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Husaberg Suspension Clinic ride
Date 05/Jul/13
4 Riders Buttsy, JNR, Nathan, RobboTE300
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Friday Ride Report: Husaberg Suspension Clinic ride:
Players: Nathan, JNR, Mark and Buttsy.
What a day for a ride, sunny conditions that followed the recent cold mornings in Perth.
Players rocked up at OVT for an earlier start than usual to accomodate family of the riders.
Buttsy arrived at 9:10 am and was introduced to JNR who was the quasi instigator of the ride.
Nathan had already prepped JNR to use Buttsy skills as navigator of the sandy tracks and it was with that we departed the OVT trying to be as quiet as possible.
It was so cold that the whoops seemed more difficult than usual, as muscles and suspension began to warm up as we headed towards Yanchep and then onwards to some magnificent meandering single trail that was tight and dust-free.
After some time ,Nathan quizzed Mark about his Husaberg 2-stroke and after small negotiation was enjoying the extra power and torque of the 300. After noticing that the front end of the the 300 seemed nervous in the sand, Nathan worked out that Husaberg forks were barely compressing over the bumps. When talking to JNR who explained the weird clicker set up of the forks, the team were able to get the Husaberg 300 to have the handling to match the awesome motor. Now it was Buttsy's (Husaberg) turn to get similar suspension fine tuning as the big 570 has never really been quite right according to him. Now thanks to JNR the 570 is handling great and we now have 2 happy Husaberg riders.
As we headed to the ridge line, Nathan lead the riders over familiar terrain which was taken faster than ever by Buttsy who no longer was riding a bucking big-bore over the whoops. JNR was ringing the neck of the CRFX as it barked it's way up the sand hills heading back towards the OVT.
Cost of suspension tuning? 2 Jugs of beer at the OVT, a wink and a handshake.





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