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Three Smokers
Date 31/May/13
3 Riders Inver, Nathan, Trev200
Rider of the day Not awarded
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Three Smokers For OVT
Friday Ride Report
A small crowd assembled at the OVT for Nathan's ride; Nathan, Inver and Trev200.
Nathan's bike was straight out of the shop sporting a freshly wound flux capacitor (with extra flux!!), but came up a bit short on the ride prep. So in with a fresh air filter and off to the servo without a 4 stroke in sight. In true 2smoker style, Inver had a spare bottle of oil. So after brushing up on a bit of maths, Nathan was fuelled up and rearin to go.
We had a couple of false starts around the Wattle Ave area which appears to have all the through tracks blocked off, so headed back along Wesco before headin bush.
The sand tracks were still holding a bit of moisture after the recent rains and didn't sap too much out of the bikes or riders, and made the whoops relatively easy going.
We zig zagged our way along the power lines and through some pines to a familiar old quarry for a quick play, then onto some awesome single track off the top of the quarry before making our way to the Yanchep Servo for a bite to eat.
Some more single track out of Yanchep after lunch with just the right sand to moisture ratio, bringing the awesomeness factor to an alltime high, especially the one sandy ridge track that decends into an almost rainforest like loamy track (yeah, you know the one); doesn't get much better than that!
Inver peeled off at Alkamos to do the school run, so Nathan and I hit a few more tracks back to the OVT in time for some beer and skimpies (Nath, I think you wooed her with your knowledge of exotic accents!!!).
All up a good ride with no spills, mechanical misshaps or 4 strokes dirtyin up the bush with their clean burning engines..........just a healthy dose of 2smoke to clear the lungs!!

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