloke i think) and Trevor (new bloke from Victoria).

The lack of shade during the breaks/punctures probably took its toll on quite a few crusties I was certainly
cooked. Whilst we were moving it wasn't too bad especially
after the servo stop when we could wet down. As buttsy said OVT to Gero in a day I don't think so. Probably lucky to do it in two...Waynovb

buttsy beech and swim ride, wow what a hot one can not remember riding in such hot condition. To say we only did about 90kms it felt like 500ks by the time we got back to the cars and alot of relieved crusty back at the cars including me,the ride its self was a good one and will be great after some rain,didnt see to many offs jeff400 had a small front wheel wash out early on, it was good to get to the road house and get a cold drink and top up the camel packs. On the way back a few of us hit the beech which was very boggy and a few ks up the beech we had to cut inland were come across the other group were one of the boys noticed he to punctures a few of us took ths oppertunity for a swim which was great, back on the bikes with about 7ks to go had a bit of an off on a hill with mick450 using my bike for traction changing gear on my bike as he went past, its was good to get back to cars safe and sound,top job buttsy for a great ride in hot conditions and big thanks to seano for sweeping. now i remember why we mainly ride in winter, will put some pics up later...Craig

Buttsy and Seano thanks for showing us around your Finke training ground. Plenty of whoops, soft sand, dust, heat and flat tyres. Really enjoyed it. Definitely need a set of Steg Pegz for those costal tracks...Jack
Thanks for the ride yesterday Buttsy and Seano.It was the longest 80ks Ive ridden.Good to see a big turn out on such a hot day. Just goes to show there's a few of us who will do anything to get out of saturday shopping with the missus..WRRoss

Great work Buttsy and Seano.
Loved the tracks on the way there and back, was a bit like home hunting ground.
Great to see some new country.
ROTD vote to Buttsy for putting his hand up.
Seano, I'm worried that you have set a new benchmark for "super sweep", pulling out more tools, powders and lubes than I have in my workshop and bathroom at home.(Nice work)...FTAllen

Cheers for the ride Buttsy and thanks for the help at the back Seano. After riding in that heat makes you appreciate how good (and fit) the guys riding the Dakar and our own Australasian Safari are.
Havent ridden in the sand that much before but enjoyed the whoop sections and fanging it along the beach. Dont think the KTM350 was too happy about it though and came close to boiling on more than one occasion
Not sure if everyone was aware but I got stopped by the ranger in Ledge Point on our way up to Lano. He was pretty good and was happy to see we were a bunch of blokes fully licensed and had no quads riding with us. Think he was having a bit of chuckle to himself when he saw how knackered I was once I took the helmet off. Didnt seem to be too concerned about no indicators on the bike or road legal tyres. Are the rangers a common sighting up that way? .
ROTD vote Buttsy for calling the ride after working till midnight the night before.Hazi

A tough stage yesterday 'well it felt like a dakar' very hot and humid, everybody seemed to be suffering from the heat by the time we got to lano, especially me! purked up after cool drinks and ice Then back again !! After stopping to regroup , two flat tyres on one bike. Maybe its time for a swim in the ocean. It didn't take much persuasion. After a cool dip we're off again. Anyway another great ride thanks to buttsy & seano, A day to remember! ...Azza

Thanks Buttsy and others for a great ride and induction into the "crusty" way. Heat wasn't too bad for the ride, but like others I suffered more during the stops! Ah the joys of the cornerman system. As a side note, beach riding; good for cleaning 2 stroke pipes, but not so good for RH rear indicators!!! Looking forward to the next ride. ...Trev200

Off to work at this time of the morning and i feel like the lifes been sucked out of me .I cant fit anymore water in me if i tried .I spose thats what happens when you go on one of my ballbusting rides in 35degrees.To my amazement seano and i turned up to the ovt to see cars with bikes all over the place ,had to dodge through them all to get a carpark.
Anyway my little edition to the ride report is holy ---- it was hot out there but despite the heat it was a good ride plenty of drama with nathan having a puncture before we even left seabird 4km in and the beaurepair bros were out repairing another one of nathans punctures .Anyway the more we rode the hotter it got and i felt the pressure of not getting lost as ive only done this run a few times i could see it was imperitive to get these boys to the lano servo as quick as possible .The few times we stopped for a breather the more the facial expressions changed ,guys nearly passing out ,struggling to breathe ,etc.Now it was a case of survival of the fitest .The things i saw up front on the way were the usual roos ,emus ,sheep ,a lone quad in the middle of nowhere, the pope ,and then i saw a bright white light actually that was the sun beating off the sand ,few boys thought i was hallusenating .We made it to the lano servo and we were all spent . The life was sucked out of each and every one of us .I think the servo made a killing out of us in all types of fluid replacements,but to my amazement after the ride from hell to lano the last thing you would want is to eat something hot, but a couple of guys were into the sausage rolls and toastys .Some how i dont think that was going to stay in there guts to long if you know what i mean .We even got a couple of bags of ice given to us from the ice guy ,that told me we must of looked really ------ .Where ever you could shove ice on our bodies we were putting it there .Note for next hot ride invest in ice vest under armour.We had a meeting and at one stage we had 3 groups discussing going back to seabird on the road ,the beach ,or the way we came.It then turned into 2 groups the beach or the way we came .14 guys decided to go along the beach and took there chances on making it back to seabird .But to keep up the true hardcore crusties tradition 5 of us went back the same way we came.
We talked about everyone on the ride adding there own personal experience what happened to them and what they saw up front to put the ride report together colin, so no doubt everyone will add there bit over the next couple of days.Ill let you talk about the return leg alan.
Cheers boys despite the heat i had a great ride .
P.S. I think the boys have reavalueated the run from the OVT to geraldton in one day ,the way i saw it it would take a week ....Buttsy

It was a day for punctures for sure with incredible heat.My rear indicated melted, along with another brothers 2-stroke exc! Bikes overheating..... and more punctures.
I am goona have to go back to the crusty bible and make sure I carry spares from now on.
SeanO hook me up for a full set of MotoZ tyres thanks..Nathan

Thanks for the ride Buttsy and Seano, some nice new trails. Bloody hot, needed a nice strong sea breeze but didn't get it. Double puncture would you believe it? Cooking in the sun at this stage so the dip in the ocean was a lifesaver. Good idea Mick. Now have a new found appreciation for rear suspension, spring only on the return trip - whoops are no good on a pogo stick. Couple of beers with the boys back at Seabird - excellent day, cheers fellas see you next time. Buttsy for ROTD, first call and well led....JEFF400

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