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Another OVT Ride
Date 13/Oct/12
7 Riders CRFJason, Gavin, JNR, Nathan, waynovb, wr steve, Wrex
Rider of the day waynovb
Stack of the day Not awarded
Ride Report 13.10.12:
7 Players rocked up at the OVT, including Wrex, WaynoVB, Nathan,JNR, CRFJason,WRSteve and Gavin: The idea was to take advantage of some wet weather! We head off toward familiar Sand sections after Wayno put up his hand to be sweep only to be royally dusted.

The ride began nicely with Nathan taking a slow pace initially to" settle the riders down and allow the bikes to warm up. Once uderway the corner man system was used sparsely, meaning it was not long before Wayno became a victim to "Operation Desert Storm"

After a long recon session by Jason and Wrex,Nathan says "Why dont you give him a call?" Within seconds an Iphone is produced out of an orrifice and Wayno says "We are at Yanchep Servo"

Once at Yanchep servo, the banter revolves around getting Wrex's WRF fixed up (Sticky throttle) and refueling with Powerade and Petrol.JNR is looking like he is after a promotion at work (Brown circle around his mouth?" Now it is time to get our Mojo on.

After energy levels are restored and the skills sharpened by Caffeine, the men hit a challenging section which is real off-road riding, tight corners, whoops: to test Machine, technique and rider endurance. This is where the real Enduro bikes perform as against your standard trail bike.,

At this stage the boys are ready to cross east of Wanneroo rd and hit some more open tracks, Jason is riding well as he has been getting plenty of practise up there on the big Honda. JNR is ringing the neck of the EXC350 just to keep up with the more powerful bikes in the deep sand.WRF Steve seems to be fine after lots of practise and is now an honoury sandgroper!

We hit the quarry section and only JNR and Nathan are not exhausted (the 2 guys with the small bores) Now it is time to go down the massive quarry and back up it again. We are not sure if this has been tried before, but Wrex and Jason both conquered the the task no worries.

Gavin is keeping pace with the rest of the crew after taking a little while to get his eye in and manages to stay on the bike all day with no issues. The Bergs always look good and seem to have been adopted by a few players.

All and all a good day with a few pints afterwards, a bit of poon tang, and a flick of the wrist, Oliver Twist (That is we will see you next time! ;-)






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