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Don't you buggers work?
Date 07/Sep/12
4 Riders Ash, Buttsy, Gareth, Nathan
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Don't u buggers work?
It was Gareth telling us he was stuck on Wanneroo road in a road block!
Another player who agreed to head off from OVT at 11am.

Just before heading off, Buttsy discovers a suspect rear tyre pressure which would later haunt him. Buttsy, Ash, Nathan and Gareth all head off on a perfect day for blasting whoops.

Once underway and with Buttsys go pro on facing rearwards the boys go crazy! I pull up just missing the big Berg when Gareths 525 goes flying past minus Gareth lol.

When arriving at the petrol station and putting some tyre goo in Buttsys Berg we head off again after breaking one of the commandments: always have someone with tyre levers.

All and all a great day with no injuries and a few post ride beers. Cheers fellas. Nathan

Great ride today boys nearly ended up going home on a rear flat but gareths quick tube changing skills sorted that out at the servo on the way back . Only having a front tube in my pack I think it mite stayon the rear as I didn't notice anything different .
And yes ash the rear guard vision is awsome mind you gareths bike coming past us with no gareth on board was entertaining and all on camera .
Made it back to the OVT for a couple and back home .
Cheers again . Buttsy

Cheers Buttsy for a great ride today,good trails and good company.
A few dramas Buttys flat tyre and my over th bars get off!!!
Bike's a bit bent but i"m ok
Back to ovt for a beer then home to recover cheers ASH,NATHAN & BUTTSY

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