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4 Punctures and a Funeral
Date 21/Jun/13
6 Riders CRFJason, Gareth, JNR, Nathan, WRLindsay, XRCass
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We headed off from the OVT at 11am with CRF Jason leading and JNR at the rear as sweep.
A cool morning with almost dust free conditions made for an enjoyable ride heading towards Yanchep Service station. JNR was on the most bling CRF250X that we have ever seen and seemed to be coping with the smaller bore quite well in the heavy sand. Gareth was following Jason on his EXC525 with no problems, using it's power up the sandy hills with ease.

We arrive at the service station to a warm reception from the operators, I think they are getting used to us stopping in and re-fueling bikes and bodies. At this point all bikes are running fine as we proceed to buy Powerade and complain to each other about sore knees (JNR) and backs (Nathan)

It was decided to use Cass's local knowledge as we head out from Yanchep towards Wilbinga.The tracks really start to open up and smooth out until Jason discovers a puncture on his front wheel. 2 tubes later we head off and start to enjoy the fenceline which has bumps which lend themselves to "rare air" a condition where you jump, not really knowing what is on the other side!

We arrive at Wilbinga atop a fabulous dune right near the local fishing hole looking north towards Moore River. At this point Nathan takes over sweep duties from JNR as we begin the return trip south towards Wanneroo via Yanchep servo (again). Cass is leading and we all benefit from his current knowledge of the tracks and his "No Fear" attitude around the many sandy berms.Lindsay is starting to get his mojo on the WRF after some suspension help from Gareth and Nathan. At this point Jason is happy to be out on his 450X in the sand and around the corners. Unbeknown to Jason the was Acid Gloves curse was to strike him twice in one day... another puncture and another 2 tubes!

We arrive back at OVT late to discover John390 is already been there for sometime to greet us on our return, but the delay caused more to be drunk than anticipated! Great lead from Cass, in and out of the bar!








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