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Whatever Happens
Date 02/Jun/12
5 Riders Andy400, CRFJason, Fudge, Nathan, Vincent
Rider of the day Nathan
Stack of the day Not awarded
For this ride we discussed each rider to post their veiw/part involement and blend into a ride report renamed the "Whatever Happens" because not shagging out happened. Will save that for another call.

Ride report part A)

A cold morning at the OVT and 5 in total to ride.

Players: Andy400, CrfJason, Fudge, Nathan and Vincent.

I called a 200k + ride and to be prepared for whatever. Whatever happened. Booted up and off to a track I want to resume from the nearly dead, and over grown ex 4x4 that looks good on Google but is well past it's use by date. Lots of trouble finding it and we are into it. Out to a limestone quarry road and by now I can feel the guys want to get going so I choose to head out rather than head deeped into the unknown. Gates locked and no way out so back tracked and let's just blast onto the next area. Steep sand hill that scares the sh*t out of me is next and all make it through with some dignity entact. On to the quarry and up the slope but the CRM suffers a front brake lever mishap and with no fix poss I jump aboard and Vincent takes the DRZ. Enjoyed riding without the front brake and ride was still on so all is good. Lots of boggy sand fire breaks and I finally find a way off this poop only to find that when Nathan arrives to mark the corner he has more bad news. Vincent has trashed the other bike, also mine. Broken trottle cable in deep sand and forgot the tow rope so all to the thinking forum and a new trottle device is born from cable ties and electical tape. By this stage I've run out of bikes so a limp home is the best we can do for some early beers at the OVT, lasted long enough to make opening time so all is good. Nathan leads Fudge and Jason on for some further Ks.

Thanks Andy, the rest of the ride started with the intention of arriving at Yanchep petrol station for some refreshments.
After leaving the quarry we headed due east towards the coast. Blasting our way through many fire breaks and tracks we pop out approx 5 kms north of Yanchep. Holy breakdown, lets cross Wanneroo road and bash out way through some bush.

Bad idea the three bikes remaining end up going through some heavy jungle and the CRF and EXC end up boiling. Nathan works out is best to keep the bike running and moving to get the bike cool and stop steaming; we then arrive at Petrol station for fuel and some jerky.

Off to some more open terrain and with more undulation and hills. Some real good stuff some nice single track along the ridgeline.Stop for some photos and back to OVT and Andy and Vincent are still there with 2 jugs of beer.

Had some nice beers and a chat to the publican who we thank for letting us park there.







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