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Date 14/Sep/12
3 Riders Inver, JNR, Nathan
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Ride Report.KTM Day.
After rocking up at OVT, I am approached by a fella who has a very nice looking."I'm Junior" he says. I reply, "Is that your real name!" I explain to him the problems caused by using pseudo names, as once I had to phone one of the crusties wives, and it dawned upon me after riding with him for five years, I only new his name as "Wolfie"! She replied. "Who's that!" lol
After waiting a littile while another player rocks up on a electric start 2-stroke (KTM) He takes off his helmet to reveal his true identity; Kudos to Inver for playing footy for Quinns.
We head off waiting for bikes to warm up a bit and then head to the quarry via some dusty and sandy whoops. You can tell that the ride season is drawing to an end with dust coming a small issue.Off to Yanchep servo for some service: It was once said a player bought one of those toasted sandwiches in the bay marie, only to go mental riding, like a maniac, jumping off the edge of Alkimos dunes and landing near the Alkimos Ghost ship, and winding up in Joondalup Health Campus.Nate




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